quick clarification…

I just wanted to clarify one thing:

When I ask a client to write down their questions and say them out loud either to their loved ones in heaven or to their animals, I do not get this information ahead of time. That is just so that the client can make the connection through their intention, so that there’s a higher likelihood they’ll have a good experience and make the most of their time and money.

Sometimes clients will email me their pets or relative’s photo ahead of time with some information, but I don’t look at this until I have the client on the phone with me. I don’t read the write-ups until after the reading because it’s important for me to have a clean slate when I open up to telepathic communication. If I already have information, this could affect how I interpret the information coming from the spirit or animal. It’s important for the process to feel spontaneous, which I believe engages a part of the brain that can be overridden by logical thought processes.

The other reason I ask the client to have a focus is that when I’m in medium mode, the logical part of my brain that “thinks” is partially or completely disengaged. I might not be able to think of anything to ask them when I’m sitting in a receptive state. Sometimes, all I can do is describe what I see, and pass on what they give me. This can feel like going into a busy club, sitting at the bar and waiting for whoever randomly decides to step forward.

If the client has a focus, such as wanting to contact the grandmother, even if Grandma can’t make it herself, heaven will usually send someone connected to her, which gives the client a place to start when I’m describing who comes through. Grandma might not answer the questions posed to her exactly (Where is the ring? She’s shaking her head and staying quiet) but it gets the ball rolling, and once conversation is happening it develops organically.

The other monkey wrench in the spirit world is that spirits don’t always present themselves physically in a way that is familiar to the client! Perhaps Grandpa is coming through as 40 years old with a beard, a look he loves, or a look in a photo a client has forgotten, instead of 80 years old, short and clean shaven, which is how the client pictures him in her own mind.

Working with spirits in the context of their human lives can feel more complex than working with animals and nature spirits – at least, that’s how it is for me. I find animals’ issues are usually straight forward, their intentions are simple, the lessons they bring in the context of an animal life are pure.

Some people have asked me if I believe animals may have lived once as people, or vice-versa. I’ve certainly had enough animals inform me of this or that past life as a human, and only two have told me about past lives on other planets. Neat eh?

Here I go on another tangent again… I’d better quit while I’m ahead! Again, all questions are welcome, I love talking about this work.

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