Deepak Chopra’s book: Jesus

Deepak is a guy who keeps coming up in random places, and today, he was in my inbox:

Has anyone read this book? What do you think?

I want to read the books in my “eye pile” first, but maybe I can get this in audiobook…

3 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra’s book: Jesus

  1. I normally really like his books, but I don’t know about this one. I might have found this intriguing if it was a non-fiction book, but not so much as a novel. Still, the Kobo price is pretty low (the Kindle version is 3x the price).


    • Yeah, I kind of like that it’s fiction. It gives the reader permission to just suspend disbelief and go for it, and it also gives the authour permission to speculate based on information he does have.

      Despite my resolve to finish reading the “eye books” before acquiring more… I obtained another hardcopy book this weekend. But I bought it directly from the Buddhist monk who wrote it, so I figured I could make an exception.


      • That’s definitely an appropriate exception. What’s the book, if I may ask? My “to read” list isn’t nearly long enough. 😉

        It’s weird — I think if it was an author I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have trouble reading a fictionalized account of Jesus “missing” years. But knowing that it was written by Deepak Chopra changes my initial impression of it. I couldn’t tell you why that is. Maybe it’s just the combination of author and subject matter; I had no probably reading John Edward’s novel “What If God Were the Sun?” a few years ago.

        (Hmm, just realized that Deepak Chopra has also written novelizations of the lives of Buddha and Muhammed, so this is a part of a series of novels. I’m not sure if that changes my thoughts about it or not, but it’s interesting.)


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