George: Psychics and addiction recovery


Okay does anyone want to talk? George?

Yes I’d like to talk to you about meditation.

Yeah I’ve been neglecting my practice

Yes meditation is essential to support your growth and health. (Shows me sick with the flu)

I got sick because I wasn’t meditating?

You became ill because you succumbed to a virus. Perhaps with meditation you would have expelled it from your body before your immune system took notice.


Just as proper diet supports state of mind and a clean vehicle for communication and experience.

Clean like good or virtuous?

Unencumbered. Uncluttered (shows me my own cluttered car) its distracting.

George, why am I turning away from meditation?

I don’t know.


Perhaps. A sense of obligation, maybe.

Yeah, I think that’s it. I feel like its a chore sometimes.

It’s how you approach meditation. If you approach it as an essay assignment, you’ll bring that energy to the task. It does not need to be a task. You could meditate right now.

Yeah, okay. I can see that being nice.

Be kind to yourself. Meditation is your new ice cream! (I can’t seem to enjoy ice cream anymore which is really weird.)

I can just hear my readers’ eyeballs rolling.

Yes, well, every one’s journey is different.

Someone exploring their own psychic connections doesn’t have to give up ice cream?

You don’t have to give anything up. It’s a matter of liberating yourself from patterns of choices, steps down a path you no longer desire. (shows me my new apartment, and the understanding that while there are things I will miss about the old place, there are new possibilities with the new place which I can’t appreciate right now, only feel that it is a step along the path I want to travel.)

I had a really tough time with sugar cravings at first. Now it’s a lot easier – why is that? I’ve cut sugar, flour, dairy out of my life before and never stopped wanting them, even after years.

Ah, the difference is now, you’re being kind to yourself. (shows me eating a brownie)

Yeah, if I *really* want something, I don’t deny myself. That’s why I know I don’t really like ice cream anymore. I’ve had it several times and not enjoyed it.

If you were denying yourself, you would not have noticed your tastes have changed. (I see George smoking his big cigar.). Me (father?) used to (smoke cigars) and it was comforting to me, especially during the early days of the Beatles. I smoked when (feelings of sadness, loneliness, fatigue.) It made me feel better, but physically worse. That’s true if a lot of things. After I went to India (the third time?) I learned that I could feel the same closeness to my father by holding the cigar, smelling it, thinking about him. It was a sort of meditation, and replaced the smoking. In that circumstance, anyway.

You smoked George?

Why do you think me voice was so terrible?

I thought you were touring a lot. You were a secret smoker?

Not really secret. I didn’t do it around (my wife), but she knew I did it. I would smoke around other artists, we’d smoke together before or after shows or recording. It was normal, nobody commented.

I guess smoking cigarettes was pretty tame compared to the other common substances around.

That is why (my wife, people around me) did not comment – they knew (about the heroin) and it was always this internal dialogue “oh George is smoking. Poor chap, at least it’s not heroin.”

Did anyone say that?

Not aloud, but people would think it. (after opiate addiction) you become extremely receptive to telepathic information, particularly what others think if you. Many people in recovery use this to flog themselves, it makes them feel bad, instead of realizing the adjustment of their brain.

Uh, are you saying its easier for people recovering from opiate addiction to be receptive to telepathic information?

Yes, you really do feel that everything is stripped away, social buffers, pain medication. What most people do not realize is a large portion of the veil has been removed from your awareness as well.

Is this why folks in recovery feel extra-sensitive and vulnerable? They’re newly psychic?

Yes, it’s like being a child again, before you learn all the defenses adults need to function on that level of society. Why do you think the childhood stage of the human species is so long? Many animals live just as long, or longer, than human beings – yet it takes over a decade for human beings to reach sexual maturity and enter the world of adults. It takes that long for children to become accustomed to the psychic environment of earth and the culture of this era. Animals do not need to learn to shut out the psychic world, children do. This is why some people are experiencing extended adolescence – right through their twenties. It is a very challenging time.

That is really interesting. Do you think it could be wise for people recovering from opiate addiction to focus on developing their psychic skills?

It would be better to feel “recovered” first. As you understand it is essential to feel stable, healthy and well-grounded as a solid foundation to psychic work. I would like to ask that those who feel they are actively recovering from a difficult period first establish basic tools of meditation and self-healing.

Psychic talents will not make you healthy, they can indeed make you feel worse if you are not well when you begin practice. However, it is an excellent point of focus to assist one through the first months and perhaps years of healing. Awareness of psychic receptivity can help one through recovery as well – there is a reason you feel self-conscious, you can feel and hear what others are thinking if you. During the initial stages of healing, the thoughts of others are often strongly projected, judgmental and harsh. (shows me a circle of people in AA, or maybe narcotics anon. How the space free of judgmental thoughts is a welcome and much needed relief from the endurance run of daily life.)

Wow, thank you George.

You’re welcome my dear.

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