Our Excellent Adventure

This past Saturday was pretty amazing, I must say.  Thank you all who participated in the first Books for Readings day!  The books have already started to roll in!

The one I’m reading right now is The Dance of the Electric Hummingbird.  Noel, Jacqueline, I think you two would particularly enjoy this book.  It’s about a woman who had a transcendental experience while at a concert Sammy Hagar was putting on at a bar he owns in Cabo, Mexico.

Sammy Hagar spent some time as the singer for Van Halen. (Aside:  I’ve heard that David Lee Roth, another former lead singer for Van Halen, is a paramedic in New York City.  I don’t know if he’s still working as one there right now.  Paramedics, sometimes called “Heaven’s Ushers”.  But that’s another entry...)

Back to Van Halen – What Pat describes in Cabo is so familiar to me.  Not only the out-of-body, consciousness-expanding, temporary understanding of this mixed-up world, but the self-doubt, the questioning of her sanity, the amazing coincidences she just couldn’t deny or ignore.  I’m only halfway through the book, so I won’t spoil it for you, but it is nice to be thinking about, and reading about a rock star who’s still alive, (no offence guys.)

I’ve talked about how I used to be unable to tolerate complex harmonics like those in heavy rock music and in church organs.  There’s something going on with these instruments… damn, I can’t really think straight right now.  Sorry folks I’m at a really noisy internet cafe.  I might have to write another entry later to clarify my thoughts on this.

Speaking of coincidences, Sweetie and I decided to rent a funny movie.  Sometimes you don’t want to think, you just want to watch something fun.  We rented “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!”  A most excellent movie.

At the end of the movie, Bill & Ted are told by George Carlin that they are super-important people, destined to change the world with their transformative rock music.  He said something like this:

“Your music will bring world peace, align the planets and facilitate communication with all forms of life; from extra-terrestrial beings to common household pets.”

Mind hole.  Mind hole!  WHAT!?  So yeah, we’ve got rock music facilitating euphoria and out-of-body, spiritual experiences.  We’ve got the planets aligning at the end of this year.  We’ve got telepathic communication with extra-terrestrials (some of my clients refer to them as “inter-dimensional beings”) and of course, the uncommonly common household pets.

That’s it for this fragmented entry.  Until the next, better-thought out piece, be excellent to each other.

2 thoughts on “Our Excellent Adventure

  1. Just saw on “Channeling Eric” site…..”Interview with George Carlin”…. strange synchronicity noted …. I see more more coincidences and Synchronicites every single day. Makes me smile.


    • Yeah, I just adore George Carlin. He’s really interested in religious theosophy too, which is part of what I’m learning right now. I haven’t written anything about him yet… I want to, though. I have dabbled in stand-up comedy myself; I’m a Carlin fan in a lot of ways. We have all of his stand up on CDs in the car. It’s tougher for me to get over myself and talk to celebrities I’ve actually heard of.


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