Okay I’m back, now with Internet access! Huzzah!

Parent visit was excellent. Moving was utterly exhausting – and i don’t understand how we filled that truck.

It’s been a period of feeling very, very human. My patents’ daughter, occupant of a body with physical limitations… Or so it would seem. I feel like I’ve been camping – a week of total physical exertion, then sleeping in a brand new place.

We will resume our psychic blogging in the next few days, as our house is unpacked and we settle into the next phase of our life.

Love to you all, thanks for bearing with me 🙂

One thought on “Howdy!

  1. Hi Kate! Are you reachable by email yet? Hey, wonderful wonderful writing and thank you so much for mentioning me again in August. I especially love the information about the stones. Thank you for this richness! I fell off the Earth for awhile, but managed to climb back on 🙂 Once you have a tiny bit of time, I’ve got a practical question for you. I hope you are enjoying your new digs!

    Love and thanks from Linda



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