Reading the Future

(publicity photo “The Women of Germany” WWII)

My great Oma, Alwina, was an incredibly accurate psychic. There are several family stories which are circulated around the holidays, and now that I’m actually working in this field, I appreciate her accuracy even more.

One story is set during WWII. Alwina was ¼ Jewish, and so was not a target for the government’s ethnic cleansing policies at the time, and all those who didn’t wish to be labeled enemies of the socialist party were obliged to join the party or risk losing their jobs, their homes and worse. Alwina and much of my father’s family were Nazis, like many Germans, out of survival.

(Ironically, my mother’s family was in Canada and fighting with the “allies”. Just a generation later the warring families’ histories would overlap through marriage.)

Everyone was losing loved ones. Everyone was sending their men out to war, over 100 million souls on this earth were serving in the military between 1939 and 1945. If you want to refresh your memory on WWII history, the wiki entry completely overwhelmed me with dates, stats and photos:

(My Opa, Alwina’s son, was one of “Hitler’s Youth” a sort of government-agenda Scouts organization. Please understand, those families who didn’t join up with the socialist party’s agenda were considered its enemies.)

It is no wonder, during this time of worldwide horror, that women desperate for information turned to my great grandmother for insight into the fate of their husbands, brothers, suitors and sons. This is how Alwina ultimately earned her reputation.

One day, a chauffeured car pulled up in front of Alwina’s house. A well-dressed woman was assisted out of the vehicle by her driver, and she knocked on the door. She wanted to know where her husband was, if he was alive and whether he would come home.

Alwina, without even letting this woman into the house quipped, “Your husband is fine. He was injured in battle, but he survived. He lost an arm and a leg. He’s at your house right now, wondering why no one is answering the door.”

This was too much for the woman – convinced Alwina was a “schyster” she stormed back to her car and went home.

Two days later, the chauffeured car returned to Alwina’s house. The well-dressed woman approached and knocked on the front door. This time, when Alwina answered, she said,

“I’d like you to meet my husband…”

He was a healthy if no longer whole fellow, missing an arm and a leg but otherwise fine. He had indeed been knocking on the front door of his own house the moment his wife was visiting Alwina.

Stories like that get around.

It’s a really common request for people consulting a psychic to ask about their future. Everyone hopes for readings as accurate as Alwina’s. Psychics who are consistent and skilled build reputations through word of mouth referrals. Foretelling the future is a specialized skill, and my work centers more around mediumship, conversing with a particular consciousness, rather than gleening information from the great cloud of information surrounding the planet… although I’m working on building that skill set.

Still, sometimes things come through and I pass it on, but the thing which really makes me hesitate is the potential impact a psychic can have upon someone’s life by passing along information. I’ve already told you about my friend whose futures opened up after a month of meditation… which startled me enough to use this as an example whenever anyone asks me about their future. I’ll tell you what I see, and what I see is there because of the decisions you’re in the habit of making. If you want to create a different future, you can. You don’t have to accept what I tell you as inevitable.

A few entries ago I told you about my friend Emma who met “LA Guy” recently… well yesterday I just heard about her weekend. Silver Fox is now officially Silver Dud. In a shockingly complete disaster of an evening, Silver Dud utterly destroyed any and all chances with Emma. Let’s just say the evening started with an Ativan he got from a friend, (this is a prescription, controlled anxiety medication) peaked with getting stranded after he got so drunk he lost his car keys and offered to buy her expensive shoes as compensation, and culminated with some very unattractive statements.

The universe owes my friend big. She’s fantastic, she did not deserve this disappointment… and I felt terrible having read the situation and seen nothing wrong with this guy. In fact, her grandmother had chimed in to say she liked this guy, and another trusted spirit friend had declared Silver Dud would “never hurt you.”

I would never say that. I never met the guy, and I certainly wouldn’t advise my friend to let her guard down after just two weeks. This just fell out of my mouth, as generally happens during a reading.

So what the hell, Emma’s spirit posy??? What kind of fall did I inadvertently set her up for? I apologized to Emma, and she said her disappointment likely would have happened anyway. He was so sure of himself, things had started off so well. It was a complete surprise to everyone involved.

I’m so sensitive to the potential impact of a future reading… so much so that I don’t like to do it. And I’m left puzzling how Alwina dealt with giving terrible news to heartbroken widows.

I’m understanding, more and more, why she never read for friends and family.

So folks, what do you think? Would you do future readings if you were me?

4 thoughts on “Reading the Future

  1. I think you should continue to discover your abilities in this area. I’m sure your Aunt started out the same way. We never see the so called Misses of all the TV psychics due to editing but I’m sure they have their days as well. Hang in there and your honesty is refreshing!


    • Thanks Glenda:) True, and John Edward said the same of his show, that it takes hours of readings to produce a show that looks like it’s an hour of hits. And, I have had a few awesome hits myself, things that kind of blow me away. I think a lot of it is a combination of faith and confidence – the more it happens, your confidence improves, your trust opens up, which leads to more accurate readings.

      Thanks for the comment about the honesty too, I think it’s important to talk about this, because there are a lot of psychic people out there. Often all they need to embrace their gifts is a bit of confidence, knowing that every practicing psychic is *practicing*, and that skill is where talent meets practice.


  2. Funny, people get all kinds of ideas about what would make the perfect job, perfect partner, perfect life, etc. Then they get locked in on that idea and miss out on everything else. It’s possible for someone to meet all the requirements of “that perfect someone”, be generally likeable, and still have complete asshole moments. You won’t know until you find out for yourself. Maybe that’s all that “LA Guy” was meant to be for Emma, a cosmic lesson that what you think would be perfect isn’t necessarily for you. (It makes me think of a couple I saw recently who kept saying “what did we do to deserve this?” The Universe owes us nothing. Crappy things happen to good people and bad people have good fortune.)

    I’ve done future readings with cards before and they make me uncomfortable. Even people who say they have no expectations and won’t take anything to heart frequently still do. It’s part of why I stopped reading for friends…and it’s part of why I don’t use the tarot much even for myself. I much prefer readings (card and psychic) that help provide insight into where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and how to journey well. So I personally probably be in a hurry to do future readings if I ever reach that point. Still, you’ll never sharpen your skills if you don’t practice so you kind of need to keep doing those kinds of readings if you want to built up those skills. Maybe you just need a really good disclaimer/introduction before each reading to remind people not to take everything you share as written in stone.

    Can you not ask Alwina herself how she managed it?


    • One strategy some psychics take is to just hand it over to the client. Lisa Williams asks “Do you want to know everything?” before she begins a reading. I used to think that this sort of strategy was a cop out on the part of the psychic, and that we have a responsibility to be sensitive and discerning when passing along information… but the more I do this, the more I understand that censorship, even well-meaning sugar-coating, will affect the accuracy of readings.

      So too does your background knowledge… I think I’ll stop doing future readings for friends and family, although I’ll continue to do mediumship / animal communication for them. I think when I know the context of the information, it’s too tempting to engage my intellectual brain and either sensor it or translate it to fit their life.

      I’ve never been able to reach Alwina. The one time I did, I got “She’s incarnated, she’s back in the family.” I have a sneaky suspicion that she’s me, which would be a super-fast reincarnation, but would also explain a lot. But I haven’t gotten any sort of confirmation for this theory, so it’s just a guess.


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