Radio Show! Tues. June 12, 7pm PST

Today’s pic has nothing to do with today’s post, except that John kept bringing it up on image searches for “cat” and “microphone”.  Hilarious, I am a fan of the puns.

So Hurray!  Everyone, I’m going to be on Karen Hagar’s “Fog City Psychic” blogtalk radio show next Tuesday, June 12th at 7pm PST.  You can listen here: the show’s site

You can call in live, here:  646-929-2947 via phone or Skype

I will be doing pet readings!  If you have any critters at home or in heaven, feel free to call into the show and we can ask them some questions.  It’s amazing what our pets have to tell us.

Karen doesn’t know that I talk to all these famous dead people, so we’ll see if it comes up in conversation.  I’m not planning on telling her unless I get a clear sign from Heaven, in the form of music that is “randomly” selected to play before breaks.  Anyone who reads this blog would be bound to pick up that sign too, so let’s see what happens, shall we?

Please tune in, call in to say “hi!” and download the show on itunes archives (search for fog city psychic) to listen to it again!

3 thoughts on “Radio Show! Tues. June 12, 7pm PST

  1. Wow!! How wonderful!! I would LOVE to call in. Please post number etc as soon as you get a chance.
    If I were to ask questions about many of my pets (past and present)…. all I have to do is say the name of the pet (for instance “Coco” the cat??)


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