Rumi, Constantine & Hannah the psychic poodle

There’s a comment from Rumi’s owner that I need to “authorize” but won’t be able to do that until I can access wordpress directly (I generally post through email.) In the comment, she mentioned that Rumi enjoyed fruit such as oranges, but I realized something later that day which may have been what Rumi intended:

On impulse, Sweetie and I decided to visit a sushi joint for supper, a place we hadn’t been for over a year. Our sushi was served with orange slices as garnish, and I found myself pulling the pieces apart with my fingers, just as Rumi had shown – and I got a pretty profound sense of déjà-vu.

The name “Rumi” came up again that day while I was listening to Laura Stinchfield’s animal communication podcast, where she talked with a cat named Rumi.

Typically, this is how heaven works… dare I even say this is typical of how John works. I’ll notice a series of odd synchronicities, and Sweetie will recognize what it means: in this case, Rumi is a Persian poet from the early 1200’s, whose collections of works Sweetie was directed to read several months ago by either John or George, we forget which. She read the first few books but had forgotten about Rumi’s poetry until the recent reminding.

Rumi actually came to visit last night while I was working with the tarot deck gifted to me by a generous blog reader (the golden tarot has really endeared itself to me.) Rumi apparently adores the tarot, and said he was exposed to it through a travelling gypsy. I had no idea the tarot went that far back.

Rumi presented to me as what I initially interpreted as French (Parisian not Persian.) His clothes were puffy and colourful, his language had a lot of rolling r’s and he has a rhythmic, lilting, flourishing way of speaking. When Sweetie corrected me that he was Persian, not French, I realized what I was hearing was the rapid, rolling language of many of the Muslim people who lived near me in Toronto.

He reminded me of Salvador Dali in a way, but incredibly happy and bubbly. He also reminded me of Oscar Wilde, artistic, flambouyant, outrageous and queer. Just minutes after I said this, Sweetie opened her tarot book to discover an Oscar Wilde quote. Again, typical and pretty funny.

Rumi said, in Persian while downloading the meaning to me telepathically “Here, pull three cards. One is from me, one is for (Sweetie) one is for you.”

In this way of working with Rumi, I learned a new pyramid-style of working with the tarot, which I hadn’t seen before: three, two, one. Anyway, the significance of the cards pulled relates to what we’re learning at the moment, and I won’t bore you with the details; the reason I mention it is the card pulled for Sweetie was the King of Coins. You can look that up if you’re interested.

It was pretty clear the King of Coins was not meant to represent Sweetie, but someone who would soon come into her life… and last night in her dreams Constantine, the holy roman emperor, came to visit her.

This is another synchronicity, as Constantine was mentioned in the book “Alchemy” which Sweetie just read this weekend.

The first thing he said to Sweetie was, “I’m really not a bad guy.”

Sweetie has dubious opinions of Constantine, due to how history relays his story:

Sweetie intuitively understood that Constantine is the man represented to her in her tarot card. She is working on revising her preconceived ideas about him and his life’s work.

As for me, I’m not nearly as extensively educated as Sweetie, and I don’t have the memory for these sorts of details anyway. I brought the same objectivity to talking with Constantine as I have for any other person I’ve spoken with. I asked Constantine to show me what he meant, when he was talking to us about his work to unite the empire with Christianity.

It turns out, Constantine has a personal relationship with Jesus. He showed me himself at the head of a table, eating, with (the spirit of) Jesus sitting in the chair to his left. He would talk to Jesus every day, gain advice and insight, and this is the only way he succeeded in bringing Christianity into the mainstream of roman culture. Constantine’s work profoundly affected the world, and was necessary. In fact, no one would know who Jesus was today, without Constantine; Jesus would have been lost in history.

Makes you wonder who else has been lost.

Yet, he was betrayed. “This is how I felt,” he said, as I pulled a swords card (ten, I think) – a man, laid out on the ground, stabbed with multiple swords, a black dog baying overhead. I got the sense he was poisoned. I haven’t looked any of this up to see how his cause of death was recorded.

He says that it was the people surrounding him that saw a business opportunity, to regain control over the masses, to string together the fragmenting pieces of the empire with a new thread of fear and control.

This was not his wish, he tells us quite passionately. He believed that Christianity would unite the empire with peace, and that a new paradise on earth would emerge. He thought that the old religions were responsible for the ways of war, and that the peaceful teachings of Christ would open the hearts of the people to each other.

Jesus isn’t the only one I imagine, looking down from heaven hollering “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!”

Each of the swords in the body of the man in the card represented someone close to the King who made the free-will decision to step towards personal gain and power, rather than towards leadership, balance and peace. Some believed they would be killed if they didn’t go along with the plan to betray and manipulate Constantine.

Constantine has gone down in history as someone different than who he was in life. In life, he ate his meals with Jesus.

Neat, huh?

Here’s our Paws & Reflect:

My name is Hannah and I am Kate’s sister’s dog. I remember Kate’s smell from when I first came to live with my mom and her family. Kate didn’t live with us then, but her smell was on a lot of things and the ghost dog (our schnauzer, Heidi) told me all about her. Heidi thought a lot of things were fun like running in the snow and being rough, and she thought she was telling me how great it was to do these things, but I was not so sure. I am a gentle dog.

This is the first life that I have been a dog. I have always been cats before, and I have been my mom’s cat a lot of times in past lives. Once in Egypt, and a lot of times when Mom was poor. Sometimes I was the only good thing in Mom’s life, which is why I am so important (current and past lives – did you ever tell her that?)

Once I did an amazing thing, I was my mom’s cat and I was getting really old, so I got pregnant and died when I gave birth to the single kitten, and I just went into the body of the newborn kitten so I wouldn’t have to be away from my mom for a second! That was very clever of me, but I won’t do it again because I didn’t grow as well on the milk my mom had to feed me, since I couldn’t nurse on another cat. When I got to heaven some other cats said “Wow, that was neat!” But I told them it wasn’t a great idea. Even so, I am well known in heaven as one of the only cats to ever do this.

I decided to come to my Mom as a dog this life because she spent so much time imagining a small poodle that could be with her everywhere. I wanted to go as many places with my mom as possible, and I knew I could only get into the house where my mom was living if I was a non-shedding dog (our mother is allergic to cats.)

I got there just in time! It was very well planned and I am in a beautiful body, but I wish mom would groom me just a little more often. I like to be combed and gently brushed a little bit every day. Just ten minutes before bed would be nice, because that is time we could just spend together, and it would be all about me. You could even watch a show that you enjoy on TV (gives me the scrubs theme song! Ha!!!)

My teeth are bothering me a bit and I would like to eat the soft canned food only. The water tastes like metal and dog slobber, so I would like to have my own bowl with water from the bottle that you give me when we travel sometimes. Maybe you can put a (wood plywood barrier? Gate?) in front of the bedroom door and cut a Hannah-hole in it, so only I can go into that room and then I can eat my food and drink my water when I want to rest?

Let me tell you about Athena: (Athena is a lab/rotti cross, my sister’s other dog.) Athena is going to save my mom’s life one day, and Mom won’t really know it except she’ll feel extremely scared and won’t really understand why. I just want to tell Mom now so she won’t have to be scared for very long. There will be a man in (what looks like an underground parking lot, or maybe the apartment basement) and he will bother or scare Mom, but Athena will bark and lunge at him because she can see right into the hearts of people. Athena is a lion dog! Mom should know that Athena would only be aggressive to a person who means her harm. Listen to Athena and trust her when she growls at a person. Her mind is strong and healthy. I can see this in the future, and so I put up with Athena because I know she came into Mom’s life as part of this contract experience.

She is pretty rough sometimes so I live up high like a cat. I think that next time, I will come back to Mom as a cat again. I forget that I don’t have claws sometimes, and sometimes I want to swat Athena so she gives me more space and respect. I’m not used to being a dog.

I want Mom to know that I am her Heart dog, that we are connected heart-to-heart by an energy string that will never be cut.

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  1. Did you know that there is a Rumi tarot? (Actually, there may be more than one — I seem to remember seeing forum discussions where someone was making their own deck with some of Rumi’s words, but I could be mistaken. It might have been another Sufi mystic.)


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