Creating Peace.

One subject discussed with the visiting Buddhist Monk on Friday was peace, and creating a peaceful world. I believe it’s true that one must be peaceful inside in order to imagine and create a peaceful world. One thing we need to let go of is retaliation.

This morning I read a story about a nurse who works in one of the Island’s hospitals, and who took three months to work aboard a Mercy Ship in West Africa.

Mercy ships are funded through Christian Charity. This nurse cared for women receiving much-needed restorative gynecological surgery to correct conditions resulting from traumatic, unassisted births. Women with these conditions are stigmatized and shunned by their family and communities – the surgery restores more than their bodies, it restores their humanity.

This morning, in my in box, was an advertisement for the book Escape from Camp 14:

Prison camps. They’re still here. 200,000 people in North Korea are living in them, some are born into them, and die never knowing the kindness of another human being.

How do you create a peaceful world?

Certainly not by bombing Korea, as many in the comments on the Kobo website suggest. Nor do we create a peaceful world by ignoring those who suffer. But what’s the answer?

I don’t know… but I feel like I already do know.

I just wanted to post this quickly, and ask you folks to please do one thing:

Do one kind thing for someone in your life today.

Do one kind thing that perhaps, you wouldn’t have done if you hadn’t read this.

Do one kind thing.

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