So yeah, this has been me the past few days.  Feeling hermity.  I spent the last two days in retreat, since Sweetie was working and I had the house to myself.  I felt all ready to face the world this morning and right now I just feel…. tired.

No awesome entry today, poop.  I was going to write about Sid & Nancy too.  Damn, you’ll just have to wait for that one, won’t you?

You know what else makes me tired?  Atlantis.  It just makes me tired.  I don’t know why this topic just keeps coming up lately.  I was having this automatic writing conversation and heard, “Look at your pen.”

It said “Atlantis” on the side.  Evidently, Bic has a line of “Atlantis” pens.  Haw, haw.

I purchased an e-copy of Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis readings, and I can only read a few pages at a time before I start to feel so heavy and just… depressed.  I’ve re-listened to Christopher Reburn’s podcast with guest Nanari, a woman cognisant of her Lemuiran lives.  I filled my little ipod with all things Atlantean, trying to get to the bottom of something I can’t articulate.

I wondered over the weekend about the topics I’ve been exploring too, how heavy they feel.  Sid, another rock-star on the other side crashed and burned in the flames of a heroin addiction.  Talking to Sid, he’s such a likeable guy.  Damn he has some funny stories!  Inevitably I’ll have to contrast his personality (as he presents to me) with John and Kurt. 

As I struggle with sugar / flour addiction, approaching my “hardcore three-month cleanse” starting date of June 1, I think about how this unhealthy diet of mine might kill me over several decades.  How much worse would cravings for herion be, a substance so addictive and destructive it has killed people in a year? 

Oh well, another day, another entry.  Not today.  Today, I’m going home, going to meditate, going to bed early.


12 thoughts on “Hermit

    • Yeah, why is that?

      We were listening to a podcast on the way into town, an interview with this lady: http://www.diamondlady.net/homeoneness.html

      The first time I came across her interview on Christopher Reburn’s podcast, I don’t think I could listen to the whole thing. Sweetie, listening to it for the first time this morning, got noticeably cranky about it.

      I do find certain bits of information interesting, though, and it’s also interesting to note the similarities of information garnered from different channels.


      • To me, Atlantis and Lemuria are fictional, almost wholly constructed by various theosophical writers. And Theosophy in general makes me cranky. I just cannot suspend my disbelief. In my head, it (rightly or wrongly) gets lumped in with Scientology, the whole 2012 / Mayan calendar / end of the world thing, and most conspiracy theories in the BS pile.

        Perhaps it’s tied into the fact that things like Atlantis and Lemuria and other theosophical teachings figured prominently in the books I read when I was a teenager in the 70s and early 80s, the stuff that triggered/fueled my clinical depression. At the time, I knew nothing about Theosophy and found the fact that there were so many similarities between what different people wrote a sign that there must be some truth to them. Later, when I saw that pretty much all roads led back to Helen Blavatsky and Theosophy, I realized that the similarities can be explained simply because they all have been absorbing theosophical concepts (either directly from theosophical teachings or through other writers who’ve been influenced by them).

        All I know is that every time I see an interesting new concept and I trace it back to Theosophy, I get, well, angry.


      • Googling http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helena_Blavatsky now. Wow, the second I look at her photo, I know she was psychic.

        I haven’t read the article yet, but I’ll work through it. Already though, I want to talk to her. Since you’ve done a lot of research on this, and know her work better than I, would you be interested in interviewing her? It’d just be sending me a list of questions and I’ll see if we can get her.

        Damn, she looks familiar though.


      • I understand the statement “theosophy in general makes me cranky”. I couldn’t *believe* how cranky “A Course in Miracles” was making me, yet it’s been helping a lot of people including a couple of very intelligent friends of mine. So for a while, I wondered if I just don’t have the academic mind for such things – I have a difficult time retaining information, and I’m always looking for the base truth, the underlying concept I can integrate into my general understanding, because that’s something that will stay with me. Details just dissolve.

        I’m skimming through the article on Helena and I’m really not taking much in at all. *sigh*


  1. Ive always been enthralled with Atlantis. I definitely feel as if I had past life there. Maybe yourself, LK,JL and I all hung out together at that time….. haha:)
    I also have been soooo tired and very depressed. It doesn’t help that the only thing I’ve eaten today is Hersey kisses and drank Dr. Pepper.



  2. I’m not psychic ( although I wish I was)….. but I always thought Atlantis and Lemuria were in fact “real” places…… are they??


    • I don’t know! I’m psychic but it’s not like I *know* these things. I can ask people on the other side, doesn’t mean they’ll give me any straight answers either, and believe me, I’ve asked. They tend to give the answers as I’m ready to hear them. The fact that I haven’t heard a clear “NO” tells me there’s something to this. I haven’t gotten comfortable with any concepts yet, really.

      And then we start to have to define what is real. I’ve believed for years that our minds create reality. For decades, people have allowed their imaginations to run wild through the land that Tolkien created in the Lord of the Rings. When those movies came around I just felt this shift, knowing a million people started to believe in the existence of dwarves, elves and tree ents.

      Clap if you believe in fairies! If you make a little place for the “wee ones” in your garden, if you sidle up to the “greenhorn” philosophy of gardening with overseeing nature “divas” it’s amazing the shift you’ll see. Something’s going on, but it’s difficult to prove to the satisfaction of a lot of skeptics.

      Millions of children believe there really is a school for witchcraft and wizardry, and a secret alley crammed full of purveyors of magical items, somewhere, maybe just on the other side of a brick wall behind a shabby pub.

      I tell you, there’s this mystical store in Nanaimo that was closed every damn time I went to it. Saturday afternoons, holidays, regular business days. Then one day I felt my attitude towards it shift, I was more interested in crystals and talking to the people who worked there. Suddenly, the store was open! I’ve been left with the feeling that it’s protected by some sort of glamour, to appear closed to people who aren’t ready to go in. But how do you prove that? You can’t.

      When you allow yourself to legitimize things you experience beyond your physical senses, the line we draw after that is kind of arbitrary. I just try to stay open, to acknowledge when I feel resistance to something and try not to let that block me completely.

      I admit I have a block about Atlantis, but not as much of one as I had even six months ago. I’m at least open to hearing about it, going along with ideas for a while, seeing how they feel, being aware of what it does for/to my ego.

      I’ve been reading a lot of stuff talking about the scientific evidence supporting the existence of advanced civilizations 20,000 + years ago. It’s fascinating. My friend also has “Lemurian” crystals which she brought to me to speak with – to translate any energy or information I may get from it. Sometimes that comes across as having a conversation with a rock. Anyway, it was quite a chatty crystal, and my mind keeps going back to it.

      There are lots of mysteries in the world, and would rather be open to possibilities so long as I’m not being taken advantage of. What’s the harm, right? I’ll bet a lot of the readers think I’m loopy but read it anyway because who cares whether it’s real or not – it’s interesting. Sometimes that helps you get over the hump of “real” or not.

      So yeah, sorry to go on Noel, I think I was talking to myself a lot in this reply 😉


      • Wow, I love the way you explain things. My little brain really responds to your explanations.
        I am just realizing that concept that what we “Imagine” becomes our reality. So if masses of kids “Imagine” Harry Potter, etc…. it may “exist” somewhere??? Pretty cool (and weird)…..


      • Yeah, that’s the idea, I believe, behind John & Yoko’s “Imagine Peace” movement.

        Yoko understood universal laws of attraction WAY before the concept was popular. I don’t know, but I believe the whole “yes” on the ceiling thing was to represent the Universe’s answer to anything we put out there.

        “I’m always poor.” Yes.
        “I am well taken care of, I have everything I need.” Yes.

        The song “Mind Games” a lyric said, “Yes is the answer.”


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