This morning I went to sunrise point and took these photos. I made a decision. I’ve been thinking about hosting a retreat here next spring, and it all came together this morning. I’ll share the details later.


This is a deer mushroom I believe, it’s been nibbled on by a squirrel. And the last photo is a bandanna slug, as big as my hand, making his majestic march across the trail.

Shortly after taking these pictures, a great horned owl flew right in front of me. I understood this rare sighting to be a confirmation, that I was finally approaching the retreats in the right way.

I hope you’re having a good morning.

2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. All of your pictures make me long for the days when we lived in West Saanich — our backyard was on a hill overlooking Pat Bay (it’s now a Fisheries Canada site, I think) and we used to spend hours on the beach, collecting drift wood and sand dollars and watching our dog pounce on guppies in the shallows. I think I left a piece of my heart there. It’s a whole different vibe from a north Atlantic beach.

    I don’t know what you have in mind for a retreat, but you’re in the perfect geographic location for that kind of thing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.


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