I love it when this happens.

(Nice pic, George C.)

Jacqueline sent this link along, in case I missed it (which I had – so thank you!). I just love it when other psychics talk to the same people and get the same answers, and expand on it in ways I hadn’t thought about. I also love it when they come in the same groups! Here, George Harrison brought George Carlin along for the ride. This is just part one, I can’t wait for the rest of this chat:


I love you guys. J

I’m rather slack with tagging my entries consistently, since most of my posting is done by email. Just use the search bar and type “George” to find our past entries with George H. and George C.

So funny, I’ve been thinking about these guys.

I’ve also made a decision: This year my goal is to reset my “comfortable” state to one that is grounded and peaceful. This is not as easy as it may sound – it’s reprogramming my body and brain to automatically find its resting place in a calm, grounded, healthy state. I’ve decided that focusing on this will pay off for the rest of my life, and make it a lot easier to do difficult readings and changes when my natural reboot is a restorative place, rather than a distracted one.

For the past couple of months I’ve been noticing my coping mechanisms for the whole moving, finance, maybe-strike, crappy-car, thing has been distraction. I’ll seek out distractions like funny TV shows, high fat/sugar/salt foods, and, surprisingly, drama. It’s like an offshoot of reading gossip magazines, emotionally investing in other people’s manufactured drama. It’s a distraction, which is a coping mechanism. I’m going to retrain my coping mechanisms.

Funny that George H came up today, because he was the one who got me to quit TV some months ago, likening it to getting psychically plastered until I pass out. I’ve since relapsed and completely backslid on meditation and diet too. (Diet is SO important for telepathic communication, and this has been covered in the CE blog too.) I’ve been trying to figure out how I could have been doing so well, and suddenly it’s so difficult to keep up.

Well, I think it’s because my comfort place is distraction. That’s not rejuvenating, that’s not healing, and that’s not good enough for what I want to do with my life.

So this year is devoted to resetting my resting place from one of distraction, to one of peace.

I could use some help, please.

13 thoughts on “I love it when this happens.

  1. When I read Part I at Channeling Erik, I thought of you and how George H hangs around sometimes. The question that came to mind is…… what do souls like George H, Kurt, or anyone else that has been channeled by other mediums / psychics think about that whole process, and do they have any opinions about any particular sessions?

    I ask because I’ve read your (and Sweetie’s) comments about how the spirits will remind you of things you’ve previously gone over with them…. so, with that logic, they’re referencing experiences and interactions that have taken place with you… therefore, what is their opinion of experiences with other mediums and channeling sessions? Is it refreshing in a way to be able to be heard and given a voice again multiple times through different channels?

    I’m imagining the majority of folks – me included – just don’t seem to have those abilities tuned in. The soul that lived at Kurt Cobain (or really, ANYONE) could be in the room with me now – and that’d be awesome… I’m a big fan – but I don’t feel tuned in enough to be aware of it, or interact and know that I’m receiving feedback.

    In this example, you’ve talked to George, Jamie Butler has talked to George… how does George feel about that? He could be here with me… but I’m not picking up on it. Yet, with you, or Jamie, or someone who can… how is that thought of and perceived?


    • My general feeling when I read this comment is great joy. I (personally) believe these folks are seeking out multiple people and mediums as part of nudging along our developmental process. There’s an entry called “Why famous people” – something like that, which touches on this subject. I’ve had quite a few people contact me expressing great relief that they’re probably not crazy, given that they’ve been talking to Kurt / John / George in their minds for weeks, months or years before finding this blog.

      I think that a lot of people are already psychically activated and they don’t realize it yet, because they think it’s their imagination, wishful thinking, or (worse) that they’re losin’ it.

      And there’s great joy when they discover they’re just as sane as me, Jamie, Linda Keen, you know. For what that’s worth!

      I just see this joyful pink cloud of love around all of us.

      Well George H, you’re here eh? How do you find the experiences of talking to / through different mediums?

      Sorry, again please?

      (chuckle) Just type my dear. In many ways, it’s very much the same (shows me sewing pieces of fabric together, this is connecting all of us. Shows me tickling a child with a feather duster) – that’s a weird image, what’s going on?

      Ah, they’re tapping a lot of different people in their sleep, like tickling sleeping children. The feeling is this subtle, niggling, feeling, and people who wake up and turn towards it will connect with the tickler. Those who choose to ignore it won’t reciprocate the connection. They’re “tickling” MILLIONS of people right now. Wow, millions. Holy crap. Many are waking up, shows me a child in Japan sitting up and having a conversation with him at night. George says, “I am his uncle.”

      So that’s part of the joy, being dead, and still being able to participate in the planet Earth story as George, as John, as whoever. That’s something that’s new, usually “Your usefulness as a celebrity dies with you. Now, you can return to that form, which is an enormously joyous, and gratifying process. (With none of the pitfalls of being an incarnated celebrity, the fatigue, the lack of privacy etc.)”

      Is there any difference, person to person?

      He shows me the feeling of talking to different people. It’s no different for him, talking to different mediums, than it is for us talking to different people. The only difference is the energy of each individual. “It’s a normal conversation,” he says.

      Allen, when you said that Kurt could be in the room with you and you wouldn’t know, would you want to know? Would it freak you out? If you could tune in, would you choose to do so?

      That’s what George is showing me in response to your questions.

      He says Jamie is a lovely person and he really appreciates how she’s set up this reading room, with a chair / space for him. He really likes the calm of her reading room, and the formality of her readings. He’s showing me what looks like calla lilies. Pink-tinged.

      He’s actually telling me that this could help me, and I can consider using this method to set up boundaries / safety zones for me. My habit, lately, is to carry on these conversations throughout my day, very informally, which can result in distractions that are draining for me and can interfere with his communication. A year ago, when we first began blogging, Sweetie and I would set aside Sunday mornings to talk with people; we’d make a space or a chair, we’d pour out a cup of coffee or tea and invite them in. George is right, we should go back to that.

      George also gently points out to you Allen, that you are surrounded by the spirits of your friends and loved ones always, all the time. Every moment. They are there.

      And he chuckles.


      • Thank you so much for the response! Wow… goosebumps from it right at the end… that was kinda strange, but also very neat. I read your reply while home for lunch, and again just now, and got nearly the same physiological response.

        As for the question.. “…..when you said that Kurt could be in the room with you and you wouldn’t know, would you want to know? Would it freak you out? If you could tune in, would you choose to do so?”

        …… my first response was “YES… with the ability to also shield myself or tune out / away from it when needed.” That’s something I learned from reading your blog and another one that I read sometimes. Once the proverbial door is opened, it’s all fair game, so one has to be able to use discernment as well as being able to turn it off, or tune out from it, or feel “protected” at times too. Or request to be left alone to just be.

        Interstingly enough, in this particular lifetime, I’m just not sure what friends or loved ones would be near me. I don’t doub it, but at the same time, I don’t know that I could pinpoint anyone significant from this lifetime, given how things have progressed so far.

        I really do appreciate the answer to my questions, and the perspectives shared. It’s interesting to learn that various forms of communication and interaction do take place, and that the spirit in question (George, for instance) is quite tuned in to and ‘tapping’ various incarnate souls, and appreciates the differences between between where some respond to nudges, some don’t, and others (like you, Jamie, “Sweetie”, etc) that can truly tune into things. Really it’s pretty frickin’ cool. Thank you!


    • What I’m getting is that it’s never redundant to be talking to people over and over about the same stuff. If that’s what you mean. It’s rarely exactly the same stuff, anyway.
      Actually it can’t be the same stuff, not exactly. It’s like art. It’s like if you took a room full of artists and told them all to paint the same still life, they’d all look different. All different angles, different styles. And it works the other way too — if you asked a room full of people to interpret one piece of art — a song or a book — everyone would tell you something different. Not sure who’s saying this, I think it’s Kurt. (He says “yes”, and that I should go make some art. :p).


      • LOVE this, Sweetie. And yeah, Kurt’s always yelling at you to make art.

        If he wrote a song for you, he’d just be screaming “MAKE ART! MAKE ART!” over some hyper guitar action.

        I was just listening to Cyndi Dale’s audio book. I find I get information overload really quickly with her stuff, but I fast-forwarded through part of a meditation and landed on the 10th chakra part of the piece. I’m just trying to absorb what I can.


      • Maybe I didn’t word my thoughts quite as clear as they were in my head… I wasn’t asking about any sort of redundancy…. it was more about the differences they (George, Kurt, Albert, really just about any soul) experience when interacting, and how some people can actually tune in and get it much clearer than others, like me for example. George was able to successfully (for the lack of a more accurate word) with Jame, with you, and those messages and insights can be shared….. yet, if he popped in my family room here with me, it seems that I’d be oblivious to it – at least on a concious level right now. He could be talking, singing, imparting something that might be really important to me, yet I wouldn’t know. However, with others, the message is received. So, how do any of them feel about the differences in everyone and how some folks can pick up on it and others can’t.

        I’m not sure that made more sense this time, but the first answer given by Kate & George kinda touched on that.


      • I guess I’m not sure exactly what you think might be different. How do you think it’s different to talk to various people you know?

        In some ways, it’s the same, in other ways each person brings their unique energy to the conversation.


  2. What you were saying about the “restorative state” reminds me of something I was reading this morning.

    As you know I’ve been reading Cyndi Dale’s “Illuminating the Afterlife”:


    Which is really good, I’m finding. I don’t agree 100% with everything she’s saying, but probably, ehh… 85-90%. Which for esoteric material is a really high level of agreement. (And I probably never agree 100% with anyone, anyway…)

    In the section I’m reading she talks about places we can go in the afterlife. Each of these areas, she asserts, also has a correlation in our physical bodies, chakras and auric fields. (I’m not clear on the nature of this connection but I intuitively interpret it to be reflective of the fractal structure of the… uh, I want to say “universe” but I feel like that term is suggesting something too small since it only encompasses the physical world… the “nature of reality”?)

    There’s a plane the she calls the 10th plane, the Plane of Rest. This plane correlates to the 10th chakra, which is beneath our feet and an auric field that immediately surrounds our bodies. The 10th plane is a representation of the natural world and it’s cycles, and the function of this auric field and chakra is to foster our connection to the natural world.

    I don’t want to get to deeply into what the book says though, because I agree with the content, but not the form. Which is to say I’ve visited this “plane” and I’m aware of this field around my body but the conceptual structure wrapped around it doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like she’s struggling to make the broader knowledge she’s received fit into a more limited structure that people are familiar with. Which is not to say that it’s not good information.

    I’ve found that access to what she calls the 10th plane is easily accessed through meditation, and even more easily through guided meditation. It makes sense that it’s easy to get to because says it’s often one of the first places that souls go after death for restoration. It’s also a place that souls doing work on higher planes like to go for a “spa” visit. I intuitively feel that this is where the place known as the Pink Garden is, and where Brian Weiss leads people to in his guided meditation with the gardens, healing waters, crystal formations, dolphins, etc. I also think it’s the location of the Mystical Ocean that Linda Keene talks about in her book about John.

    When I go, I usually just sunbathe. I’ll go to a place that reminds me of the wilderness areas where I like to camp and lay on one of those curved, sun-warmed slabs of bedrock. Or go to a beach and lay on warm sand. I understand now that when I do this I’m charging the auric layer that encompasses the skin and just above it. Sun-warmed rock or sand also charges the underside. I can feel the difference in my body afterwards, less tense, more vibrant.

    The author talks about this layer as not only being restorative and forming this connection to nature, but also serving as a barrier — it keeps negative energies out, and allows helpful energies in.

    I had an “aha” moment when I read that because I understood that when the auric layer — which includes the skin — feels too thin, there is a temptation to shore it up with a layer of fat. So now I’ve instructed my body to carry this layer energetically, not physically. And also resolved to do more guided, nature-based meditations. Although I’m surrounded by nature I often forget to incorporate these energies into my body.


    • Thank you most particularly for that last paragraph. Very apt “aha” moment to pass on.

      The bit about the 10th chakra reminded me of a question I’ve had for awhile, about the location of chakras that are outside your physical body. “Below the feet” to me is confusing. If you’re standing or sitting with your feet on the ground, it’s easy to visualize that “below the feet” takes you below the soles of your feet, down towards the ground. But what if you’re sitting cross-legged? Your feet are now no longer even pointing in the same direction — is “below the feet” then still below the soles of your feet (meaning off to both sides of you if you are sitting cross-legged) or is it still towards the ground (in which case, not really below the soles of the feet and harder to visualize).


      • Good question, and I don’t really know. When I was visualizing this while meditating, before I was aware of chakras outside the body, I used Linda Keen’s technique of visualizing a tail, growing from the base of my spine and extending down into the earth. In the “intuition magic” book, she has this exercise written out.

        I really like the “tail” or “grounding cord” tool, but Sweetie found it quite uncomfortable.

        I see my pelvis as really the base of my grounding, and anything “below” that as an extension of the grounding from my pelvis. If I’m sitting, I try to remember my feet and legs when pulling energy up from the earth, or running a connection of energy between heaven and earth via my body.

        Does that make sense? I honestly do not have a clear visualization of all the chakras Cyndi Dale describes. It will take a while to integrate that information.


      • I think of external chakras as being on or between layers of the aura, so the ones below my body are more or less below my spine no matter what position I’m in. I’m not sure if that’s how others envision them but it’s useful for me to think of them that way.


  3. I’m with you on the resetting, K. I get into that mode of tv plastering when life just seems so heavy and the weight of it feels like it’s about to crush me. It’s just so easy to plop on the couch and click the remote. Good reminder to reset and get out of those trappings.


  4. I meant to comment on this one days ago…it was funny, when I saw the post on CE I immediately had the instinct to send you the link, then I thought, “No, she’s already seen it, of course,” and then I got a very clear “SEND THE LINK!” nudge. 🙂


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