George: Changing your reality

Manifestation can be such a slow process.  It’s not something that happens from sheer stubborn perseverance either, although that can be part of it.  In my experience, things which require an enormous amount of energy to create, require a comparable amount of energy to maintain.  Business, jobs, lifestyles, relationships and friendships all can reflect what you’re bringing into your life.

And a lot of what we bring into our life is habit, reflex.  Which is why it’s important to get yourself out of ingrained habits, even / especially the comfortable ones, if you want to change things.

I’ve noticed in my life a great movement in the energy of my life every time I physically move apartments.  Sometimes we hang on to who we were when we’re still living in the place we were when we were who we were… if that makes sense.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed this:  Cesar Milan, the dude from the Dog Whisperer show, has mentioned a few times that the best time to break inappropriate habits in your dogs is when you move.  It’s because the behaviour habits haven’t been established in the new place yet, so you can take advantage of that and the dogs are more open to getting into new behaviour habits right when they move.  Housebreaking issues?  Start retraining earnestly when you move.  Dog bullying the cats?  New house, new rule:  dogs are now nice to cats.

What’s weirdly tempting is the powerful urge to re-establish these old patterns in the new house, to make the new house feel like home… this is what I’m noticing right now, as I work to change my own patterns.  I see this opportunity to let habits go, and I observe part of my mind struggling to reassert old thinking habits, despite my intentions to change them.  I recognize how familiar they are, and how *normal* and comfortable it would feel to slip back into old, needless worries.

I think this all has to do with moving the energy in your life.  When you pack everything up, handle every object in your life, put energy into physically moving it, you’re doing something to change your life.  I think that’s where God helps those who help themselves, comes from.

I’m finding my fear habits to actually be really tricky.  I can feel the old habit of worrying about money, starvation and hypothermia to struggle to reassert itself.  Honestly, maybe it’s a past life thing.  What’s neat is that while I work with the Mantra Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha, to shift my energy patterns from fear and expectation of lack to trust and welcoming abundance, I’m really noticing myself reacting to the energy this mantra invokes.

Often, while quietly chanting my mantra on my way to work, I’ll notice a discomfort, almost like fear.  It’s so weird, why would I be afraid of abundance, right?  It’s not the abundance itself, I think it’s the fear of what I would suddenly *owe* others, if I had abundant resources.  It’s a strange conflict because part of why I’m seeking abundance is so that I CAN share with others, support local business, use dollars to do good.  Others have used their dollars to help me, and I’m going to pay it forward.

George says:

You know (dear), we’re trying to help you.  (Showing me blocking psychic input right now with TV at night, which I’ve been doing since I moved.)

Okay, I understand how important it is.  I guess I still don’t understand how meditation can seem like such an effort when it’s what I need to recharge.

It’s what you bring to it, when you approach meditation as a friend, you relate to the experience as a friend.  Or a teacher.  Or your mother.  (Shows me the buddhist monk talking about how anyone and everyone in your life could have been and probably was your own kind mother in a past life.  This is how you can influence your perception of people, raise your awareness above the immediate circumstance, and so how you affect your experience of day to day life – you change your perception of the experience by putting it in a different context.  As with people, so you bring the same thing to experiences like meditation. )  When you see it as work, it will be work.  When you expect a struggle, it will be a struggle. 

I suggest you decide that meditation is easy.

Huh.  How about that.

Well, I did my best there to translate a knowledge drop, but it’s one of those things I need to sit with for a bit to incorporate.  Any questions anyone?  Questions help facilitate the conversation, and sometimes when I’m in a receptive state, the part of my brain that thinks to ask questions shuts down…  so your questions are very welcome.

7 thoughts on “George: Changing your reality

  1. This is an incredible post. Every single word.

    “When you see it as work, it will be work. When you expect a struggle, it will be a struggle.”

    The perfect message for my day today–thank you.

    With you in spirit and solidarity, ladies!


  2. I can relate to this post as well. I have been working on a couple of manifestations. As an impatient person, the lack of fruition drives me nuts. what am I doing wrong pops in my head. But I am doing nothing wrong. Recently my guardian angel reminded me, it is all about timing and the greater good. Which is something I tend to forget. She went on to say/kid “we would hate to waste a good manifestation on just one person”. And so the joy the will be shared by many, it is all about timing and what is best for the greater good.

    Regarding abundance. I wonder how you would feel if the manifestation was not about abundance but just enough to be comfortable. Does that take away the fear? We can only try to understand the expereince and the souls desire to allow us the opportunity to choose what we feel and what we attach emotion to. Maybe you should let go of the giving(abundance) and see how you feel. What if in a previous life, you were so generous you gave it all away causing you and your family to struggle (giggle, see?) But if you to now focus on YOU and what is best for you it may be a different experience.
    Oh wow, I am coming across as an expert or know it all. Not my intent. Just some things that poppe din my head.

    side note. LOVE the horse photo and video. I am so attracted to horses and in this life have had very little (one summer and few riding experiences).
    take care.


    • Well, abundance is actually an important part of the next step in my life. Following this intuitive sense of my life’s plan, I’ve always known that this is part of it.

      As far as having what I need to be comfortable, I’m very grateful to say I’ve always been comfortable, and have always had my needs met. Maybe I haven’t always been able to pay the bills, but I’ve always had food, heat and shelter. It’s about having more than survival, it’s about opening life experience options.

      One aspect of this abundance, is our Epic Road Trip: Sweetie & I are planning a weeks or months long road trip to the mainland, through the Rockies, the prairies, then south through Montana, Washington and back north. How will we afford the vehicle, the time and the money for this trip? I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out.

      And that’ll be one heck of a blog series 🙂

      My point is, abundance is the next station I *want* to visit. I’ve learned what I needed from financial restriction, time for the next thing.


    • I guess it’s how you define abundance; for me, it’s having more time, money and having great health and wonderful friends. Sometimes abundance is simply recognizing your surroundings with new eyes.

      I’m working on getting past this knee-jerk visualization that more money and friends will make me feel tired (hence the health and time part of it)

      It’s really cool all the things which have come up, this apartment is huge. No commute plus dishwasher gives me two hours a day. Sweetie is getting plenty of work at the hospital too, and is on track for a regular position, which will be great. We were put right in a neighbourhood filled with people our age and mindset. And the new house has unlimited Internet and long distance, which is unheard of in such an isolated community.

      It’s all happening, we just can’t control the process or even the specifics of the outcome, which is where the trust comes in.


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