I try to avoid entries where I only speak about myself… But I figured for all those other psychics in training I’d talk about what I’m experiencing as part of this expanding, ongoing process.

There are times when I feel like I’ve just had enough! Enough for now. Sometimes it feels like I’m learning so much, I just need to catch my breath.

This is particularly true when topics get heavy. And really, the past month has been a lot about addiction and suicide – and I’m not talking just about Sid, Kurt and the rest of the motley musicians. A lot of clients have been coming in struggling with these issues themselves, or coping with the death of someone who they loved, who was burdened with addiction or who took their own life.

I feel privileged to be able to help people with this stuff. I’ve been through it myself – depression, suicidal thoughts, surviving the suicide of others around me, watching friends morph into strangers. I’m not a councillor, so of course I encourage people to reach out to the support networks around them. Hell, therapy saved my life too. When someone asks me “what would happen if I killed myself,” I’m not going to cop out by telling them they’ll go to hell, or be punished, or looped right back into incarnation.

According to my friends on the other side, what happens if you kill yourself is really a case-by-case basis. So it’s a difficult question to tackle.

Jim Morrison has been gently but insistently making himself available, but I’ve been turning away from him a bit. When I get to know a new spirit, I get used to their energy, their speech patterns, their communication style. There’s a learning curve and it takes effort. But a reader asked about Jim and a client, who does not know about the blog asked about him too, and was moved to tears and then exhilarated enough to dance after the reading.

Sweetie also bought me Dave Grohl’s biography This is a Call – Dave was drummer for Nirvana when Kurt died. It’s a great book, and a relief to be thinking about a rock star who is still alive, frankly.

Oh dear, iPhone battery dying.

Anyhoodle, please bear with me – that was basically my point. And if you’re reading this and going through something similar, hang in there and don’t hesitate to ask your friends on the other side for healing, answers and help.

2 thoughts on “Tired!

  1. No wonder you’re tired! You’ve been delivering a whole lot of messages these last few weeks – a very detailed, involved, emotionally heavy mailbag. While your mention of Jim Morrison piqued my interest, I do hope you will take some time to rest and recharge- and that those wonderful musical spirits will recognize your need to recharge, and not pester you too much for a few days. Here’s to unplugging for a little while.


    • Thanks Peggy.

      Yeah, I’ve actually been avoiding my before-bed meditation because I need a break. Thing is, avoiding meditation doesn’t actually help me feel more rested, in fact, it makes me feel worse! So what I *should* be doing is meditating after setting some boundaries.

      I may just want to plug in one of Brian Weiss’ healing meditations. I’ll sleep better.

      As well, it’s day 5 of three month cleanse, and my body’s kicked into doing some sort of healing in the absence of sugar and flour, so that’s adding to the fatigue. I think we (psychics in training) need to stop once in a while and acknowledge that this is actually WORK, which requires EFFORT and therefore REST.


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