Books for Readings! Sat June 16th


Okay, we have a date! 

Books for Readings will begin on Saturday June 16th, at 12pm PST!

The idea behind Books for Readings is to provide affordable access to readings for blog readers who can’t access the monthly “Psychic Saturdays” I do locally,  and who cannot afford the cost of a regular appointment. 

For background on this, please check out the Wondering about Readings tab and the Testimonials tab.

If you would like a reading in exchange for purchasing a book from my wish list, please leave a message in the comment field or send me an email at  We’ll get you into a time slot.  Two people have already signed up and I can book four more!  

If this event is successful, I’ll commit to doing it every four to eight weeks, depending on other projects (oh and it’s getting exciting on that front!) 

You would get an hour reading for around $25, depending upon shipping.   I have access to my friend’s unlimited US and Canada long distance plan, so if you live in those countries, I can call you, and you won’t have long distance charges.  If you’re outside North America, you’ll need to call me.

It’s beautiful!  You get a reading and then I get something new to read!


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