Fear and Courage


I called into Laura Stinchfield’s show on impulse today, after a rather upsetting night last night.

Since Sweetie and I moved, we were aware of a bit of spirit activity in our new house. Not surprising, it took us months of work to get our last place feeling comfortable on a paranormal level, but that was because there was a lot of nasty history and sad spirits hanging around our old place. The first night we were here, Sweetie said she felt some people “checking in”, like curious spirits. We just set up the psychic protection / boundaries, and didn’t address them directly until last night.

I’ve mentioned that Sweetie’s been watching a lot of “Celebrity Ghost Stories”. I don’t really like to watch shows that focus so much on the scary side of the paranormal, because it CAN BE scary, and I don’t like to be scared! That’s the reason I shut all this psychic stuff down when I was younger, it scared the hell out of me.

Watching these sorts of shows also helps put me in tune to talking with spirits, which is what happened last night even though I wasn’t really in the mood, and I was feeling pretty tired. When the first spirit showed up, I figured I’d better just talk to her, because it would just take more energy to make her go away – and she’d be bound to come back later.

The first spirit’s name started with an L, I called her Lorainne. Lorainne was an old, old lady who lived in the area when it was mostly old forest, in a cold, small log cabin with her husband and family. She lived here almost her whole life, and when she died, she never left. It turns out, Lorainne’s the reason I’ve been baking up a storm; I thought I felt compelled to bake because it’s a new home and I’m nesting. After talking to Lorainne, I realized it was more her whispering, giving me the ideas to bake, because it was something she liked doing. I took most of my baking to work because we didn’t feel like eating all of the things I was baking.

Lorainne was a bit stubborn about going to heaven, so I asked if there was anyone in heaven to come down for her. A female relative showed up, I believe one of her daughters. She said, “Oh you’re still just as stubborn! Come on!” It was the enticement of seeing grandchildren from Heaven that finally convinced Lorainne to leave this bit of the rainforest and move on to the other side.

When she left, it was like the quality of the light shifted. The room felt a bit lighter. But there was another spirit in line.

The next one was a man with a name that started with an H. I’ll call him Henry. Henry showed himself as a huge, burly, 6’4″ plus man in overalls, a work shirt and a wool touque, with a huge chainsaw. He was surely one of this area’s early loggers. He presented startlingly with blood pouring from his mouth.

See, this is why ghosts can be so scary. It’s how he was showing me how he died, and how he felt when he died.

Logging and fishing are among the most dangerous jobs in the world. The accident and mortality rates are high, but so is the pay. That’s why people do it. Henry was devastated by his death. He fell from a tree, tried to breathe, and instead blood poured out of his mouth. Then he felt awful fear, regret, sorrow – this job was supposed to give his family a better life. Now he would never see his wife or children again – he had let them down. He had failed terribly as a man.

For decades Henry has walked in these woods telling people to be careful, to cherish their lives.

Poor Henry, he was still so sad.

We explained to Henry that he can go to Heaven, and no one is angry with him. He expressed great fear – he truly believed he’d get into trouble if he went to heaven. He was afraid of judgement, so he wasn’t going. He was sure he would be punished for leaving his wife and kids behind.

I asked again for someone from heaven to come for Henry. His sister, I believe, showed up. She assured him that he is welcomed and loved in heaven, and wouldn’t he like to see his daughters again? “I have (great) nieces and nephews you haven’t even seen! Come and join your family who loves you!”

Eventually Henry went too.

I fucking cried. I completely broke down and sobbed almost uncontrollably for a good half hour. Sometimes this is just tough work.

This is where daily meditation would have probably helped me to feel more grounded, to recover faster, to feel more protected. It’s so important, even if I don’t always practice what I preach. Part of the reason I had such a tough time afterwards was because I’ve been feeling pretty tired since we moved. It takes a lot of energy to ignore paranormal activity in your new home.

All in all, I think chronic tiredness is probably the only health complain I have. Gee, daily meditation should help with that. I should probably do it, eh?

At one point, Sweetie reached out to pet Happy, and he snapped at her – not just snapped, he lunged and flew at her. When Happy strikes, it’s because he’s frightened or startled. He has snapped at and bitten Sweetie a few times, and although we thought we understood why he does it, it seems like it’s difficult to prevent it.

I called in sick to work this morning due to a headache and a sore throat. I realized, hey, this is the first time I’ve been home with an unlimited long distance phone line and access to call into Laura Stinchfield’s show, The Pet Psychic.

Laura Stinchfield is a leader in the animal communication field; she’s an expert dog trainer, she’s devoted her life to studying and understanding animal behaviour and helping people to understand the animals in their care. She was born psychic too, and has taken many courses to hone and build her skills. I just love her show and never miss an episode. And hey, now I had a reason to call in.

So I did! You can listen to it here:


I’m the first caller on the show. I didn’t realize until I re-listened to the show that Laura asked Happy what he does to make people laugh, and he said: “I wiggle my butt!”

It’s true! He totally does that, and it totally works.

Sweetie & I are going to take Laura’s advice to heart and do a few things differently, which will hopefully relieve Happy of ever feeling startled or threatened.

I tell ya, just because I’m an animal communicator, that doesn’t mean I have all the answers, not even for my own pets. It’s important to know when to ask for help.

3 thoughts on “Fear and Courage

  1. Yeah, the new place feels spooky at night. It’s hard to say why. I lit some candles before bed to cut through the darkness — of course they’re flickering like crazy even though they’re not near a draft or anything. And they’re flickering weirdly, in static movements. Also the other morning I thought I saw someone by the ficus — head down, not really looking at me, plaid shirt — could’ve been your lumberjack. On the other hand, chin-length hair — could’ve been Kurt (although he really never does shit like that…). Decided to dive under the covers rather than investigate. Whatever I saw was not there when I emerged.
    In any case, let’s invest in non-flickering nightlights.


    • Night-lites it is 🙂 Maybe you could address them directly, or ask someone to help whoever it is.

      Yeah, I guess we were used to the spirits at the old place, and we’d really gotten it sealed up, grounded and moved everyone on. In a way the new place will be easier because I don’t get the sense there is any of the nasty history the old place had.

      Remember, Maggie helped too. Maybe we could ask her to help with the energy in the new place, see what she gets.


  2. Oh yeah — okay, I’ll try that 2nd thing. I’ll ask some angels to escort them out. I need to remember to do this during the day. I always forget to take care of it during the day because the place feels fine when it’s lit.


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