Quickie: Transformation and Manifestation

Where to begin with this entry..?

I think the past three years have been about facing a lot of my fears. A big fear is one of poverty, and looking back I can see exactly how I manifested exactly what I experienced… I even remember deciding that I would drive an ancient, beat-up car. The universe answered with the rust-mobile, a functional yet oxidized 1989 toyota tercel.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to work with a new mantra, one to facilitate the energy shift in my life, the one which began with the energy-shifting pendant from Tracey. The first mantra I worked with, Om Namah Shivaya, has become a reflexive go-to whisper whenever I feel unsettled or need grounding.

The new mantra is one I selected specifically to facilitate abundance in my life. Abundance, I define as having more than what I need, enough to share, enough to enjoy and spread around. Abundance in money is just one aspect; being surrounded by people who love, respect and want to help me is another form of abundance. Living in a strong, healthy, self-healing body is another form of abundance. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re asking for abundance – what exactly are you asking for?

The new mantra also took some work to memorize:

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

Sanskrit is not my first language. It’s not that Sanskrit is better than English for spiritual purposes, I like to use it because it brings this energy of sacredness and ritual, and it taps into the intentions of all the millions of people who have used this mantra before me.

I had to break it down and write it out on a white board at home, with a visual under each word so I could remember the meaning and purpose of each word. This is how I translated it for me:

Om: activation, like ringing heaven’s telephone. I drew an eye.

Shrim: Increase, drawing in expansive energy. I drew a plus sign.

Maha: Infinity, unlimited supply. I drew a spiral.

Lakshmiyei: The goddess of abundance. I drew a heart for love, unlimited love is the epitome of unlimited supply.

Swaha: Gratitude. Thank you for everything. I drew an equal sign. Gratitude brings you into alignment with what you have received, because it helps you to acknowledge your deserving of the charmed, joyful life you manifest. It’s like grounding the foundation so you can build your tower higher.

Just two days after I began this mantra, I got scheduled to work a stat holiday which pays double-time. I also got a reading booked for the same day. Sweetie was also scheduled to work this day. Between us, we made in a day what Sweetie usually makes in a week.

That’s the tangible change.

What I’m aware of today is the intangible frequency of everything around me, and how it compares to my own energy. This morning I woke up at 5am, completely rested and with an hour to go before I needed to start coffee. I sat up and noticed a morning prayer fresh in my brain:

Thank you grandmother moon, for watching over me in the night.

Thank you grandfather sun, for shining light on another day.

Thank you mother earth, for this strong, self-healing body.

Thank you father sky, for surrounding me with God’s love.

(God’s love, in this case, is the awareness of the tangibility of the love in the very air surrounding us, the potential of the surrounding molecules to be absolutely anything.)

At five this morning, I finally understood manifestation, as described in Autobiography of a Yogi and in Behaving as if the God in All Things Mattered.

I decided to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s all coming together, all the micro-lessons from John, George and everyone else. It makes sense. Essentially what you’re doing when you’re manifesting a dynamic in your life, like love, health or money, you’re altering your own vibration resonance with that frequency. You do this by altering your thoughts. You alter your thoughts by doing something different, whether it’s buying a programmed pendant, selecting a mantra, creating a vision board or writing an affirmation on your bathroom mirror.

You change how you feel. This will change how you experience life, what you expect from life, and eventually, the world will notice and treat you differently.

More than that, you can begin to change your future.

This is what I noticed with my old friend – I read her future before and after she did a month-long meditation challenge. There was a very clear set path for her at the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, there were at least a dozen different possibilities which were not shown to me before: this was a great lesson for me and my clients – just because the future looks like this now, you can change it. You can always change your future, depending on where you put your imagination, and whether your choices and actions are in alignment with your imagined future.

Unfortunately, this lady didn’t continue to meditate and quickly relapsed back into the first future, and she continues to make choices moving her towards this future which she says she doesn’t want, but she’s making these choices because the *lack* the deprivation of love and security in the life these choices create is something that’s familiar.

One thing I’ve noticed is that before your future will really change, you have to step forward and accept the opportunity which presents itself. The new future will never happen by default, you will have to choose.

Another dear friend of mine, Emma, who also recently acquired a pendant from Tracey, has been going through some major shifting herself. Emma is transitioning her business, she’s moving to a new province. The amazing thing is that suddenly, her love life exploded with opportunity. She has always been looking for the “whole package” – and my friends, I tell you, this woman can bring it. She’s funny, vivacious, outgoing, super-smart, empathetic, spiritual and in her 5’9” greek body, she’s high-fashion beautiful. She deserves a guy who’s the whole package.

I read for Emma probably more than any other person in my life, with the exception of Sweetie. Emma’s so easy to read, because she doesn’t bring any expectations to the table. She asks for advice if she wants it and she takes advice to heart, but if something just pops up in conversation she accepts it without hanging a lot of emotional expectation upon the outcome.

It’s like if someone is having a lot of financial difficulty and they ask me when it will get better – they are emotionally desperate to hear it’s going to get better. If I tell them it’ll go on for a while, it’s very hard for them to hear that. If I tell them it’ll get better, they risk missing the opportunity to change their situation by hanging their heart on this future and maybe they inadvertently change their future through inaction.

Emma is just a dream – whenever I read her future, it’s always with the “This is what I see right now, who knows if it’ll happen? If it does, that’s great!”

This running joke Emma & I have had about her future is the man we call L.A. Guy. He’s Emma’s “full package” man, and he first popped to mind when we were talking about Los Angeles, so we assumed she might meet him there. L.A. Guy has been fun to talk about, and we got a lot of information – that he’d be at least ten years older than her, broad shoulders and taller than her, have (older) kids from a previous marriage, be financially well-off, have a past-life connection to her, fall in love with her quickly, want to support her in anything she wanted to do, would be utterly drawn in by her energy etc.

Well, less than a month after Emma got her “unconditional love” pendant from Tracey, EMMA MET L.A. GUY!!! This has totally blown us both away. I’ve never gotten so many hits on a single situation.

He’s almost twenty years older.

He’s taller and has very broad shoulders.

He has his own successful business.

He has three kids from a previous marriage. The kids are young adults.

He fell for Emma almost on sight.

He talks consistently about loving her energy, being enamored with her.

He said he felt they had a past life connection.

It’s like a movie, it’s absolutely incredible. But here’s the kicker: TWO OTHER MEN chose that week to declare their undying love for Emma. Both of those other men are financially well-off, however in other ways they’re a lot more like the men she used to date, a familiar pattern for her.

L.A. Guy has supreme confidence in his own ability to manifest his ideas into reality – confidence gained from a lifetime of setting goals, working hard and achieving them. His confidence in winning Emma is amazing – it’s not an ego thing at all. He’s not an egotistical man, just a confident man. He is a master at moving the energy in the world around him.

They’ve known each other two weeks, and already Emma and I will say things like “When I move in with him in six months…” or “When you get married…” and then we’ll stop in mid-sentence, surprised that we’re already taking this future for granted.

This guy is exactly what Emma ordered, with a few extras thrown in. The real trick was that Emma was faced with this choice – LA Guy, who was kind of scary with all his confidence and intensity – or either of the two other guys, neither of whom could hold a candle to LA Guy in terms of compatibility with Emma, but both of whom resonated with Emma’s past. She easily could have chosen a man in a similar financial position who was more like the men she used to date. She is actively choosing LA Guy and is experiencing a bit of an adjustment period. It’s actually a good thing she’s going to leave the province for a bit – it’ll give her a chance to get used to the new energy in her life before they really connect full-time.

It’s really so cool – Emma manifested this guy in her future, and I believe that with the energy shifting around her life with this new pendant, it actually sped up the future. See, LA Guy was around Emma this whole time. It’s rather miraculous they didn’t cross paths before now. But it’s also possible they could have missed each other for a few more years… maybe completely. The future is never set in stone.

Not only did Emma speed up her future with LA Guy, but LA Guy is hardcore-manifesting his future with Emma. He’s opened a savings account with some money set aside for their wedding, and he plans to add to it over the next few years. He’s telling everyone in his life about this amazing woman. He asked Emma if she wanted to meet his mother. Emma’s putting the brakes on – they have only known each other for two weeks… but you know what’s weird? It doesn’t feel weird. That’s what’s weird – to realize this is a very weird situation, and it’s comfortable. But you think about it intellectually and decide you *should* feel weird about it.

Weirdness is an integral part of manifestation for beginners.

So John, do you have anything to say about manifestation and transforming your life patterns?

You said it beautifully. If I may add, remember changes in the past may occur retroactively (as Sweetie pointed out this morning – this is how John makes his music play on the radio when we’re listening to it, he goes back in time and suggests his songs to the people making the playlist.)

Oh yeah, Sweetie was saying this morning, just how you change your thoughts and energy to resonate with a different future, it also affects the past without you realizing it. Because you change the future, sometimes parts of the past need to change to make the new future a possibility – and it’s possible to do that.

Yes. You’re seeing it as aspects of the past which you did not know, so intellectually, you wouldn’t know that they had changed. This is a restriction only in your mind, you can change the past you’re aware of, but only if you believe it.

Could we change the past so you were never killed?

Ah, no, you see everyone involved would need to believe that. And I wouldn’t change it my dear, despite everything (heartbreak and loss). No, I would not.

Do you continue on a life path after you die? It seems like you’re showing me your path when you talk about not undoing your own death, and how you’re able to reach the world on a different level when you’re in spirit. Did I get that right?

Ah, yes, remember, we choose our life path every moment of every (millisecond, day, millennium). Every second is an affirmation of our existence in spirit or on earth.

– Well folks, this is going to have to do for now. Sorry no pictures and no proof-reading, it’s just been that kind of day. I figure it’s better to put it out there while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Anyhoodle, have a great weekend!

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