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I received a lovely email from a reader who had a few questions, and I thought I’d answer them on the blog in case anyone else was thinking the same thing:

I also enjoy the focus on animals and wondered how that process works for you. For example, do you get information just from tuning in to pictures, or also a write-up from the pet owner?

My whole body is the “instrument” in animal communication and mediumship. One can receive / translate energetic and telepathic information by interpreting a variety of things. You can google all the “clairs” which define particular psychic skills:

Here’s a random link on the topic:

I actually don’t have the memory to retain what each of the “clairs” actually mean, so I’ll explain how it works for me:

With animals, I establish contact through love, by sending them love and admiration in person, by hearing her person say their pet’s name with love, or by looking at a photo of the animal, which was often taken with love, viewed with love. Love has an incredible ability to open the hearts of others, and when the heart is open information flows freely.

I don’t need a photo, but I do need some way of connecting with a particular animal, so if a photo isn’t available I’ll talk to the owner on the phone or in person, and through the owner’s voice when they say their animal’s name and give a physical description of the animal, I’ll connect that way. I’ll usually confirm this connection by telling the owner what behavior, gesture or personality trait I immediately sense when I get a connection, or sometimes the animal will initiate their own connection and literally sit down in front of me, in my mind’s eye.

Remember when you were a kid and played games with your friends? Maybe you built a fort or played cops and robbers. The elements around you were created by your imagination, and you saw these things in your mind’s eye. This is often how I see visual information; it pops into my head as though I imagine it. This is why a lot of people who actually ARE communicating telepathically will dismiss the information believing they just made it up.

The real key to telepathic communication is *recognizing* when something which appears in your mind came from outside yourself. You can develop this ability to recognize outside information through practicing meditation and developing the discipline of controlling your own thought stream. When you can turn off your own thoughts then you know that it definitely wasn’t your own mind making things up.

The visuals I see in my mind, the words or sentences I hear in my inner ear, and the “knowledge drops” where I experience a big chunk of information or a concept just downloaded into my brain (remember when Neo learned Kung-Fu in the movie, the Matrix?), these are all things that I experience exclusively in my own head. But that’s not where the information stops.

In addition to the internal brain information, I also occasionally see spirits of ghosts, animals and nature elements with my physical eyes. This is a lot like trying to see the hidden image in one of those “magic eye” images that were popular in the 90s. You just relax your eyes, stop your mind, and suddenly there will be someone there. Pop! Right in front of you. It can be startling at first, but it’s amazing how strange things become normal quickly. We humans are adaptable creatures.

Sometimes a spirit or friend from heaven will pat my head, my shoulder, brace both shoulders – or move my coffee mug in front of me – who’s doing that? My coffee mug handle rotated in front of me to point right at me. It’s a little freaky to me when things move by themselves. I’m not getting an answer on who did that, so MOVING ON…

Generally when I am touched physically by someone who’s on a different vibration than I am, I just experience the hairs raise up on my arms. I take this as a cue to stop my thoughts and ask who is there. Sometimes I’ll see the lights in the room flicker, even though no one else sees it. That’s another cue for me to tune in and see who’s there. If I’m busy, I’ll just acknowledge them and ask them to come back at a later time that I specify.

Wow, this is getting to be a long entry. To me, all this is very simple and natural, but when I try to wrap words around it, I get sucked into describing the small and important details, which results in a long, complicated-looking essay.

It’s not complicated, honestly. I promise you, everyone was born with the innate ability to communicate in this way, and to understand how it works. Don’t try to understand it intellectually, just go with it intuitively. Try to *feel* it, rather than to learn it with your logical brain. Trust your instincts.

So right when I got to this part in the draft, the computer turned off and rebooted. The computer beside me didn’t do this… this is yet another way a spirit can get your attention. They can make static on phone calls, blink lights off and on, create screwiness on skype calls – all sorts of electronic things. BUT! Psychically activated people can actually cause all of these electrical disturbances and can even cause objects around them to move, all by themselves. So if these things happen around you it might not be a ghost or spirit, it might just be you, particularly if you’re focusing on energetic work like reiki, tai chi, or kundalini yoga (for example).

(I stopped writing this entry last week and I’m picking it up again on Monday. I have to add that this weekend, Sweetie was standing beside our microwave. The microwave kept beeping like it had just finished cooking a meal – but it wasn’t even plugged in. That was weird. I didn’t sense any consciousness related to that phenomena, so we just wrote it off as Sweetie’s energy affecting the environment, AGAIN. It happens a lot.)

Some people have problems with watches stopping, and other people seem to have a magic ability to fix electronic things just by touching them.

Whenever I notice anything that seems like someone is trying to get my attention, I will either stop and address them, or I’ll block them if I feel tired. I may ask them to return later, or I may ask my helpers in heaven to address the spirit on my behalf, and help them.

So far I’ve talked about seeing spirits with my physical eyes and my “psychic” eyes, hearing with my psychic ears, experiencing knowledge drops, and experiencing physical cues and paranormal phenomena that indicate someone wants to talk. Now, when I’m seeing with my psychic eyes or hearing with my psychic ears, sometimes what I get is a single image, or a person using only visual cues and signs to make themselves understood – kind of like spirit charades. Sometimes I’ll hear words or sentences along with a visual, or with a knowledge drop, like a movie.

In addition to all of this, there are other ways my body will interpret information. If a spirit is trying to communicate how they died, say from a heart attack, I might experience the sensation of my chest tightening and pain running along my left arm. I might hear the words “heart attack” or I might see someone falling to the ground while experiencing the physical sensations. Sometimes the physical information is more subtle, and I might not notice it right away – another reason meditation is important. It puts you in touch with how you feel before you start taking in outside information.

Sometimes an animal or spirit will show me disease by drawing my attention to a body part or organ and showing a grey cloud over it. This could indicate a current disease, or the potential for disease that hasn’t manifested symptoms yet – so this information can be very useful for prevention of disease, or catching things early.

How I work:

When someone requests a reading with me, I’ll usually send them an email explaining how the process works. For me, it helps the process if the client has a specific person or animal in mind, or specific questions to begin with. My experience as a medium has been when a client sits down and is “open to anything” there’s a higher likelihood they’re not going to recognize the people or the messages that come through. Sometimes confirmation comes later. I enjoy my work the most when I feel like I’ve “locked in” with someone who the client recognizes, and there’s some sort of confirmation that I have a person they recognize.

I usually ask a client to think about what they want to ask and have them write it down and say it out loud ahead of time. This prevents the occurrence of “psychic amnesia” – a not uncommon occurrence of clients suddenly forgetting everything they ever knew about anyone they ever loved. Sometimes people respond to a reading by just going blank, because they’re engaging in the “receptivity” process of telepathic communication too, and so their own thought process stops. (This is my theory.)

I also believe that when a client asks questions out loud before relating them to me, this gives the people in heaven a chance to get their act together. It takes a certain amount of energy for a spirit in heaven to lower their vibration enough for me to perceive them, and I do my best to raise my vibration before readings through meditation and diet. If spirits have a bit of warning that their loved one would like to contact them through this medium on this date, it gives them a chance to get ready. Time is different on the other side, so it’s not strictly necessary to give spirits in heaven a “heads up” – but giving them a bit of notice can’t hurt either.

With pets, it’s actually quite important to talk to them ahead of time. You can get SO MUCH MORE from an animal communication session if your pet has had time to think about what they want to tell you, or how to answer your question.

I have one friend whose dog uses this time to compose a shopping list for her mom of things she would like Mom to buy, often this list includes toys and treats available only in her former city. We explain this to her, but she knows Mom goes back to the city once a year and wants to make sure her order has been placed. I remind them both that just because the animal makes a request (like chocolate) that doesn’t mean the caretaker needs to comply. Mom still calls the shots, and no, she’s not going to buy a special pink cupcake from Bark n’ Fitz in Toronto and take it on the plane home! Still, her dog asks every time. In fact, this dog remembers every toy and treat she ever had.

Well, I’ve been working on this entry for days now, so I’d better just post it. I hope it’s answered your question, Car Guy, and thank you again for sending it. I’m happy to answer anyone’s questions about how the process of mediumship works for me.

6 thoughts on “Question asked, question answered:

  1. Thank you for the information! That was very interesting, and appreciated. I really enjoy the things you share.

    I accept the belief that we are born with the innate ability, but I sure don’t personally feel very much in tune with any of it on my end right now. However, the desire seems to be awakening in me, as well as the interest and quest for further understanding (or maybe it’s the desire wanting to ‘remember’, assuming we know these things at a soul level).


    • Allen, So many people who talk to me about this just need permission to believe it’s possible for them. The biggest hurdle is getting over the self-doubt of “I just made that up.”

      There are a lot of great books on animal communication, and it’s a great place to start. I love Dawn Dawkins (sp?) uh… someone Williams and Penelope smith. I have the books by these authours listed in the books tab of this website. It’s a great place to start.

      You could also start listening to Laura Stinchfield’s podcast:

      You can also subscribe to it through itunes. Sometimes just listening to hours of someone actually doing this work will help your brain to remember how it’s done. That, coupled with the books, is probably enough to get you started practicing. You just learn by doing! Go for it 🙂


      • Dawn Baumann Brunke and Marta Williams. 🙂

        You can also see a large collection of animal communication related books etc. at .(A surprising number of animal communication books — including all of Marta Williams’ and most if not all of Penelope Smith’s — are available in digital form, if you’re like me and like instant access and easy portability.)

        Kate, have you seen Dawn Brunke’s “Animal Teachings” book yet? (See for more details and images.) It was published earlier this year and features some really lovely artwork to go with Dawn’s animal wisdom information. It’s one of those books that really has to be in physical form rather than digital.


      • I’m still working through her Shapeshifting book, which is actually quite different than I’d expected – more about death transition. I love her books, I’ll keep my eyes on her new one.

        I wish there was more available in audio book form – there are only so many weekends I can spend doing nothing but reading – audiobooks I can be doing other things, dishes, driving etc. there are just so many books I want to read.

        Last weekend I listened to John Edward’s book, crossing over. I really enjoyed it, and a lot of his experience resonates with mine.


  2. I do love that you cared to write out all the long essay-style workings of it. Those of us who are trying to figure it out currently are wondering just how much we’re already experiencing while we’re looking for it to appear in a different way. You know? But we have to look at it as an unbraiding of what we think of as “our own”.

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