Feathered Reflections: Meet Rumi!

Rumi! What a beautiful bird you are!

(shows me oranges, orange slices without the peel, being pulled apart by a pair of hands. Shows me a birdfeeder with sparrows and one little red bird, like a purple finch or something. He was impressed.)

Rumi, do you have any advice for our forum? A lot of people can hear you right now. What would you like people to know about birds?

Birds are all watchers, even wild birds. They watch (humanity, the activities of people) and they communicate the news all over the world! Birds always know what is going on in the world, we all talk to each other and communicate information from across great distances. I always pay attention when the wild birds come and say “I have news! I have news!” They show me pictures of development (looks like a mall or parking lot development in an area that used to be a swamp and bird habitat.)

Birds are very sensitive to the balance of things. Birds will always be able to tell you if you are experiencing imbalance in your life, and if you listen to birds and correct it, you can always be healthy. You will never need to be sick if you have a bird for a friend!

I was a very small bird and when I was young, there was a time when I was quite frightened. (I think he’s afraid of thunder storms? He shows me dark and a lot of loud noises that are frightening. Was he captive bred? He is not showing me himself in the wild anywhere, but what he shows me feels a lot like what birds who have been caught in the wild and shipped overseas experience.)

I remember my experience and so I can relate to the feelings of other animals when they feel frightened. I remind my person and the other people that even if you are frightened RIGHT NOW, things will be alright again. You are afraid only because you don’t understand what is going on, but now I am a wise bird and I understand the world. People will grow to understand the world too, and when you do, there will be much less fear in the world. When there is less fear, there is more room in your mind and body to hear the things the birds are saying.

I am Rumi, and I am a very wise bird, and I love my mom. I want the treats that (they look like soft red and green kibble. He would like them as a reward for talking please.)

Thank you Rumi, you are a very beautiful and very intelligent bird! What a nice way to start the day, talking to you.

(beats his head up and down, shares excitement!) I know and it is nice you know too. It is important people understand I am smart and not “bird brain” (does anyone call him that?)

I am also very gentle at heart and I only bite when I get very frustrated that I am not being understood. (He is sorry for biting someone.)

I’m sure you’re forgiven, Rumi.

I send lots of love when I am sorry for hurting my person. I am a sweet boy.

~ Thank you Gem for the picture. Could you please post in the comments a little more info about Rumi for the readers? Age, maybe how you got him, what’s going on in his life?

What sort of parrot is he? I’ve never seen one like him. He is very beautiful.

One thought on “Feathered Reflections: Meet Rumi!

  1. Hello readers and thank you Kate for a most insightful view to Rumi’s inner world!

    Firstly I should say that Rumi was an unexpected gift from a previous owner where there was some apparent conflict, so I have hoped he’s more at ease now and happy. Rumi is also ~10 years old and part of the Meyers parrot family.

    I’d say your impressions were correct in that I do feed him fruits (orange slices)/veggies whenever possible (almonds also being a favorite), and green/red kibbles are standard fare. His carrying cage also has a miniature toy bird that others have noticed around town etc.

    Rumi’s early life is not fully known in that he’s indigenous to Africa and was purchased in Canada, but I don’t know where he was hatched. You had mentioned how Rumi would also be sorry for nipping which I understood as a mild complaint, however I believe the previous owner saw it as aggression (btw that was a she but I am a he : )

    In terms of doing things, I take Rumi as many places as possible while trustingly freeing him on my shoulder etc to enjoy life without being caged or harnessed (in that sense this photo is a little unusual). I’ve noticed also when going to public places like a park, Rumi is rather content to sit and watch people come and go.

    I care for and love Rumi very much (even though a friend calls him ‘bird brained’), and I am glad to hear Rumi has been happy!

    What a wonderful treat to have friends like Rumi and Mocha and Georgie in our lives!


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