Feeling Gross


Well Friday was a great day; found our new apartment. We’ll move October 1. It was one of those perfectly-timed synchronicities, one of those places which is never listed but always filled word of mouth. It’s about ten minutes away from the site I talked about in the “something happened” post.

Then, one I was home, I came down with what is either a bad flu or giardia. It’s probably just the flu, but it feels, you know, parasitic. Its the sickest I’ve been for a while. So, small blog pause here while I get my shit together… A little Canadian humour for ya.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Gross

  1. Oh I hope you get well soon. You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers, but I’ll send “extra” Love and Light now.
    I think after each advancement of Spiritual Awakening episodes it is common to become very sick???? I don’t know though. Linda has spoken about it with me before. There is something to that though. Maybe the human body “shedding/expelling” crap for further advancement???

    I’m sorry you feel bad. Get well soon.

    Peace, Love and Light Always……


    • Just this morning, Sweetie & I were talking about the same thing. I was pretty much out of body for 36 hours, from Friday night to Sunday morning. Before I got sick I was feeling distressed, uneasy and I was pressuring myself for no good reason, really. I feel like “they”, our spirit posy, just had to make me stop, get out of body, go in and fix something, and then invite me back into an “upgraded” version of my physical body.

      I feel like I’ve gotten upgrades in the past six months. Physically obvious is that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the past 6 months. Granted, I’ve changed my diet, but I’ve lost and gained the same weight twice in my (brief) life and this time it feels different. There’s not a preoccupation with what I’m eating or tracking anything, it just feels like an adjustment. The word “resonance” springs to mind.

      I guess that’s the key, really, “resonance”. After this last illness, I’ve felt so grounded, so peaceful, so sure of everything and taken care of, and I feel like I can access a new frequency, psychically, like my bandwidth has been expanded. I think this will make it easier to talk to certain people, and it’ll be interesting to see who shows up. I had a visit yesterday from a new spirit friend whose name I can best describe as “Sacred Bear Grandfather”. He explained some of the changes to me, which I’m sure I’ll write about when I catch up on things.

      Last night, I woke up suddenly feeling like my body was a second away from dying. I was choking on my own vomit, (sorry it’s gross, but there’s no way to dress that up.) I intuitively knew that another “adjustment” had taken place, and the vomit/choking was a result of my body being jolted back to life as my spirit re-entered it. This morning, I’d already began to write off that explanation, until I mentioned it to Sweetie who exclaimed,

      “NO SHIT! ME TOO!” She’d also woken up choking last night, and had made such a noise and fuss, having to turn on lights, go to the bathroom, drink water, gasp for breath, that she was sure she’d woken me up.

      “I thought I’d woken YOU up!” I gaped back at her. I was surprised when I was going through my own agonized throes that Sweetie hadn’t said anything, and seemed to be sleeping like a rock.


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