How to become psychic

Suggestions from this psychic in training, guest teacher & guide George Harrison

(Yeah, that’s George H. Really not sure why he wanted this pic. I went to click on the one beside it and my hand moved back to this one, like a Ouija piece. I can only imagine this moment in his life is significant to this teaching piece, for some reason.)

I believe that everyone is psychic. It’s our gift, our birthright. We are surrounded by spirits, guides and loved ones every moment of every day, all the time. If you do not consider yourself psychic right now, the first step towards tapping into your innate, natural telepathic abilities is to decide you want to do it.

Be honest. Do you really want it? Do you feel you are ready? Everyone’s afraid at times. What do you have as support? Maybe you have friends and connections through blogs like this one. Maybe you read books, or hang out with other people who are interested in this world. Consider reaching out and finding other resources locally. Meditation groups are a good place to start.

It’s okay to wait, to continue to read. It’s important to be comfortable with where you are. I suggest that if you’re interested in opening up to psychic input, that you first practice psychic boundaries and grounding techniques. You have to feel confident and in control.

Everyone’s grounding and psychic protection will be different. I think this is why I’ve been so hesitant to post my own techniques. There is no one right way. Google it, you’ll get a lot of ideas. First you need to recognize that what you create in your mind is real, if you believe it. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Learn to control your thoughts. Here’s where meditation comes in. Meditation needs to be its own entry.

For me and many other psychics, telepathic information comes in ways that can just “pop in”. Sometimes a spirit can be sitting in front of me, having a conversation in words, but more often the conversation happens more subtly – with images popping into my head, words, phrases, physical sensations, emotions, flashes of memories that aren’t mine. There can be a lot of information “downloaded” in an instant. This can take some getting used to, and I believe it can get overwhelming if you don’t feel like you have a good sense of control.

So I encourage everyone to begin with controlling their minds as they are right now. When you feel a strong emotion, can you step out of it? Does anyone outside of yourself have the power to “make” you feel a certain way, like angry or frustrated or scared? Do you recognize it when you’re triggered? Do you intentionally trigger other people into anger and frustration, in order to vent your own emotion? Can you regain control of your emotions when you recognize it?

It all starts with self-observation, and taking responsibility for your own mental state. You will need to learn the difference between your own thoughts, and thoughts that have been put there by other beings, so naturally, you’ve got to know yourself really, really well.

Having said that, don’t hold out for perfection. No one is perfect. I am far from perfect, and I am honest about my flaws. What I’m going for with this blog is for readers to see a bit of themselves here, to recognize that a psychic isn’t some special species who is above them, but someone just like them, with the same doubts, fears and confidence issues – someone who works through it. What we’re looking for is confidence, and ultimately no one can make that call but you. What do you need to be confident? A teacher? A group? Angels? Set yourself up for success.

At the same time, take a look at the obstacles. A lot of people consider money to be an obstacle in psychic development. Let me tell you,


It’s nice when people can earn a living by charging for their teaching and medium services… but that doesn’t mean you have to take a class. Borrow books from the library. Read blogs. Listen to podcasts. Ultimately, we are all self-taught. God Bless the Internet – the information is all out there and it’s pretty much free. For the record, I still want to take paid classes, and I believe that every person we encounter has something to teach us. I just want to make the point that there really are no obstacles between you and your intuitive abilities, only what you believe is there.

If you still see some insurmountable obstacle, if you’re saying to yourself, “I’d really like to learn this, but…” ask yourself why you need that obstacle? Is it keeping you safe? Is it keeping you in a familiar place?

The first thing you need to do is take responsibility for everything you create. That’s a tall order, because we create our entire lives.

Every single detail. (George H is making that very clear, and wanted me to say just that.)

Well, I guess this is turning into a series. Welcome to the Matrix.

3 thoughts on “How to become psychic

  1. I like this entry. 🙂
    One question I can’t shake is, “what is happening in this photo?”. (Not the point of the entry, I know, but…). It looks like he’s holding an ice pack, making a smart-ass comment to someone sitting behind him, while the photographer observes all this. But there’s no context.
    Anyway, the thing about emotions made me think. I know what triggers me, but not always why. I know that it’s something I need to get a handle on in order to wield power effectively.


  2. Thank you for this one. I guess it’s all about settting intention, and then following it through.

    I want to learn (or remember?) how to open up my current self to my guides, or any others (spirits / souls) with a positive purpose, and come away from interactions with a renewed sense of clarity, or peace, or some new understanding that can be helpful. Or, heck, sometimes just something fun and no depth or introspection desired or needed.

    I’ve read that we all can and do this at times during the sleep state… that’s all good and well, but once in a while, I’d like to remember. Feel it. Know it. With conviction.

    If I’m told that I have made the choice to not rememember how to do this…. well… how about if I’m choosing now to remember? Or choosing now that I want to remember. Expressing the desire to do so. Putting that intention out there. Maybe it will help me. Maybe it will help me help others. Maybe I’m ready. :0)

    So, again, thank you for getting the thoughts rolling around. :0)


    • Allan, I believe we all have this innate ability. I believed all my life it was possible for me, and having a psychic lineage was probably what gave me “permission” to really believe this about myself.

      Sweetie and I had been together for four years before she told me about her experiences talking to John and foreseeing other people’s death. It’s easy to go, “Holy Shit!” and just shove it completely aside.

      I think that’s why so many people adamantly declare they don’t believe in ghosts – it’s probably one of the best protection techniques. You can’t fear something that doesn’t exist.

      The second thing I did was pray. I said, with total honesty, that I was ready for it, provided I had all the support I would need. Basically, once I asked for it, it started to come through very clearly. Like, it unscrambled. Or, I suddenly remembered a language I’d blocked out.

      But, like the title of the blog, I will always be a psychic in training. We all are.


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