Marley, George, Healing and Evil

I think a lot of people are noticing the subtle shifting, this energetic adjustment taking place. I’m very glad I shifted this summer’s focus from doing things to help others and instead placing the focus on healing and recharging myself.

This blog has a fine line for me sometimes, because I want to limit how much I talk about *me* and instead share experiences which other people are likely to experience themselves, and to pass on information and messages from friends on the other side. This blog was never meant to be a place of decompression for my personal life, but rather a safe place for me and other people to talk about our spiritual journeys, however that was unfolding.

Ironically, the spiritual journey is a deeply personal path for every person, so it’s easy to get your ego all tangled up in there. Sometimes it’s tough to make the call between what should go in the blog, and what is just *me* stuff, that won’t really interest or help other people.

One of the *me* things I’ve been keeping to myself is the weight loss. Sometimes people get onto this new kick and suddenly it’s all they can talk about. I’m not going to talk about this as though it’s the missing link that’s going to solve other people’s weight challenges, but it is something I began as a spiritual experiment, and so I feel like it does have a place here.

When I was listening to Kay & Dr. Michael talk about channeling on one of Karen Hagar’s Fog City Psychic podcasts, Kay was talking about inviting an “E.T.” (someone incarnated on another planet, or “alien” if you prefer) into her body to communicate, and the poor being went “Ick! How can you live like this?” Kay was carrying a good deal of extra weight at the time, and she talked about how the weight was affecting her ability to channel.

It’s essentially the same thing George was telling me over the winter, comparing eating unhealthy food to blowing cigar smoke at him. Ick! George never said, “You have to lose weight.” I never said that to myself. George gently and persistently helped me to understand the ways in which my diet was affecting my psychic communication instrument, my body.

When in medium mode, I do think of my body as my instrument. I quiet my mind and allow my body to show me the messages. Even my brain becomes an instrument – my consciousness is actually separate from my physical brain. My physical brain can be busy translating telepathic messages into images, words or sounds without my personality, my awareness, that part of me I consider to be ME.

Naturally, anything that affects my body affects the tuning of my instrument. Intellectually, I accepted the theory which George was sharing with me: treat your body kindly, build your health and you build your psychic abilities.

You want to be a healthy healer. Healers don’t *have to* be healthy themselves, I’ve experienced some powerful healing from a healer who was quite unhealthy herself. It was one of those, “Physician, heal thyself!” moments. But it was also a realization that there is nothing superior about being physically healthy. A dying body can still transmit healing to others; I understand this now. But still, wouldn’t I rather be as healthy as possible? I want that peace, that strength, that stamina. I feel the healthier my body, the better a healer, the greater my psychic potential and skill.

Besides, I’ll look fantastic. (What’s a little ego?)

Back in the spring, I decided to reduce as much as possible my intake of flour, sugar and dairy. The goal was to gradually eliminate these things over three months so that from June to September, I would eat none of those things to give my body a chance to heal and give me a glimpse of the potential in that arena.

I’ve learned that I do better when I’m “working to eliminate” rather than “I have eliminated” a particular element from my diet. During the wind-up months, if I really wanted flour, sugar or dairy, I would offer myself an alternative, but if I still wanted the poutine or the chocolate ice cream, I’d go ahead and have that. That works a lot better for me than being “hardcore” about a diet, and feeling like I’ve failed at something during the three-month summer cleanse.

Even though it’s August, I’m no longer trying to go for this completely clean diet – not right now. I’ve gained a lot of ground and for now I just want to maintain it in a way which feels kind.

The changes I’ve noticed by working to reduce sugar, flour and dairy in my diet have been:

– I’ve lost 30 lbs. That’s surprising. The last time I lost weight like this, I was keeping food journals, paying the Dr. Bernstein Corporation and eating less than 1,000 calories a day. I was starving and it was incredibly challenging. This time, it’s like I barely noticed the weight leaving. It’s like I’ve let something go. Sweetie & I have been discussing various theories. She’s lost almost the same amount.

– I’ve re-lived a lot of emotion from the period when I gained that weight, the past three years mainly. I’ve done a lot of crying, and a lot of remembering. A lot of post-trial healing.

One of my working theories is that when we’re emotionally overwhelmed and we turn to comfort food for self-soothing (which is sometimes a fine thing to do) that intention and that emotion is stored in our bodies so we can deal with it later. Kind of like a post-traumatic-stress flashback, but stored in fat cells, like fat-soluble poison, carried benignly for years, and released when the energy stored in the fat is released. There’s no scientific data to support this, just a lot of intuitive thinking… so you can take it or leave it, as it strikes your own heart and mind.

It makes sense to me, if I’m carrying 30lbs worth of stored up emotion, that’s going to affect the resonance of any vibration I’m trying to access. The signal could become distorted by this echo of the sad song of past experiences. It’s not that the energy around my body is bad, or gross – it’s just my own leftover emotion, filling up the vessel of my body. If I’m already partially occupied by my own experiences, then that’s less space for other signals. The flavour of other energies is altered by the onions in my own psychic refrigerator. This forces spirits on the other side to crank up the volume to be understood.

– I’ve noticed a re-sensitizing to elements within food that I wouldn’t have noticed before. I eat a piece of cake and I can sense the texture of the flour, the percentage of sugar. I’ll have a spoonful of chili and detect the individual spices in the blend. I’ll eat a non-organic banana and sense a chemical element absent in the organic version. That sort of sensitivity turns a lot of people off – they’re afraid to become that sensitive. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. You can go back to eating and enjoying cake for all its sugary goodness – I’ve fallen off the wagon pretty hard this past week, and I will say that carrot cake is awesome. I encourage you to just try it, just as an experiment, just to see.

Dogs have talked to me about sensing people food as “twenty different foods” – they have an amazing palate, part of their incredible sense of smell. It’s a shame, really, to feed them kibble. I supplement kibble with leftovers from my healthy people food – vegetables, spices, sometimes meats. It’s the best I can do for my pup right now.

– I’ve noticed an increase in sensitivity to electrical energy. My cell phone bothers me, and I don’t like to sleep with it near me, even though I use it as an alarm clock and I like to hit the snooze button. I notice the output from the iphone is much more powerful and disruptive than the little old-school cell phone. The laptop throws out a lot too.

– I’ve noticed electrical disturbances around me. Electrical things will stop working. I’m not sure yet if this is something I’m causing or just a coincidence.

George, are you available to contribute to this discussion?

Of course.

Am I correct in thinking emotion is stored partially in our body fat?

Emotion and memory may be stored anywhere in the body. Some believe specific organs hold particular emotions, in a sense this is true (shows me how organs have their own subtle vibrations which attract emotional energies of similar vibrations, shows me how love and heartbreak waves superimposed on each other over the heart organ can cancel out the heart’s own energy, like plus two minus two equals zero. This damages has a physical affect of the actual organ on a measurable level, shows me a heart monitor:

Shows me a woman calling her husband back from death by telling him she loves him, how the energy of her emotion had a physical affect on his heart muscle.

Wow, holy crap. Is this like what my friend’s spirit guide was talking about when he was telling her about Bad Medicine, how the viscious thoughts of her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend were affecting her well being?

Yes. In the same way energy healing works over great distances, so too can negative energy perpetuate it’s affects from great distances. Some traditions call this a curse.

Did I curse that doctor?

No, dear, he cursed himself.

Ah. That’s good to know. What if someone is thinking terrible things at me, what can I do?

You break the energetic connection, (shows me scissors snipping a thread connecting two people across a distance.) Just as you’ve done, you cut them off, you cut them out. (Shows me energetic shielding) Sometimes you need to implement extra protection (shows me smudging with a white eagle feather) Sometimes you need to enlist the help of others (Shows me the dead man hanging in the room in our apartment, and shows me the room now, clear and bright – we needed help to move the energy from that room.)

Sometimes it is right to ask for help. It is right to feel connected, protected, assisted, this is how you connect with divine strength. Believing you can turn all evil away on your own, this separates you from (heaven) you become finite, isolated and more vulnerable. When you rely upon help from spiritual leaders, your friends in heaven, your guides, teachers and friends, you *feel* and *know* the strength of many, and turning away negativity becomes as easy as brushing away a fly.

When dealing with any negative energy, I guess it’s really best to reach out and ask for help then, eh? Until you feel confident.

Oh Hey! Bob Marley! Hey I haven’t seen you in months!

Hey girl! (laughing)

Would you like to say something about all this?

In the dealings with evil (negative energies) one must be very careful (shows me an old woman, I hear “witch” she has dark skin with white clay painting her face and covering her hair in thick cakes, she has white bones around her, in her hair, hanging from her necklace, and I’m given to understand these are the bones of children, wow maybe even children given to her as sacrifice, or children who died at birth and she claimed their bodies for her use. Yikes)

Man, I don’t know what to say after seeing that, yeah, there’s a lot of fear and a lot of powerful energy around her. Why are you showing her to me?

She has the power of fear and control. You see there is real power here, real energy which she is skilled in (utilizing). It is not a joke or a game, there is a resurgence of these darker traditions, just as others are remembering their connection to the divine. It is important to know and understand these (evil) so that your own fear does not give them strength. Their eyes are everywhere, (shows me the psychic spy book) they read your writings, they monitor your life, yet there is nothing to fear when you do not fear it. You can turn it away. You must understand the nature of your personal power.

That’s kind of scary, hearing that from you Bob.

I do not mean to frighten you, only to give you the knowledge which gives you strength. No matter the evil, greater is the good. Always, always. (smiles) It is only when you doubt, (shows me tourtured POW’s) that the energy leaves the bodies who hold the faith, and gives strength to those who seek to control through fear. This is what it means to *hold* the faith. You must hold on, even in hours of great despair and darkness, hold the faith, then you hold on to your connection to God.

It’s strange that I’ve been thinking about POWs so much in the last couple of months… that mission in Maj. Dame’s book about the attempted rescue of POWs, and in that After Atheism podcast, where a doctor talks about his utter loss of faith after his experiences as a POW. I’m reminded that there seem to be no limits to the terrible things people can dream up to do to each other, to animals and to children. I don’t like to dwell on that, but I do return to it when I think about faith in heaven, in this whole incarnation experience.

(Bob nods slowly.)

Is it a test? Why do some people go through it? Why would animals go through it?

For you, seeing the mistreatment of animals causes you to experience that separation from God. The emotion, the hatred, the ability to harm another human being, these are not parts of your personality, yet you sought to experience them, to remind yourself of your past life lessons. For this reason, some animals agree to offer this teaching. Many never return to incarnation on earth, afterwards. Those people who did not experience compassion towards the animals they treated cruelly, are obliged to continue their lesson in heaven, or in different forms of incarnation. (George pops in to remind me of two past lives I had, in both lives as a man without compassion for the experiences of others, with vivid memories of torturing people in the dark ages, and other memories of performing medical experiments on prisoners.)

Thank you for coming, Bob. Thank you George. You know Bob, no one else talks to me about God in quite the way you do. It’s comforting, and I feel strengthened by your faith, they way you relate it to me. Thank you.

We will speak again! (Smiles) George winks.

Well this entry certainly took an unexpected turn.

3 thoughts on “Marley, George, Healing and Evil

  1. Oh I hope you will keep posting about your ‘me’ stuff and your weight lost progress. It’s always uplifting to hear of people’s success, as well as success over the occasional backslide. As to blogging about yourself, go for it. I blog and what I’ve come to realize is that blogging is for the blogger. If the audience likes it, they’ll keep reading, if not, that’s fine too. We’re still reading so keep on posting about all you (and your dead friends) want/need to talk about. We’ll keep coming back for more.


    • Awww that is so sweet 🙂

      Yeah, when I think about keeping the “me” content to a minimum, it’s because my life honestly isn’t all that thrilling. I have a great life, it’s just quiet, I like it that way. I totally agree that blogging is for the blogger, and when I ultimately make a decision about what I will write about, the decider is do I *want* to write this.

      I don’t want to write about friend drama or canning huckleberries… at least, not that much. I’ll post photos once in a while when I want to share a moment, like a nice photo of the beach or something… but yeah, I’m not going to bore you or myself by reiterating the mundane details of my daily life! And you know what? I’m not going to waste my previous-few writing moments on recording my cat’s toilet habits (unless it’s funny).

      But I also think it’s important to me to represent as not just a psychic, but as the flawed human being that I am. I neglect my spiritual practice and feel guilty about it sometimes… I try to do too much, or I don’t quite accomplish something I set out to do. That’s okay too.


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