Regaining footing


This move has involved a lot more upheaval than I anticipated. I haven’t really done any “psychic stuff” since before my parents came to visit – save talking with my own pets.

Briefly, the first night, Sweetie noticed an influx of “lookie loo” spirits, who I believe are associated with the women who live upstairs. They were just curious about us. We didn’t engage them at the time and simply set up our psychic protection, and they left immediately.

I wonder if I just really need to feel “at home” before I feel safe being psychic. Or maybe I just need to let my energy bounce back.

One new development – it’s time to ask horses to come back into my life. Working with horses is something I know I’m born to do, I just never really had the chance, or made the choices, to make horses a regular part of my life.

I have been finding a few places where healing horses are working including this place:

This is exactly the sort of place we need, a place where horses can be the teachers and healers they incarnate to be. Animals, just like people, incarnate for a purpose, and some of them have very big plans. This farm is about a six hour drive away from me, and already a place of healing and learning for psychics, animal communicators and energy workers.

Until I figure out how this is going to work, whenever I start pining for horses, I watch this video:

That’s love, folks.

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