The Illusion of Time and Space

It started with a reader emailing me a link to a video of Michael Talbot discussing his book The Holographic Universe.

(Above: Michael Talbot)

It’s a really cool idea, and a great way to think about / tie in ideas like the Soul Bubbles. ( ) Back in the 90s, I read this theory suggesting an “emotional” aspect to particles, explaining that this emotional, or telepathic connection between particles explained why when one particle was affected, the other particle would demonstrate the same effects, even if they were in completely separate regions of space.

The shorthand of the Holographic Universe is, rather than thinking of particles as actual THINGS, solid, anchored, permanent things, instead we think of the properties of particles (or cells, or organisms, or planets) as a fleeting, reflected, holographic image visible from certain angles in certain conditions (light, the presence of an observer.) Generally, when you boil a thing down to it’s smallest sub-atomic particles, some people suggest there isn’t any actual matter there at all, just motion, energy, which we describe mathmatically as posivive and negative charge, spin and gravity.

In this way, rather than thinking of those twin particles in space as being separate particles somehow connected (supersymmetry) we can think of them as the *same* particle, seen from different angles. Our 3-D reality appears to be 3D to us, because we all relate to each other on this 3D vibration, plane. Below 3D is 2D, and from a 2D perspective, the 3D universe is a hologram.

You can take your imagination the other way – to us in 3D – 4th, 5th, 6th etc., dimensions are just increasingly-complex holograms to us, which explains a lot about how we perceive spirits.

Kind of like a hologram, eh?

These are all theories building on theories, by the way. You have to just give yourself permission to use your imagination, something Einstein insisted was crucial to theoretical physics.

What I like about this theory is that it can accomodate the instant manifestation we see on the “other side”. I’ve been trying to integrate why, when in heaven we can instantly be anywhere, we can conjure up a location, an object or an experience instantly through the sheer beauty and power of our conscious will. This extends to the power to manifest objects, wealth and experiences while we’re incarnated, through the power and focus of our thoughts, of meditation, of mantra and prayer. It’s the same thing, but for those of us in bodies, it seems to take a lot longer.

But not for all of us. I believe the secret to understanding our infinite consciousness lies in miraculous phenomena that has been documented by people of all faiths, all races, all areas of the planet. Sweetie and I have run into references all over the earth, throughout history.

One example which leaps to mind is the book, Autobiography of a Yogi. In this book there are references to people manifesting food from thin air. A man who reattached his own severed arm without surgery, medication or even stitches, but sheer faith that the goddess would heal him.

(This is a picture of Lakshmi)

In Inga Musico’s book Cunt, she writes about meeting her indian Guru, a young woman who visited New York briefly. Inga lined up for hours to meet her, and when she did, she was embraced by her guru in an unconditionally loving, cradling hug. She was surrounded with the scent of flowers, which she assumed at the time were coming from the insence in the room… but for days afterwards she carried the loving scent of these flowers everywhere she went.

Another example was in some random women’s magazine, an article about a man who has a TV show in the states about marooning himself in isolated areas and then surviving for a few days on his own. It’s like Survivorman, but predates it, I think. Anyway, this article interviewed this man, and the man tells a story of an event he personally witnessed in the late 90s:

He went to Austraulia, visited an isolated tribe of Aboriginal people, and watched as the medicine man put his whole head into the heart of the blazing bonfire for several minutes and removed it without so much as a singed eyebrow.

This demonstrated and renewed his status/role/honour as spiritual leader and healer in the tribe. Who wouldn’t trust this guy to cure their ills after witnessing that?

Somehow, this all ties together. Somehow, I know I / we can understand, intellectually, how our bodies and limited lifetimes connect to our undying consciousness, our higher selves, our loved ones’ spirits in heaven, earthbound ghosts, energy imprints, answered prayers, miracles, talking trees and animals, life plans, illness, earthly suffering and the manifestation of peaches from thin air.

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I had a visiting teacher. I can’t describe this teacher, other that to say s/he was very familiar, and was returning to download what I’d studied while sleeping into my conscious brain.

What she showed me, as I floated between waking and sleeping, was my own body. Then she widened the perspective to show me that this could be anyone’s body, and it was surrounded by the blackness of space.

Then, she showed me this river of energy flowing through my body, like the milky way, a moving stream of particles flowing through my body – and it flowed through my body because my body is not one solid thing, but a loose association of “particles” which make up this temporary vehicle. The universe, life, flows through the body in a constant stream: our body is the whole universe, the whole universe is accessible through our body. That’s what this stream through the body shows me, my physical connection to all that is.

Then she shows me my consciousness, and how it affects my body. My body of loose particles becomes a net, and this net catches things from the flow of the universe. The specifications of the net and what it will catch is affected by the will of my consciousness. See this thought? Look at how the angle of the cells in your body shift. See how it’s catching different energy now. See how that energy manifests in your life?

So it suddenly makes sense, how thoughts are things, how thoughts manifest my body and every detail of my experience.

At this point I’m going to create some terminology and distinguish between the incarnated consciousness, that ego, that person who you are, right now. It is what your life experience is when you are veiled from the other side.

Does that make sense?

See, our brain is not our consciousness. Our incarnated consciousness uses our brain to puppet our bodies around in our lives. It makes our fingers type, our tongues form words and our bodies obey our wills (most of the time.) Our incarnated consciousnes interacts with our brain and our bodies, and it’s veiled off from our undying consciousness and a lot of the subtle things that happen on different energetic levels.

When we die, our incarnated consciousness morphs back into our undying consciousness by remembering, “Oh yeah. I’m infinite.” The consciousness that was incarnated is still there and accessible – which is why people like me, psychics, can talk to the personality of your dearly departed grandmother, or the late great John Lennon. (This is also why I believe everyone is potentially psychic.)

I distinguish the Incarnated Consciousness because after we die, our Undying Consciousness takes over. Again. This may also be called our own Higher Self. It’s the part of *you* that you forget as you grow up and become withdrawn in your own body, in your own life experience, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do when you’re living. Incarnated Consciousness is temporary, and created by incarnation, its existence by definition is its’ separateness. Undying Consciousness is the part of you who is God.

We can, through our incarnated consciousness, tap into the infinite manifestation power of the undying consciousness, once we can detach from our bodies and organic brains.

My Undying Consciousness is the only thing that is constant in the timeline. Everything else in the timeline changes – my environment, my body, the planet. Even my Incarnated Consciousness changes as we I move through my own life experience. I am not the same person I was 15 years ago… But my undying consciousness is the same one that came into this body 33 years ago.

Why is that?

Because time isn’t permanent. Time is real in the sense we can use it to measure the flow of the universe through this net we call our body, by describing the sequence of transformations which are only relevant relative to each other. First I was a baby, then a teen, then an adult. I grow grey hair, I progress in age, my body will die. But after death, when you remove time and look back on your life, it’s like it all happened in an instant. You are a baby, a teen, an adult and your future old-lady self all at once.

It’s all in the angle you look at it. The present, this moment, this particle of time, is a hologram. And illusion. Time is an illusion, it’s a temporary state of being. Time becomes irrelevant when we no longer need it.

This is not a new concept to this blog, but it’s a new way of looking at it.

But you know what else in an illusion?


Space is an illusion too.

Duh. I can’t believe I didn’t get there by myself – because time is only relevant when there’s space – when there are things, bodies to disentegrate, experiences to create. You need space and time to experience that sort of growth, to put it into context… but the time and space only exists while the experience exists. When you die, you may no longer need the time and the space, the bodies and the pipelines and the war crimes and the perfect infant children.

Because Life, Incarnation, is growth, and that growth can be reflected in the image of a fractal. When you think of the meaning of life, one answer can be, To expand the ever-growing tree of life.

(Sea Urchins. Search Sea Urchins in this blog to find entries on group consciousness. Urchins are not just a great example of the bendy nature of individuality, they’re also a study of fractals in nature.)

You all know about fractals, right? They’re proportionately perfect growth phenomena in nature. There are neat books on fractals, which Sweetie likes to study, and then she’ll randomly say things like, “Did you know that the marbelling in meat looks just like those mountains?” This is why she’s such a great artist.

Okay. Getting back to basics – the purpose of incarnation on earth is to learn and to grow. To experience. Energetically, this is the tree of life, and it’s a fractal – branching out infinitely in perfect balance and percfect pattern. Energetically, our entire lifespan can be shown as an energy pattern, a fractal. This is what I believe. I think our whole lifespan of incarnations on earth, on other planets, in other dimensions, our mergings and separations from other soul bubbles can be expressed conceptually as a fractal growth pattern, which also explains to me why there is always a balancing element to manifestation.

Remember this entry?

Thinking of manifestation as a balanced equation? A fractal is a visal of a balanced equation.

When we come into life, I believe we have general plans of action, agreements with other beings, an intention to create a new growth pattern in the matrix.

And this is where Sweetie and I diverge on opinion: I think that the Undying Consciousness, our higher self, has intentions that our Incarnated Consciousness may not be able to override in this lifetime. I think we can alter a lot with our Incarnated Consciousness, but some things set by our Undying Consciousness, before life, can’t be overridden by our Incarnated Consciousness alone. Maybe the Incarnated Consciousness is thinking “this cancer sucks, why won’t I heal?” but the Undying Consciousness is all, “This is exactly what I came in to do. Keep doin’ it.”

I think the Incarnated Consciousness can do a lot to alter the body’s net, and change the experience of our incarnation, but I don’t think we can completely override the programming of the Undying Consciousness, if it still wants the experience. I think the Undying Consciousness outranks the limited perspective of our incarnated will.

This is the only way, right now, that I can reconcile with all the suffering on earth, because there is just no damn way I can look at someone who is suffering and believe they consciously want that.

I think that if someone came into life to experience illness, or to provide others with the experience of caring for someone with an illness (for example) that changing their mind mid-incarnation may not be an option, because it would override the agreement you had with these other beings.

But Sweetie points out that this would not be consistent with the idea that you can create peaches from thin air, or re-attach a severed limb because you believe you’ll be fine. Sweetie believes that because we are creatures of free will, we can change our life plans at any time, for any reason. I have to admit that theoretically, her logic is more consistent than my own. If we are all holograms created by the will of our consciousness (undying or incarnated) then every potential is a possibility, and it is truly limitless. We could have a planet of 100% prosperous people. 100% healthy people.

This train of thought wants to bring me back to our individual reality versus our shared reality, but that would be getting off track a bit here.

Because of the fractal patterning / golden ratio nature of our reality, everything that is created is in proportion to the pattern as a whole. Ever notice in those photos of the really big trees, how you have to stand a person beside it to give the photo a sense of scale? Without the person, the photo just looks like a regular tree. It’s the context of another person which makes the tree “big” in comparison to the regular trees in our daily life.

Our experiences while incarnated are all manifestations of our own consciousness, whether it’s the intention of our Undying Consciousness or our Incarnated Consciousness. Some of us manifest settings for the growth of other people, fulfilling soul contracts. A very loving friend in heaven may agree to come into incarnation with you as an abusive parent, because they agreed to provide that setting for your own soul experience, so you might experience growth.

But it can be more complex than this – some people may come into short, terrible lives in order to provide learning opportunities to others – social workers, scientists. The lab rats Ohna described in the “Oh Rats” entry come to mind. Sometimes the learning is not academic, but emotional. Compassionate. Sometimes there is suffering in the world so that the empathetic may experience it and work to heal it.

Thank you again, blog reader who sent me the “Soul’s Journey” books – anyone interested in learning more about Soul Contracts should definitely start with these books.

So you choose to incarnate, you have this Soul Plan. That’s part of your undying consciousness – and that affects the tuning of your net – your body. If part of your Soul Plan is to experience illness, your soul consciousness knows it. That will tune your body into catching the things it needs from the flow of the universe in order to manifest this illness.

But the undying consciousness is so much more than one lifetime – it’s the compolation of all of our experiences, and sometimes those of others… remember the “Soul Bubble” entry. So I can be talking to grandma Dorothy one moment, and then she can start talking about her past life with her granddaughter (who is on the phone with me.) Suddenly it’s like I’m talking to this different person, but really, it’s a different hologram.

You’ll notice I’ve left off using the word “soul”. That’s because this word automatically limits this concept I’m trying to share: a soul describes an individual, a single spirit, and that spirit travels through time, many bodies and multiple lifetimes. The experience of that soul adds up in a linear-time fashion. It’s an easier concept to understand, but it’s full of limiting pitfalls. I started to branch away from this idea of one singular soul per consciousness when I wrote about the Soul Bubbles.

The interesting thing is the feedback our bodies give to our incarnated consciousness when it experiences things like pain, illness, trauma, emotion, joy, orgasm, laughter. That’s the point of incarnation – that feedback of experience from our bodies to our incarnated consciousness, uploaded to our undying consciousness. To our undying consciousness, our bodies and our whole lifespan is not contextualized by timespan or physical objects, it’s reflected in the expansion of energy.

That’s the tree of life. It’s a fractal. And when all is said and done, when we die and reincarnate and die again, maybe we’ll cycle through time cyclically, or spirally, or maybe we’ll understand that time and space exists only in the context of understanding existence, of branching out this energetic fractal, that the universe is nothing and everything all at the same time. In the absence of time and space, there is the void. This is what Buddha spoke about. In the presence of time and space is incarnation, experience and the potential for everything – an infinite, ever-expanding fractal whose very dimensions are fractal in nature.

Neat, eh?

9 thoughts on “The Illusion of Time and Space

  1. Great entry — I got halfway through (up to the part about the milky way and our consciousness creating our bodies) and realized I needed to comment — so I’m probably going to have to comment about the 2nd part but I want to get these thoughts down before I forget them.

    There’s an episode of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series called “The Backbone of Night” where he talks about a culture in which the Milky Way is referred to by that name. So I was thinking about that, and then thinking about that idea (and I don’t remember where I heard it) that each of our cells contains the universe and that’s why we can draw on all the knowledge that there is, through what people sometimes call the Akashic records. There’s a microcosm/macrocosm thing going on where our bodies are the universe and the universe is our bodies. Maybe.

    The second thing is our wise cat Sunshine. Before my shower today I spent some time looking critically in the mirror, going, “Omg, my right boob is getting bigger. Ohno, it looks weird, why can’t it be the same size as the other one?” Etc. Apparently I did something weird to my energy field. I laid down on the bed before I got dressed and she came over and looked at me, sniffed me, looked at my boob, and I could tell she was doing something to my energy with her looking. And she said, “You need to love your body. It will make it more beautiful. You think that things are loved because they’re beautiful. They’re not, that’s backwards. They’re beautiful because they are loved”. And she walked away.


    • Wow! I have to comment on how you wrapped that up… I really like that perspective, that viewpoint… that statement… “They’re beautiful because they are loved”. The ‘they’ can be anything… or, in my interpretation and application… any thing, anyone, any person. Someone who is completely beautiful simply because they are loved.

      As a side note, and I’ll digress here because it’s my nature…. I do appreciate a wondeful boob, or pair of them, and since you mentioned it, my mind went there (picturing boobs). :0) But anyway….

      Getting back on track, that’s quite the profound statement and perspective. I just glanced over at one of my cats and wondered just what she would share if I could tune in to her and receive what she had to say. Anyway again….

      Thank you for that. Here is what I’m taking from this…

      Something isn’t necessarily loved because it is beautiful. It is beautiful because it is loved.

      I like it. Thank you.


      • Yeah, sunshine drops my jaw sometimes. Some animals are incredibly high-minded, and I really enjoy the contrast between the philosophical and the innocent, in the moment simple comments, like Ohna the rat wanting popcorn and an oven mitt for a bed.

        And who doesn’t love boobs?

        Want to send a picture of your cat to me and I’ll do an animal reading post?

        Another reader send me a kitty pic, I’ll ask if I can read her too. (heads up Noah!)


  2. Oh yeah, and I was just listening to this radio show where this guy was talking about how are brains aren’t us. Like, at all, they’re just these tape recorders that record experiences.
    He was also talking about how our conception of the universe is flawed in that we say that perpetual motion is impossible because of the laws of thermal dynamics. But that if we look around at the universe, all we see around us is perpetual motion, so that idea is erroneous. But because we’re so attached to this idea of the Big Bang, and that it’s a huge initial explosion of energy that inevitably dissipates, we attach this paradigm to the way we use energy, i.e. combustion. He argues that nature does not need to explode something every time it wants to create something.
    Which comes back to that idea we were talking about the other day, about manifestation. That people have trouble with the idea because it seems like you can’t have perpetual growth while retaining balance. But I think you can, it’s like the Golden Ratio spiral, it gets bigger and bigger while retaining its proportions. It’s the pattern that nature follows.
    In terms of the production of energy and perpetual motion, we’re married to this idea of combustion but there’s definitely evidence that we didn’t always create energy in this fashion. This guy says that we can learn to use energy in the way that nature uses it, and that it need not be finite.
    (Were these ideas at all cohesive? I hope so. I doubt it. I hope that made some sense).


  3. Also, I’m thinking about this idea of continuity. I remember being, like, 5 and someone asked me how old I was, and I told them. And they said, “Oh, you’re getting to be an old lady!” and I was just like, yeah. I felt old. Ancient, even. I knew I was not this new person that everyone thought I was, but I couldn’t reconcile that with my experience. I just had to let people help me understand this role I was playing. And I had some random memories of being this lady, and I asked my mom if I used to be a grown up, and she said no. Because parents are supposed to know everything but they don’t necessarily and ostensibly she’d known me my whole life, but she didn’t know me in *that* one.

    And then around that same time I met my uncle, who’d died, and I didn’t know I had this uncle at the time, and I *thought* he was a ghost because he basically materialized into solid form right before my eyes. (Solid, but strangely sparkly. I do remember noticing that). But I reasoned that if he was my uncle he couldn’t be a ghost because my family aren’t ghosts, they’re incarnated humans, so I wasn’t scared.
    Anyway what I remember most was that he talked to me like I was a “real person” with a rich emotional life, and not like this kid that had only existed for 5 years. I didn’t realize at the time that he was reading my mind though because he was speaking out loud, not telepathically. But it totally explains how he understood me so well and treated me like an equal, even though I was a kid.
    So, while I generally think I’ve “changed” and “matured” over the years, I wonder by how much? Because I know I came in thinking I was unlimited, and then sort of growing into this identity that people thought that I was, i.e. this little kid who gradually “grows up”. Then I become attached to this identity, and separate from everything, because what I “am” is as much defined by “what I am not”. Then I become less attached to that as I become “mature”, and I go, “oh, I guess it’s not all about me, I can relate to and identify with other people after all”. But then isn’t that where I started out in the first place?

    I had this other weird past life memory emerge last night. I was remembering a place I’d been, like a cabin, wood plank walls, kind of dark but lit with oil lamps. Smelled musty, damp and dry at the same time, and smoky. And I was like, “I’ve been here… is this a museum? Someone’s cottage?”. And I realized no, I’ve been there, but not in this life. There was all this stuff around, maps, compasses, really old navigational equipment, like museum pieces for sure but it’s all in use. I’m on a boat, and it’s a cabin but in the hull of a ship. Like a 19th century ship. Captain’s quarters. Then I got the whole sense of this boat — it’s ALL made of wood, it’s creaky, and it’s out in the middle of the ocean — OMG, I’m gonna die. How can this be sea-worthy?
    Then I remembered that you told me that I was the captain of a ship around that time period, that I had mutton chops and I liked to punch people. Huh!


    • OMG! I’d totally forgotten about that past life reading. Yeah, I remember that now 🙂 You’d punch other men so they’d throw up, and then they’d respect you on board when it was life or death that they obey your orders instantly. You usually found a reason to punch-puke every new recruit before you left the dock, and it was a part of the job you enjoyed.

      How amazing that you remembered it exactly like that.


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