Meet Georgie!

Georgie’s Mom sent a note:

“My daddy who adopted me from a shelter got Alzheimer’s, so Jane adopted me. I almost died two months ago after the vet gave me a vaccine that damaged my liver–but I’m okay now. People think I’m fat, but Mommy knows I’m just fluffy. I like your bird and I wouldn’t eat him. My mommy laughs when you tell her what the animals say to you. Your friend, Georgie”

Let’s see what Georgie has to say.

I see Mom’s grandmother (in spirit) around the house and sometimes I sit on her lap in the chair in the living room. (looks like a queen anne chair. She’s dressed in a floor-length dark blue or grey dress, hair up, she’s got a hunch or a hump and she holds her hands out in front of her a bit for balance, and I see a lot of lace and doilies around her.) She is nice to be with. She reminds me of another lady (another spirit) who lived with (older man she used to live with, I think this is his wife?)

I can see all the spirits and I tell my mom about it. I say, “Hey, Mom, LOOK!” I look at mom, and I look at the spirit, and I look at mom again, but I don’t think she gets it. Maybe you should tell her. There is a smell (roses? Perfume?) that one of the (spirit ladies) in our house wears, and sometimes I am sure that Mom must know the spirit is in the house then! I love my mom and sometimes she needs to stop reading and look up and just be still and quiet sometimes like a cat. I try to teach her this by example. Her brain is always GOING GOING GOING! That is because my mom is so smart, she is one of the smartest people in the world. Even smart people need to remember they need to stop their brains sometimes and rest.

I think sometimes Mom worries her brain is going to stop working one day like my other Dad in heaven. (Is her former owner in heaven now? Maybe he’s out of body a lot if he hasn’t passed. It occurs to me that Georgie may have ended up in a shelter because a previous owner died. She said “in heaven”.)

My mom does not need to worry so much about her brain, and it’s okay to just rest her mind sometimes and do something silly, or have a nap when she’s tired. This will actually make her brain work better. I am concerned about Mom’s heart (physical heart, she’s showing me a grey area around your heart, maybe time to get a checkup at the doctor.)

Georgie, do you have any requests or information for your mom?

She’s showing me a puppy, like a cinnamon brown boxer-looking type puppy. How do you feel about the puppy? He’s coming Mom, watch out! (Feelings of fun and action.) Do you like this puppy? I don’t know, I guess we’ll see (feels excited and happy.)

I also like the crunchy treats (liver? Smells like dried liver? Or maybe fishy smelling treats, they’re brown and irregular-shaped.)

I also like it when there are big flowers in the house, on tables and in the kitchen. It’s good for Mom’s brain because she looks at the flower and stops her mind for a second and thinks, “that’s nice.” Mom I love you and I’m glad I’m at home with you, and I love you so much, and I like kneading your legs when I sit on your lap, and laying on your chest sometimes (does she do that?).

Thank you Georgie, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the photo, Jane.

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