What the cat is doing


Animals play a role in our lives which is more significant than we may understand; they are contributing, influencing, altering and sometimes even controlling the energy in our lives.

Here is Sunshine, feline matriarch of our little household. She’s sitting on the shoe bench adjacent to the back door of our new house.

Looks like a kitty who’s just found a comfy place to sit, right?

Well she felt a bit intense for mere relaxation. I inquired, “what are you doing?”

She answered in pictures, showing me a breeze of colourful air she was drawing through the closed door. She was moving energy.

The neat thing is I’d just finished unpacking that area of the house. Clutter makes me crazy; it catches energy imprints, and so a worry or annoyance might get caught in a cluttered corner. Then every time I walk past, I register that feeling on a subtle level. It’s so subtle, I might not realize that’s what’s going on unless it registers that I was in a better mood a moment ago.

The effect is compounded by moving – random piles of belongings we moved because we value them enough to cart along, loaded with the stress and upheaval of moving, stacked randomly around our new dwelling.

As I unpack, organize and declutter, my beautiful Sunshine is cleaning up too. She’s sweeping all that residual moving energy out the door. The kitchen feels noticeably lighter and happy. She’s filling the space with love.

And I never would have known if I hadn’t asked. Just one of the thousands of small ways the animals in our lives demonstrate their love for us.

Thank you, Sunny Girl.


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