Happy Anniversary, Abbey Road

John’s been coming close again, which is really nice. By now, he’s become a comforting and familiar presence, a visitor who’s always welcome even when I’m super-tired.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been neglecting my daily meditation practice? It is *so important* to have a daily spiritual practice, yet sometimes we hit a bit of a wall. I felt like I hit a wall after the “Something Happened” channeling, and I tell ya, this pendant thing with Tracey has kicked the stuck energy into motion.

The first week after receiving this pendant energetically felt pretty raw (I know, the “realist” in me just can’t believe I’m writing stuff like this.) Energy gets stuck for a reason; we have blocks or create them to protect ourselves from things we’re not ready to cope with or to release, and when it’s time to deal with these things we often revisit the pain or discomfort that created the block in the first place. So it’s natural I spent much of the first week of August in tears.

Despite the tears, I intuitively feel like it’s all good. It’s just work, and that’s tiring. I know through my psychic practice with other people that when something truly hits home, tears are a natural side effect. The spirit world has been *very* close this week, every time I talk through some issue, make some spiritual connection, all the hairs will raise on my arms, neck and back. This is what happens when a friend on the other side is patting me on the back, saying “Yes! You’ve got it! That’s right!” It’s a very encouraging form of confirmation.

I’ve wanted to re-engage the intuitive development circle, and that’s happened in the past two weeks as well. It’s amazing, actually. Last week, a couple of people from the mainland found themselves at Humanity in time for the crystal meditation, and they joined us. After meditation, I offer “intuitive development” for those who are interested and would like to stay. It turned out that these out-of-towners were already psychically activated and needed precisely the tools I could offer – psychic protection and grounding techniques. I received an email from one of these beautiful people a few days later telling me how they’d needed to employ these techniques later that same evening, and they’d found it to be very helpful.

Intuitive development sessions often involve mediumship work of some sort, and the reading with these two people was one of those rare sessions where it’s confirmation after confirmation, mind-blowing bang-bang-bang-bang! It is so much fun when things happen like this. It helped me to refocus on what I *want* to do with these skills – I want to help people, and help them in a way that also fills me with energy and joy.

This past Monday, our friends Hernan and Satwant joined us for meditation and development; they helped me as much as I helped them, which is exactly how this teaching thing is supposed to work.

Which brings me back to John and meditation. Since sitting down to meditate hasn’t been working lately, I decided to change things and set a few minutes aside for some automatic-writing style conversation with friends on the other side, to ask for their help working through all of this. It’s been very helpful and John’s come forward every day. What’s especially nice is that both Sweetie and I are suddenly revisiting the super-entertaining style of communication: blinking lights and playing songs on the radio.

This morning was particularly fantastic. Out here on the coast, we’re isolated from the rest of the world by a mountain range on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. We have *one* radio station out here “Long Beach Radio”. Today it was raining and foggy, and so Sweetie and I spent the first twenty minutes of our morning drive listening to static and waiting for the signal to come in.

As the sound of the DJ’s voice started to make its way through the static, like a far-away call from another planet, we hear:

“Today, August 8th…. Anniversary of the …. Beatles album Abbey Road. Here’s John Lennon … Come Together.”

So the first song I heard this morning was my favourite one, and it is no accident that the signal came through just as the DJ was talking about Abbey Road. After Come Together finished playing, the signal dropped off again. It came back again gradually, as we approached town, showing us where the signal *would* have come in if we hadn’t gotten a bit of help.

That’s a great way to start the day.

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