Books for Readings: maybe June 2nd?

I have an idea.

I’ve received a few emails from people interested in readings from me.  Thanks you guys, it’s hugely flattering to get these requests.  You may have noticed the new Wondering About Readings? tab, which explains why I have to charge for individual appointments.

Some more detail behind my obligation to charge for single-person, one-off readings is that I do not have a landline or internet at home right now, and likely won’t have these things until I move in October.  This means that phone calls cost me $0.60 per minute, and right now I’m saving up for phone calls with my own family.

The thing is, I understand and appreciate that money is tight for everyone, especially “in this economy” (gawd, don’t you just love that saying?)  I would like to figure out a way to provide sliding-scale readings to the awesome readers who’ve requested appointments, but then can’t afford the rate.  I think we can come up with a creative solution, here.

It’s very easy for me to do “marathon” readings.  I can really get into a “reading groove” which is so much fun!  This is why I do by donation readings for locals.  It’s easy, it’s low-cost for me, time and energy wise, and it is so much fun, and best of all it makes psychic services available to those who need it.

I have a friend who has an amazing long distance plan, with free calls to the US and Canada.  She’s offered her landline up for my use, if I need it.  I’ll have to bounce the proposed dates off of her, but I’m certain we’ll work something out.

If you’re in the US or in Canada, and would like a sliding-scale reading, would you be interested in doing a reading in exchange for purchasing a book from my wish list?

It’s beautiful!  You get a reading and then I get something new to read!

You would get an hour reading for around $25, depending upon shipping.  I’m thinking Saturday, June 2nd, or Saturday June 9th, pending the OK from my friend with the landline.

If you’re interested, please leave a reply in the comment field, or drop me an email at  (My next access to internet will be this Tuesday.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And a great LOOOOONG weekend, fellow Canadians!

9 thoughts on “Books for Readings: maybe June 2nd?

  1. I see the Rider-Waite tarot deck in your wish list. Are you specifically looking for that deck or would you be interested in a different deck? I have a number of tarot decks in storage at the moment — if you’re not specifically looking for the original Rider-Waite deck and one of the decks I have is something you’d like, I’d be happy to send it to you. Not in exchange for a reading; just because. 🙂 (Drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you a list of the tarot decks that I have. I also have a bunch of oracles, if your interest goes beyond tarot.)

    I think I also have a copy of Lisa Williams’ book around here — if I can find it and it’s in good shape, I could send that to you as well.

    Funny — according to the publisher’s website, that Ted Andrews book is only available in South Asia (must be an import into Amazon). I wonder if it’s a version or variation of his Healer’s Manual, which came out around the same time? Seems to cover similar topics and is much more easily found. (I have it on Kindle.)


    • Sure, I’d be interested in a different deck. Thank you! That is so generous. I learned on my mother’s deck, which is an odd French version of the rider deck. I obviously couldn’t get that deck when I started practicing on my own, so I bought the rider-waite deck at a cole’s book store and used it for years.

      Then I scared the hell out of myself by doing a too-accurate reading for myself about my future, at a time when I needed more optimistic answers. I put the deck away and didn’t use it again. I allowed myself to “lose” it, during one of my many moves. I haven’t used the tarot in 10 years, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests. I also think it’d be useful when people come to me without any specific questions, just vague ideas, confusions or problems. A tarot spread could help get the conversation moving with people on the other side.

      And honestly, I’ve been missing it lately.

      I’ve never used non-traditional tarot decks, but I don’t have a particular attachment or investment in the rider deck either, other than knowing all the cards. It’s all just tools anyway, different means to the same end. I know how to clear objects, energetically, so I’m not worried about trying a second-hand deck.

      I sucked up Lisa’s first book this weekend, which really gave me permission to go back to tarot cards. She uses them all the time too, it doesn’t undermine her skill as a medium. I think I was hesitant to utilize any sort of tool for that reason.


      • Most, if not all, of the decks I have are based on the Rider Waite deck. (I have no Thoth decks at all and only three Marseilles-based decks.) And most of the decks I have have never been used for readings (they’ve been handled to look through the cards but that’s about it) so there shouldn’t be too much energy-clearing to do — though I’ve had a minor obsession with collecting tarot decks over the years, I don’t feel much of an affinity for tarot in general. (I find tarot accurate but interpretation tends towards negativity; I prefer oracle decks like the Mah Jongg deck or the Faeries Oracle that seem to be less negative in general.) I’ll drop you an email with some additional information.

        I’m glad you’re opening yourself back up to using tools. 🙂


      • Yeah, I think the interpretation of the cards comes down to training, too, and obviously intuition to understand how this particular card reflects an aspect of the situation.

        Why are you such a collector if you don’t feel an affinity for tarot in general? Just a fan of the art?


      • Mostly I’ve bought them because I like the artwork. (Some of it is also the collector side of things — can’t be a hoarder without a collecting drive. LOL) But some of it is because I’ve been ever hopeful I’d find the one deck that will click, will make me feel that affinity. A bit like looking for Mr. or Ms. Right to fill a void you think you have in your life. When I got rid of most of my stuff 1/2 year ago, I would have gotten rid of most of these as well but it just seems a waste for them to not go to people that might use them, you know?

        Yes, there’s the training (or lack thereof) of the reader and their ability to use their intuition well, but the nature of tarot in general tends towards being somewhat harsher, less uplifting than I personally prefer.


      • Ha, just had the thought that perhaps, rather that searching for affinity in new tarot decks, I should return to my first ones and get to know them again. (I got my first two tarot decks — both Marseilles decks — over 30 years ago. I put them aside for prettier, flashier Rider-Waite-Smith decks in later years, and perhaps that’s part of my problem.)


      • Oh hey! My mother’s deck was a Marseilles deck! I was just going to say “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” then I googled the pictures. There he is, La Mort. The reverse side of each card had this intricate red and white pattern, like playing cards. I remember them well.

        I can see how those images are more gruesome in comparison to other decks out there, especially since in recent years, there are some decks with lovely art. The first time La Mort came up for me, my mother had to explain to me it’s not a scary card. Well the picture sure looks bad!

        I can see how people giving readings wouldn’t want to keep scaring their clients. No wonder we’re seeing things like “Angel Decks” now.


  2. I think tarot decks are a lot like musical instruments. Some people collect instruments, use them a few times, then set them aside, and collect others, rather than master the one they already have. But it’s also true the instrument has to ressonate with the artist. I loved learning to play a friend’s borrowed guitar. She’d painted this beautiful water scene on it. She moved, took back her guitar. I aquired another, but it looked boring, and the sound didn’t ressonate with me. I never wanted to play with it.

    Same thing with the cards – you have to enjoy the feel of them in your hands, the way the images communicate, or you won’t want to use them.


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