John & George: I want to hold your hand

Okay, I’m lucky just to get this posted today; sorry no pics, no editing. It’s a rough draft.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning with the old Beatle’s song, “I want to hold your hand,” on continuous loop in my head.

It was John. I said, “Hello,” he said, “Please let us help.”

Nice choice of theme song. This is the kind of thing that’s subtle, but I know it’s not coming from me. I haven’t listened to a Beatles song in weeks, and I haven’t heard this particular song in months. Yet here it is, as pleasantly stuck in my head as “1,000 miles” by Chumbawumba in the 90s.

I got up and had a shower, and began to understand other ways I could’ve handled the spirits of the other day. I was tired. I didn’t have to address them directly at all, I could have simply asked my spirit guide, or my angels, or my friends in heaven, or my loving relatives to please take these people, spirits, to heaven where they belonged. Tut, tut, how quickly we forget our own lessons. Lesson #1, you are not alone, and you are never alone.

I then started getting all of these “ideas” for blog entries, so here I am writing. What shall we write about this morning, John?

Well, do that protection (lecture) first, people have been waiting.

Okay, I call this teaching, “So you want to be Psychic”

Guess what, you already are. It’s just a matter of figuring out where your talent and joy in the field lies, where you feel comfortable, and what you find useful. To that end, here are the absolute basics I believe, and in my experience, are invaluable when you’re going to face or embrace the world unseen, the world we don’t perceive with our eyes alone, but with our intuition, our feelings and instincts.

I’ll repeat point #1, because it bears repeating: You are not alone. You are never alone.

#2 – Ask for help. You’ll learn faster, you’ll stay safer. Reach out to other psychics, trust your instincts on whether they’re helpful for you. Reach out to your spirit guide who is available to you at any moment in the day or night. Develop a relationship with your guardian spirits, with your friends and relatives in heaven. Talk to them, even if you don’t feel a reply. You will eventually. Trust that they hear you, and when you need to ask for help, you will feel them there. I can’t promise much in this whole psychic field, but I can with complete confidence promise you that when you ask for help, it will come. When you develop a relationship with your helpers in heaven, you’ll feel them and recognize them when you call them.

#3 – Watch that ego. You’re psychic, but that doesn’t mean you know any better than the person sitting next to you. Do not impose yourself on others, always be humble and well intentioned. Ask for permission before exercising your skills. Others will tell you if they’re interested in or ready to hear anything a psychic has to say. When they do come, remember they’re not coming to you, they’re really coming to God (for lack of a better word.) They’re seeking a connection with heaven, and in this way, psychics can be the ministers of heaven for the non-religious. We have no regulating bodies, just our reputations, just the trust of others, just our own honesty and intention to help. It’s not about us, it’s about the people who are asking for help. Stay out of your own way.


#4 – Watch those emotions. Your own emotional investment in an outcome is going to affect what you see. Many psychics decide not to read futures for friends and family. This is a tough decision, since as a learning psychic, you need to reach out to and practice with people you trust, who will not judge you – friends and family. We often start out reading friends and family… and many of us have to close that door after a while. For me, I just can’t see anything happen to a friend that I don’t want to happen to them. Where my accuracy used to be spot on with friends, in the past six months it’s way off the mark. Each time I made a mistake I could clearly see, in retrospect, that it was because I was seeing what I wanted to see for my loved one.

#5 – Be free of judgement. This is a place I’ve learned to love – the judgement free mode of being open and receptive. You might see something startling, or unusual, but that part of your personality that has opinions is set aside. It is what it is, and your job is to pass it on.

#6 – Be gentle and compassionate. This is a tough one for a lot of working psychics. In order to live in that place that is free of ego and judgement, in order to achieve that state of receptivity, a lot of emotional intelligence just goes out the window. A psychic I knew as a child dispassionately relayed to my friend that her dear grandmother was going to die soon. This upset my friend, and “soon” turned out not to be for another couple of years. You can’t really filter the messages, and many psychics will ask the client to immediately take on all responsibility themselves by asking, “Do you want to hear everything?” I understand this, because you can’t be a good psychic if your intellect has to get in there to pick and choose what to pass on. You really do have to give them everything… but you can give it with love and compassion. Your gift is coming from heaven, the place of ultimate and unending love. You can pass that on with your messages too.

#7 – Pray. You don’t have to be religious to pray. Prayer can just be talking to anyone, dead or alive, it can be meditating, it can be mantra, it can be yoga. One way or another, you have to connect to that spiritual fuel station every day, and get to that place where you know you are loved and protected. Karen Hagar calls this a “Daily Spiritual Practice”. Very politically correct. Me? Screw it. I’m calling it prayer.

Someone just whispered to me: My life’s a prayer. I breath in love, I whisper hope.

It’s funny, I see this young woman completely surrounded by a disaster, maybe it’s a war. she’s walking through devastated streets, praying with every step to keep her sanity, walking through hell on earth, talking to heaven to stay calm.

George, could you please say that again, I lost the entry when I tried to save it.

It is so important to help yourself first (like putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping your neighbour/child with theirs during a plane crash). The advantage of the internet, the global economy, news, is that we can become aware of the crimes ocurring the the farthest, darkest corners of the earth. We can see the most corrupt governments, the oppressed and impovershed people, the disasterous crimes against nature. Yet even looking upon these things requires energy. It is (vitally important and increasingly so) to fill up with the light and love of heaven every single day, or else you will feel perpetually tired.

Thank you George, for repeating that. John, could you please repeat what you said? I lost it in the last save of this draft:

(he just moons me) Yeah, thanks for that. What a great way to start my day, with Lennon’s ass. Lovely. Seriously, John, you said something cool and useful. What was it?

George really said it better, he’s always showing me up (friendly smile). Okay. Thanks again to you both.



I want to say that help can come from unexpected places. As much as it’s important to remain non-judgemental of the things you pass on to other people, it’s also important not to judge others around you, who can help you. You might not like a person, but they could help you in one small and significant moment of your life. Many people turn away help at the worst moments because it’s offered by someone they don’t enjoy. They don’t want to feel beholden to that person, they don’t want to be helped by someone they’ve judged as worse than them, below them, or even above them. Sometimes there’s embarrassment.

8 thoughts on “John & George: I want to hold your hand

  1. John’s last point reminded me of something he and Kurt were saying to me last week.
    The issues around it are not important, but I was thinking about a person in my life and feeling frustrated about a situation. After maybe an hour of listing off all the reasons in my head that she was wrong, I suddenly realized that I actually felt like this person was right in principle. Most of the things that I did not agree with related to issues of my hurt pride.

    That’s when the guys showed up and pointed out that, when I disagree with someone but I know I’m right, I think the situation is funny. If I suspect I might be *wrong*, I feel angry — had I ever noticed that? (I had not).

    A digression: Maybe a few days before this I’d been wondering aloud about that thing that happens to me where I absorb things from other people — arthritis, gas pain, negative emotions, etc. And I was thinking, “Well, how can that be? Arthritis develops over years. Gas pain is caused by the food I eat. Negative emotions are situational — right? What about cause and effect?” And I was told, “Cause and effect is not what it seems. Sometimes effects generate causes”.
    Which ties in with what George was saying about transcendence, and how there really is no time, and our separateness is an illusion, and all of that.

    Anyway, back to my original story. Now I’m trying to see with more compassionate eyes and realize that we’re all part of this same thing, that our separateness is an illusion. So then Kurt tells me that it would be useful for me to learn to “SEE PAST THE SUPERFICIALITY OF PEOPLE’S PERSONALITIES” to what they’re actually saying. Which initially struck me as odd — a personality is not a person? I guess not — it’s a sum of experiences and whatnot and we can never know what those really are. So I was like, “Okay. How do i do that?” (not so easy, because we always have to relate to other people through their personalities). He says, “Start by assuming that people are well-intentioned. They usually are”.

    Okay. So I’ve been doing that.

    So then yesterday (or I guess it was the day before yesterday) I was listening to “About a Son” while I was painting, and here’s an interesting quote from that, from Kurt:
    “Opiates have always made me feel the security that I wanted to feel, to where I didn’t hate people as much, you know, I had a little bit of affection for them. Or at least could see past the SUPERFICIALITY OF THEIR PERSONALITY”.

    The superficiality of their personality.

    I recognized that phrasing right away because I’d been thinking about it a lot from earlier. So he immediately pops in to clarify: “You don’t need heroin to do that. I am in NO WAY suggesting that you should do heroin”.

    (Ohhhhh. Okay. Thanks for the disclaimer. *roll eyes*)

    Anyway I’m seeing really clearly right now that we’re parts of this unified whole, and that these parts occasionally come into conflict, and then resolve (we hope) and that’s how we grow. In that way we’re helping each other all the time even when it looks like we’re pissing each other off.


    • “Cause and effect is not what it seems. Sometimes effects generate causes”

      Oooo! This reminds me of the thing Albie was saying the other night! I’d totally forgotten about it!

      You know how an electron is sometimes expressed (mathematically) as a particle, and sometimes as a wave? Well, Albie said, the only difference is the presence of time.

      The wave is a way to show the movement and the relationship of the energy in context of the reality at hand.

      When you remove time as a constant from an equation, then the relationships of all things in our linear reality shifts. The wave becomes a single dot with time because it’s a measured moment in time… but it can also become a single dot when time is removed because it’s all happening at once.

      Damn, it made sense at the time, now I feel like I’m struggling to bend my mind around it. Maybe we’ll have Albie on next Friday to clarify.

      “our separateness is an illusion”

      This keeps coming up, eh? In a lot of different forms. Another restatement of the soul bubble thing, and also the Buddhist monk’s point about everyone being our own kind mother.

      This comment of yours is amazing, Sweetie. Thank you.


  2. The wave/particle thing makes total sense to me. Actually the only thing that confuses me about it is how it is possible to see it in it’s wave form at all. It’s like seeing all of the potentials at once. It seems like it should be an impossibility. But of course it’s not…

    This reminds me of something I was working through on my blog, about the role of the observer. What was it now? I need to go check…

    Something about creation. That just by *looking*, the process of creation is set into motion. So as we’re seeing, we bring expectations to the table. We can’t *help* but participate in creation. I’m not going to say that it’s *impossible* to ever look at things totally objectively and remove our expectations from the equation, but at this time I’m not sure if it is possible.

    So it would seem like the particle should be where we expect to find it. And yet…

    That duality is just totally mysterious to me. The particle/wave thing.
    That and the act of observation — the act of observation *seems* totally passive but it’s not at all.

    My blog sucks right now as it only has 2 (rambling) essays on it, but here is the post, for context:

    (Now I’m going to have to update it today because I’ve sent traffic to it. Ack.)


  3. Thank you for this! Great advice. #1 & 2 are especially helpful at the moment. I feel as if I have company all the time, just not in a physical or heavy 3rd dimensional sense…if that makes sense. At certain points I’ve even felt like someone was behind me, like when a person reads over your shoulder, usually my left. It’s comforting but at the same time…can the spirits take 5 when we need bathroom time? A little bit of privacy would be nice in such moments. But it’s wonderful to know that they’re there to help. I’ve felt bad in the past asking, feeling like I was a bother and somehow wanting to do something in return. I would love to develop a stronger relationship with the spirits around me. How lovely 🙂

    Also, do you know how to tap into past lives? I’ve always had inklings of characters/eras I’ve existed in, but I wonder if there was a more surefire way of discovering which bodies our souls have inhabited.


    • Past life work I’ve done has been in meditation with the guidance of spirit friends. It just king of happened for me, and it felt like therapy, painful put positive and progressive.

      Thing is, it’s a personal journey for everyone; you start where you are and you work with what you have. Many people choose to work with a past life regression specialist, who can take them through guided meditation or hypnosis techniques.

      I think you’d enjoy reading Brian Weiss’ books, and he has some really great guided meditations for healing, past life regression etc.


      • Cool, thank you. I read Brian Weiss’s “Many Lives, Many Masters” a few years ago & enjoyed it, so if he offers meditations I’ll have to check them out. I can see how tapping into old memories would be painful but it also must be enlightening and probably helps a person make more sense of their current existence and the lessons they’ve had to learn/are still learning. It’s amazing how much information a soul can hold…


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