Love & Prayer for Helena & Leigh

Cross posting today:

If you could please take a moment to read Leigh’s post, and hold in your mind the image of these women celebrating remission. Thoughts create real outcome, prayer does work. I would appreciate your help, and they would too.

I think of Helena and Leigh every single day, and ask that you please take a moment to read their story, a year after a shattering prognosis brought these joyful women to their knees.

The miracle is that Helena has already outlived her initial prognosis, and although they’re faced with one of the most difficult experiences we can have here, incarnated, they’re coming through it. It’s amazing to watch, and my heart goes out to both of them, as I send energy and prayer their way.

They need every drop of it.

It’s been a year since Helena was told that she had cancer, it would probably kill her, and poisoning her body was the only shot she had at survival. It’s been a year of literally living on prayer.

Bless you both; keep on keepin’ on.

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