So, I’m curious…


This is a pic of a fragile red glass light bulb from some boat that has been driven into driftwood, somehow, by the ocean, and washed ashore. It felt appropriate for this entry.

For those of you who care to share… How did you find this blog? I’ve exchanged emails with pervious few of you visitors, and it seems like people ate finding it by random Internet-search association, like “cat colours” or “Kurt cobain smile”.

Anyone care to share? I’d love to find out.

6 thoughts on “So, I’m curious…

  1. I honestly can’t remember how I originally came here. I think I’d clicked through a link on another blog, either because someone had shared one of your posts on their own blog or because you’d commented on someone else’s blog post. (Seems to me I’d taken a rambling path through a number of sites/pages that eventually took me to the blog that brought me here.) I know that your cat colours post was one of the first, if not the first, post of yours that I read completely.


  2. Mine was one of those Google searches where I ‘accidentally’ clicked on Web rather than Images – and came up with one of your posts. More elsewhere as I’m only just de-lurking here and still a bit tentative…


  3. Hi Katie-
    I found your blog through the CE blog, which I’ve been reading since Feb 2011. I’m working my way through all your blog posts, from the beginning. Have felt an impulse to email you, and will at some point… saw this post and thought I’d wave *hi* (Lisa in Seattle)


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