(This is not a photo of our hospital.)

Sweetie has been working on a casual basis at the hospital.    She does housekeeping, laundry and sometimes food services. 

Yesterday, she cleaned the morgue.

The morgue in our tiny hospital is basically a walk-in refrigerator.  There are no drawers, just two stretchers.  The room is a holding bay until the coroner or funeral director can retrieve the remains. 

Sweetie cleans rooms energetically as well as physically here at the hospital.  It’s wonderful when people comment on how improved a room “feels” after she’s been in there.  She went into the morgue with the intention of giving it a good energetic clean too. 

The morgue is a place no one likes to spend time in.  Even housekeeping staff perform their duties as quickly as possible.  No one has noticed that it’s gotten a bit run down, cracked plaster, flaking on to the floor, dead bugs collecting in corners.  No one really LOOKS at it when they’re in there.  They want to get in and out as fast as possible. 

Sweetie approaches these things quite methodically.  She swept up the bugs and plaster.  She attempted to prop open the door to let a bit of fresh air and natural light into a space which probably hasn’t seen daylight since it was built over 30 years ago.  Unfortunately, because the morgue is a giant fridge, she couldn’t leave the door open as long as she’d have liked.

This is the story which unfolded psychically for Sweetie, as we discussed this morning:

S:  So I pulled up the side rails to wipe them down and I found this clump of hair.

K:  Oh God!

S:  I KNOW!  How long had that been there?  I was long, black.  When I touched it I got this information:  the hair belonged to this young mother.  She died suddenly, there was a child.  She was very sad, and things were left unresolved.  She wanted to talk to me.

I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that,”  and then I asked for heaven to send someone to help her, angels or something.

Then Sacred Grandmother showed up and said to me, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of her.”

Then I continued to clean the morgue as best as I could, and I asked for help with that too.  I kept thinking about Isis.  (Sweetie checked one of our reference guides, and it turns out Isis is a liaison between this world and the spirit world.)

K:  Wow, that was smart of you to call Isis in.

S:  I didn’t call her specifically, I think she just came.  I just kept thinking about her.

K:  Wow.  So I’m getting a read on the woman – (information came, I won’t get too specific out of respect.  Issues of violence, lots of alcohol surrounding the death, pregnancy.)  I think she just found out she was pregnant and committed suicide. 

S:  That would explain why she was still hanging around.

K:  I’m so glad Sacred Grandmother is helping her. 

S:  Yeah.  And then, Sid kept playing that song for me on my ipod (it was on shuffle and is supposed to play tracks randomly – out spirit friends love to manipulate this “random” playlist.)  It was that song about abortion, and I kept skipping it.  I finally got mad at him and said I do not want to listen to a song called “Bodies” right after I cleaned the morgue!

Oh hey, I learned something.  You know talking to the dead for the purposes of divination is what “necromancy” is.  We do that a lot.  It’s one of the forbidden arts in the bible!

K:  Really?  I guess I can understand that.  You don’t want to talk to any old dead person about what’s going on in the future.  Just because they’re dead, doesn’t mean they’re well-intentioned.  I wonder if it means just “speaking with the dead.”  Necro is “dead”  mancy seems to me it should just mean “speak”. 

S:  I don’t know.  Wiki says it’s for the purposes of divination.  But it wouldn’t surprise me that speaking with the dead in general would be frowned upon.

K:  Jesus is a dead guy.  People talk to him all the time.

S:  Um, I think you’re supposed to be a priest or minister before you’re allowed to do that.

K:  *sigh*  Whatever, nevermind.   (Ha.)

Then Sid came in, and he started giving us more details about Nancy’s last day alive. 

That’ll be the next entry.


Request to the readers:  Please send good thoughts for Sweetie getting a regular schedule at the hospital soon!


I just looked up the lyrics to “Bodies” and it’s from an album entitled “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”  Funny that Sid and Kurt both have “Never mind” in album titles.  Bodies is about a woman named “Pauline”.  One of Kurt’s most controversial songs was called “Polly”.

Funny little synchronicities, although I don’t know if that’s exactly what this is, though I think it bears mentioning.

I wonder if Kurt did that intentionally.  He was a fan of the Sex Pistols.

3 thoughts on “Necromancy

  1. The “-mancy” suffix means divination, as in cartomancy (using cards for divination).

    I think it’s cool that Sweetie cleans the rooms on multiple levels like that. I hope she gets a regular schedule.


  2. Years ago when I worked as a labor & delivery nurse, I worked the night shift. Although I was the RN in charge, it was my duty to carry the stillborn to the morgue. While I lovingly carried the baby there, once in, I deposited it and quickly out. I was very young and knew little about life after life then.


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