George: Transcendence

Hi George, do you have (time to talk with me now?)

Chuckles (equivalent of saying there is no such thing as time, and time is everywhere, and so of course he has time!)

Could you please help me remember what we were talking about last night during meditation, oh yes:

I was delighted and relieved to discover that you can pick up your progress in meditation right where you left off. At least, I could. I was a little concerned that the intangible sense of progress I’ve felt since the decision to meditate on a regular (goal: daily) basis, in order to facilitate my intuitive development and my understanding of this incarnation and my purpose right now.

I’d completely forgotten exactly where I was in my “lessons” and it seems I was able to pick them right up again. Meditation, just like telepathic communication and psychic readings, often involves this element of amnesia; when I return to my day-to-day state of mind, I can’t for the life of me remember anything about the meditation… but next time I meditate I’m able to remember where I was, like reading a book, forgetting the plot and then remembering the second you pick it up again.

George is reminding me that I was thinking about how important meditation truly is to me. I understand that meditation isn’t for everyone, and indeed it took me years to even come ‘round to the idea that it would be something I could enjoy and appreciate. I understand why many psychics talk about meditation and how it sustains them, and urge people entering the “lightworker” fields to take up meditation as a daily practice themselves.

Meditation has this weird aura about it. It’s like swimming in a cold lake. When you’re thinking about edging in, you remember how cold it is. Your feel this strong resistance to the first few minutes of the experience. But you also know that if you just plunge in, gasp through the first few breaths, your body will adjust and you’ll be calling to all your friends, insisting the water’s fine.

Ah yes, George is reminding me about Hemi-synch. I’ll refer you to our local Medicine Horses’ website, if you scroll to the bottom you’ll see how they explain how horses facilitate healing through the synchronization of brain waves. Yeah, just hang in there with me for a few minutes, I’ll explain my own experience:

When I read this page, I thought it made a lot of sense, and explained a lot about how I communicate with animals and spirits. It also explains why I can be such a chamealion, I intuitively and reflexively match the energy of the people around me. If someone is peaceful and soft-spoken, I’ll be quiet too. If someone is energetic, loud and laughing, I’ll match them. If someone has an accent, British, Southern, Jamacian, Italian, I’ll imitate it, and I can barely help myself. People wonder if I’m teasing them.

I think what’s happening is I’m intuitively synching up my brain waves to relate to the other person.

One summer I had the great fortune to work in a stable. I spent long days with horses in a barn staffed entirely by women, and almost completely by teenage girls. *Everyone* talked to the horses and assumed they understood, no one thought it was strange. On my first day, my boss said, “We treat them like people.” She was delighted to find me in the field, talking to them like people.

I think that was the best summer of my whole childhood, and it was the same summer I saw Sonya Fitzpatrick on Sally Jesse Raphael. I *knew* I could talk to the horses, I just didn’t understand how it worked, exactly. The horses were my first teachers.

I agree with Tracey when she talks about her horses having the ability to influence our brainwaves. Horses are great teachers of animal communication, and maybe it’s simply because they’re large, grounded animals who have the capacity to amplify their message so that we distracted humans can hear it above the noise and clutter of our own minds. Tracey points to the idea of Hemi-Synching, and I think it makes sense. I’ve noticed horses have this incredible ability to project their energy through our bodies, like heaven’s tuning fork, and just shake us out of ill-health and remind us how peace feels.

I think this is a big reason horses are such great healers. Healing stables are popping up all over the world now, as more people clue into phenomena like people with MS discovering that if they ride every day, their symptoms are drastically reduced and sometimes disappear. Just google Hypotherapy, you’ll find a ton of these stories.

So the theory which popped into my head last night, was that perhaps my brainwaves are kind of slippery, more inclined to just synch up with whatever happens around me. As a kid, I was easily overwhelmed. I remember “Cries a lot” was on my kindergarten report card. I think that part of being a medium, animal, spirit or even alien, is developing this ability to understand and control this brain wave synchronization. One you’re synched up with another individual, it’s like the telephone’s been connected, the channel has been tuned in. The information flows freely.

Maybe this is why horses are such great teachers of animal communication – they can actually tune our brainwaves for us. Maybe. I have no idea how you’d design a respectful, accurate experiment to prove this theory… but I’m confident science will catch up soon.

Horses have this great ability to influence our vibration, many are so invested in helping us be healthy and understand our world. Horses are incredible gifts to our planet. Bless the horses.

This brings me back to meditation. Meditation is a way for us to tune ourselves. It’s teaching me about controlling this ability to hone and tune my own mind, and I’m beginning to understand the precision skill that it can be. The first step is understanding that what is happening in your day-to-day life is something separate from who and where you are when you meditate.

George says,

In life, an illness may be terrible. In meditation, the illness may be a lesson welcomed from heaven, the people surrounding the illness participate with great love, and your gratitude to them, to your own body, swells and expands outwards, eclipsing the sorrow and worry of the day-to-day experience. In meditation, you can be grateful for the illness, you may understand its purpose, you may release all fear of death and (miraculously) all fear of suffering. You can see beyond the illness into heaven, you are filled with the love you experience *because* the illness exists.

Then you may go back to your day-to-day self, you may see loved ones cry, you may assure them you are not suffering, even while your body suffers. It is / was in this moment that you / I understand transcendance.

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