Help for South Africa

A week ago I was contacted by a lovely woman asking for help. The best help I can offer right now is to spread the word, and share her story.

If you can offer any additional help to Cindy, her family and her cause, please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch.

Yes I do still live in SOUTH AFRICA. Many South Africans have emigrated to countries like the UK and Australia due to the crime. Almost all the people that left have been victims to crime.

I also have been victim to crime. While visiting my granny, we stopped at the traffic lights when all of a sudden the back window of our car shattered, a brick flew from the back and landed on my mums lap. The next thing a man was pulling me out of the back window… i quickly turned around and started kicking…he was looking for valuables but couldn’t find any. My dad jumped out of the car and another motorist came to help. He then ran away, Thank god nobody was hurt.

All the links I sent you happened in this month of October 2012.There is more incidents that’s not published, so the crime statistics is much higher. This man here was hijacked from his work place, still missing.

I created a page with a crime strategy. I gathered more than 200 names. I wrote to radio stations, tv stations, I tried contacting the police but falls on deaf ears. Also I believe 1 person cannot make the change, it takes everybody to help. The community reports this incidents, and complain but they too don’t do nothing to help protect each other.

If we all work together many things can be achieved. So i don’t know how just me can make a difference, i have tried, that’s why I asked you I hope things will improve and the heavens must help to get these criminals to be caught. They cause unnecessary crimes and violence. There is hard working people, and there’s people that do these crimes because they want immediate satisfaction, they don’t want $1000 THEY want $20 000.Thats where the problem is so they commit murder to get what they want.

Its unbearable sometimes. My country is beautiful, but we have the poor and millionaires and billionaires. There’s not many middle class people. So there is a huge gap that don’t have. The poor are not the ones stealing, it’s the lazy ones. There are rich people from government that are corrupted which is why there are many poor people, there’s people who are entrepreneurs and self-made billionaires. A south African billionaire is the one that created paypal which the whole world knows of this internet payment method. So its just the crime that makes me and many others sad and disappointed of our country.

My page that I created is here

Thank you

Cindy, this blog gets about 100 hits a day, so that’s 100 more people who have heard you. I will continue to think about how else I can help.

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