A few people have emailed recently asking for meditation techniques that I find helpful. I’ve promised a few people on a few occasions that I’d blog about it, and I will, just as soon as I stop procrastinating.

Meanwhile, Elisa has blogged about the technique she’s been using:

This is similar to what I do and what Linda Keen teaches in her book Intuition Magic.

I visualize a tail dropping from the base of my spine, going deep into the earth. I say Hello and Thank You to the earth, who is our mother and the source of our bodies. I see this tail wrapping around the center of the earth. It feels safe and secure, just like holding hands with your mother.

I feel the earth’s loving response, the energy flows up my grounding cord, up to my feet, my lugs, my back, my arms, my neck. It warms and relaxed my body, it balances my health. Then the energy branches out from my head, into the sky, like a tree, and connects to heaven, father sky, the creator. This feels safe and kind, and I feel the love from heaven returned to my body. It flows through my body out the soles of my feet, into the earth, down to the core.

In this way a loving connection of energy is made through my body, between heaven and earth. This feels comforting, healthy and balancing.

This is the time when I look at my thoughts, my worries and stress. I allow them to fall away from my body, on to the earth. The earth has infinite capacity to absorb and neutralize our woes, and I am grateful.

As the worries fall from my body, more space opens in my heart. This space fills with the love from heaven. There is infinite supply. I open the floodgates of my heart to receive all I need, all I can.

Now I reconnect with my body, which is refreshed, relaxed and balanced. I curl my toes and squeeze my hands in fists. I open my eyes.

And now is a good time to place some shielding / psychic protection, so you can move around the world. More on that later…

6 thoughts on “Grounding

  1. This is such an important skill, I think my life would’ve been so much easier if I’d learned how to do this when I was a little kid, instead of in my 30s. I can see the effects of it are really immediate. If I’m being irrational, it’s guaranteed I’m not grounded. Sometimes I’m so ungrounded my feet just go cold, like my consciousness just isn’t in them at all.
    Other times I feel like I’m this cartoon astronaut or diver floating around in space or in the ocean, but tethered by my oxygen cord. It’s important to put the lead boots on if you want to get anything done.
    Sometimes it’s hard though, because I’ll put down this grounding cord and it’s like burying an anchor in the sand. I know I can move it around, but I can actually feel the drag on it. Sometimes it makes me feel panicky, like someone could pull me down by it and bury me in the earth.
    I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced that: I was reading a book about women’s spirituality in which one of the contributors described doing a grounding exercise (although she called it something different). When she made her connection to the earth she felt panic but she decided to go with it. She went on to describe this feeling of being buried alive, of dying, decomposing, and then ultimately of this void. All of which was really scary but it resulted in this epiphany for her where she realized that she’d reached the point from which all life sprung, and she felt really happy and connected to everything.
    Anyway, I think some of us are just inclined to be space cadets for whatever reason, and tend to resist grounding, but we probably need it the most. I forget to ground all the time so I try to bring stones with me, like smoky quartz or black tourmaline. One of my books described the effects of not being grounded as being like a live wire laying on the ground, zapping all over the place. Like if you’ve got a spiritual current running from heaven through the top of your head, it needs to go somewhere. Ideally it should go into the earth so it can help you manifest your desires in the real world. Sometimes it just leaks out your aura and causes poltergeist effects around you (which happens to me more than occasionally, and I’m getting used to it, but it still freaks me out).

    Btw, today I’m trying to listen to a podcast about spirituality and psychosis, and the myth of mental illness. My computer shut itself down about a quarter of the way in. Just went black and stopped working. The same thing happened yesterday while attempting to listen to the same show. Do I: a) Have a shitty computer? b) Have an audience who is not enjoying said podcast? or c) Have an excess of energy in my auric field that is interfering with my electronics? I just don’t know. I want to say b) just because of the timing of the thing, but I’m going to try a 3rd time and see what happens.


    • Huh – maybe that’s the “dusty energy” around your hands that Happy snapped at, ungrounded energy leaking from your aura. He’s a sensitive pup for that sort of stuff, I wonder if it feels like a static electricity shock to him.

      He’s not all in his body either, as a dog – he has this big dog aura.

      Maybe we should ask him later.


    • So to update, 3rd time, computer shut itself down *again*. Same show, same spot.
      It’s a streaming show so in general when these things fail to work they just… you know… don’t stream. They don’t crash computers. On the other hand I don’t hear anyone coming forward to say, “Well, you shouldn’t listen to this because…”
      Time to check on the laundry and chili, I guess.


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