Oh won’t you see my ghost?

I live in a little Hippy town – a place where the 60s came to hide out forever. It’s a place filled with energy workers, spiritual travelers and good honest open minds. Naturally, the Beatles get heavy rotation on the local radio, so it’s not unusual for me to turn on the radio and hear them singing away. I don’t consider it a sign every time.

But this morning, well, it was just funny. And oddly, oddly weird. I was thinking about a reader who sent me an email about her friends who’d recently passed. I turned on the radio, and there’s Paul McCartney singing “Live and Let Die”. I heard just the last chorus, and then it led into a song I’d never heard before:

“Oh have you seen my ghost? See my ghost, see my ghost!”

Looks like the song “Weighty Ghost” by a group called Wintersleep. Nice song.

Good morning, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Oh won’t you see my ghost?

  1. Ha, that’s what I was thinking of when I saw the title of this post. I first heard the song in the movie “One Week”, which is about a man who makes a trip by motorcycle from Toronto to Tofino after he finds out he’s got cancer. It’s a really good movie, with a great soundtrack.


    • Sweetie & I saw that movie when it was screened at the Toronto film festival, and it’s on our “rewatch” cycle. Funny that we saw it before we knew Tofino existed. Now I can get coffee at the “restaurant with the round windows.” I’ll bet that movie was a bit of a boost for Tuff Beans.

      Right across from that place is Humanity, which is the place I talk about facilitating the intuitive development classes, and I do readings there sometimes too.

      It’s funny, I associate “one week” with “Into the Wild” which we also saw at the same festival. I lost my shit watching that movie – totally bawling in public. That’s how much I missed the wild, main character dies of poisonous plants and I’m crying because I wanted so badly to be where he was.

      Thank heaven I’m out here now.


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