I would like to send a public heart-felt thanks to the generous women who sent me psychic goodies last week. I am deeply appreciative, and so are my pets!

Laurie emailed me a couple of weeks ago to share a touching story about her son, and offered to send me these two books, which based on this blog she thought I’d enjoy reading. Well, by the time I was on the fourth page of Soul’s Gift, I was so excited I couldn’t sit still. Yes Laurie, this is EXACTLY the information that’s been coming through for me and clients during readings. It absolutely hits home for me and strikes my intuitive ring of truth. Thank you for the kind gift.

Kitty, another faithful blog reader sent us a care package that has just too many wonderful items to name. She sent me SEVERAL tarot decks and oracle decks, a USB stick full of e-books, bags of crystals, whale & dolphin prayer flags, goodies for the pets – just on and on. Thank you Kitty! Sunshine says: I can tell the catnip is a gift from the heart which makes it work better, because we play in the love as well as the plant. I like the pink treats. The dog stole the carrot, but I don’t mind.

Happy says: It is important for intelligent dogs like me to get new toys!

Happy, I get you new toys too! Yes, and it is *always* good for me to get new toys!

Happy loves new things. Happy, why did you take the cats’ catnip carrot? I like carrots, it’s like the (shows me the squeaky carrot he had when we first adopted him) Oh, Happy! I forgot about that toy! That carrot was your favourite. Yes, that is why I knew it was mine.

Life is just full of blessings. I am so glad Sweetie & I decided to slow down to enjoy the summer. Here are some pics from our weekend:

Salmonberry is ripening! They’re like hairy raspberries, but larger and juicier. It took me a few seasons to develop a taste for them, but now I LOVE them. Sweetie & I aspire to spending a day gathering a winter’s supply… but that’d take forethought and planning. We’ll see if that happens this year.

Instead of berry-gathering, we all went for a walk through the rainforest.

To one of our favourite secluded beaches, for a campfire. Here’s the Steve Irwin “fire bundle”:

Now, LIGHT IT ON FIRE! Here’s Sweetie ignighting the fire bundle:

And, there goes the fire.

We spent the day reading books and laying in the sun, an activity Happy finds a bit boring. He spent a lot of time investigating the animal smells on the beach and telling us about it: cougar a few days ago, but not near, eagle up high, lots and lots of big mice, yum! Mice poop! Oh, dead fish! – at this point I just turn off the narrative. He shows me dead fish by sending me the smell and taste – GROSS! Finally, he settled down to join us:

Back home, I’m startled by a light-trick; the raven feather on my spirit feather arrangement is refracting light. I don’t know what, if anything, that means, but it’s remarkable.

Sunshine has gotten into the catnip:

Hey Mom! Can I have this? (See the White Cat Tarot deck is among the gifts from Kitty.)

My favourites: The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid, the Mermaid & Dolphin deck (I know, sounds cheesy but it is so beautiful!) by Dorreen Virtue, and The Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz.

Alrighty, your turn: How have you been blessed lately?

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