Why famous people?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Why this motley crew of dead rock stars, scientists and philosophers? Why angels and Jesus, contrasting with heroin addicts who committed suicide? Why John Lennon?

I’ll tell you what I think: I think that religious figures and theology is only going to get you so far. I think rock stars are the modern prophets. Well, some of them are. It’s a cool way to be a poet, to rail against injustice, to ask people for peace, anyway.

Some people go to church. Some go to concerts. Some sing hymns to organ music, some pump their raised fists to hip-hop, some used to slam dance to punk rock. I don’t know if they do anymore. I think the same functionality is there: transcendence. Wherever you are, in church, in the concert crowd or by yourself somewhere else, it’s that experience we’re searching for. The feeling of being understood. That moment when we are lifted from our bodies and understand how we’re a part of this planet crawling with darkness and insanity. We search for that place where we can see the light and the hope, even if it’s only screaming out and naming the injustices in the world – the cry is a promise that one day, when you get a chance, you’ll change it.

So why famous people? Why am I talking to dead rock stars? (Hey!) Okay, and dead comedians. Maybe these guys can reach people who aren’t looking for spirituality in a church, who can’t relate to Jesus. Maybe it’s not possible to get to everyone through “spirituality”; there are other ways to the heart. You can open the heart through art, a poem, a song, a story. You can get them to laugh, laugh at God, at their own life, at themselves. There is freedom in laughter, and redemption too, sometimes.

It’s interesting, the language evolving around this whole spiritual movement that’s bubbling up around psychics. I’ve heard terms like “ascended masters” tossed around. What does it take to be a “master”? Is that like a new kind of saint? Who decides, of the millions of spiritual teachers, who gets to be on that list? What do you have to do, to be on it? Win a nobel prize? Sing about peace? Make a million people laugh? Or cry?

How many people need to be reached, before you get to be an “ascended master” – Hey George Carlin, are you an ascended master? No one’s ever called me “master” in that context.

Hey George, have you talked to Jesus yet?

(laughs) Yeah, he was the first guy to sit down with me. Said Lennon was busy, the lazy sonnovabitch.

What did you talk about?

Sorry toots, that’s just for me. I will tell you this though: Christ has some hair on his chest. This guy’s talking to me and I can’t stop looking at his chest hair. I’m thinkin, “What’s a holy (demi-god?) doing with so much chest hair?” You know it’s there because he wants it. It’s not like Christ has to go to a waxer. Unless he enjoys the pain, which frankly, would explain a LOT about that guy.

Hey! I remember your “hair” bit from the 70s!

Well I was a hippy then you know. Hair was rebellious!

Maybe Jesus was rebelling against your idea of him.

*rolls eyes, scowls*

Yeah, I think I made him leave. Whoops.

15 thoughts on “Why famous people?

  1. Get out of my head! 😉

    (And don’t get me started on ascended masters. That’s another one of those theosophical concepts that gets me all cranky and stabby. LOL)

    I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of weeks, not really with respect to you and this blog but more with respect to other sites, where every week brings another chat with a different famous person or three, like a spiritual Tonight Show. I kind of get why speaking to a formerly famous person would grab the interests of other people more than, say, someone passing on the words of their great aunt Margaret. But some days (many days?) it feels like it, I don’t know, turns what could be interesting spiritual discussions into pablum, easily digested by the masses.

    Like I said, it’s mostly with respect to other sites — your conversations with the people you contact seem different, less organized talk show, more casual conversation, which seems more natural. (As an aside, I accidentally skipped a few lines when I first read this post and missed which George you were talking to — I wondered why George Harrison was calling John Lennon a son of a bitch. LOL)


    • LOL! George H I’m sure has called John things of that nature. 🙂 They did tour together after all.

      Yeah, I’m mindful too of the explosion of sites like this, every month there’s ten more. I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m not going to make any assumptions or judgements on what other psychics experience, and I *know* John Lennon talks to SO MANY people! I’ll exchange emails with some of these folks and we’ll find we experience the same sorts of dirty jokes, pushing of privacy boundaries etc. It’s totally the same guy.

      We all just have to use our own intelligence and intuition to sniff out what ressonates with us personally.


  2. louise, I agree with you on the celebrity thing. Sometimes it just seems like a freak show to me. But I would imagine many find it entertaining and if it is opening their minds/souls to accepting that we can have contact with spirits, then I guess “all for a reason”.
    I have contact withi a celeb and I have thought about the whole thing for months. On a personal level I think I may have shared a past life with this person and that the connection runs much deeper than my love of his music. I also think celebs like the rest of us carry out a preplanned life (loosely planned as we have free will) and many of them feel they can send a message and touch many if they have pop star status. I know of several musicians who claim they are guided via spirits, or God, or guides etc when writing music. Just my opinion.
    Oh yeah, quick question. So when you chat with celebs do you hear accents? or is it in your head only? Does that make sense.


    • I do frequently hear accents, and occasionally, embarassingly, I’ll pick up an accent and talk with it for an hour or without realizing it, until someone asks me where I’m from!

      Particularly embarassing when I picked up Bob Marley’s Jamacian accent. My friend said “Hey!” and I went “‘Ey Mon!” and then “WTF?” It’s weird how it gets under your skin.

      Bob’s interesting through because often I don’t hear his accent at all, but he comes in super-baritone. I think it’s just how he brings his vibration down to meet mine – maybe I sense the lower vibration as a base sound. After talking to him for 10 minutes or so, then the island accent will come through.

      I think it all has to do with synching up to a particular spirit’s energy, and how strongly that spirit is projecting their persona. John for example has presented to me and other people as different incarnations, in which case he’d speak with a different accent, (though a lot of them are british.)

      Kurt’s voice changes in my ears depending on *how old* he is in the persona he’s projecting to me. Sweetie, on the other hand, has never seen any change in how Kurt presents to her, so maybe it all comes down to communication style of the spirit and the medium.


  3. Wow! My view is celebs are just like us! Just in the public eye. At least my soul mate says his career when he was alive does not define him as an individual. He stresses to me he is just a man and I should stop worrying so much about others knowing him. He says they don’t have the same connection we do. It’s a spiritual love. A traveling through time together sort of thing. I’m never in a million years revealing his identity because it’s not about that for me. If anything it’s a two edged sword. The fame he had allows me to see and hear him, but at the same time I feel I have to share him.😐 He’s working with me about that. And because he was famous it stigmatizes him and me potentially. Being with him I feel complete and whole. It’s like we are part of each other. I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life, and to be able to connect so well. It’s an adjustment though. It’s a bonding on such an intense level. Love is transcendent. It’s such a beautiful thing. Overwhelming. Anyway, I’m pretty positive he may have originally led me to your blog. I find alot of guidance here. Keep up the great work! Namaste😊


    • Thank you Ann! Sorry it took me so long to reply. The last month i was in low-energy cycles. Coming back now, though 🙂

      Jealousy of a bond with a dead famous person is not that unusual – there was big drama (i heard) in an online group of people who feel connected to John Lennon – fights about who was his wife in what life, how they rank in importance etc.

      Love is transcendant – totally. Shanti, shanti, shanti new friend!

      I hope you see this and i dodnt reply too late.


      • Hi! Thanks for your reply. I’m always aware people have lives, so I don’t get anxious for a quick reply back.😊
        As far a jealousy goes I’m kinda over it now. He’s assured me, and I can see all his fans love his work more than just the man behind it.
        He also is definitely not a recent celebrity by any means. He began in theatre and then silent films! What’s so weird is I would like someone to talk to and share this with. Someone I could speak his name to and not be judged.
        He has actually changed my life! I have battled with depression and being pretty suicidal for a long time. He’s given me love and strength and guidance. He is protective of me. He is really wonderful. I love your blog and it’s so nice to know my being able to hear and communicate with him is not so bizarre after all. I’ve actually asked him if he’d like to get in contact with you, and he said not really. You had enough people on his side clamoring for your attention. Lol
        Anyway, Love, Light and peace😊


      • Lol. Not even close! He’s more famous for bad guy stuff. I haven’t even seen that many of his movies. His most famous role would immediately identify him. He’s not like most would think. But then again he shed the ego stuff once he crossed over. He wouldn’t immediately come to mind as a loving companion in most peoples minds. Lol He still has a massive following because of his roles. Really don’t want to reveal who he is on an open platform like this though.

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  4. Hi glad I have stumbled across you, I have been thinking I am hearing John, George and Kurt, thought it was imagination, could it be real?




    • Hi Yvette, welcome!
      There are quite a few commenters who’ve had similar experiences.

      We’ve all had this conversation “crazy or psychic?” For some people, it takes an indisputable (for them) event as proof. A lot of folks here have very cool stories. Keep reading the comments, you’ll find them.


  5. Great discussion ladies, and post Kate. 🙂
    Yes, I do think too that some people are not into church stuff and saints etc. I’m not a Christian myself and don’t believe there’s a creator god, so I wouldn’t relate to that either. Good points about the types of teachers and guides reaching the types of people who can relate to them.

    Ann, thanks for sharing your experience- I can relate to a fair bit of that. Some things we cannot say outright- I understand you on that. Maybe one day you will be able to share with someone in person- perhaps you’ll find a genuine, discreet friend who has similar experience. Your man might well lead you to someone if you ask him. I hope it all goes well for you.

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    • Thank you. And he actually did lead me to someone recently. She and I have a great deal in common. She’s working on developing her own psychic abilities. I was given a green light to share with her. It turns out she had a sign that related to him, just given a day prior! So she knows everything. She likes asking him questions too! Lol I love how our friends in spirit can use synchronicity to show us they really are here. And she’s the only one I’d dream of telling. She’s a great friend and I’m blessed to have her.

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