How do you like the new look?

Hey y’all!  I felt like updating the blog theme, something that would better accommodate all the widgets I’ve been adding – comments, twitter, you know – those fun little extras that help you navigate this site as it grows, and helps round out my online “persona”.  It’s important to me that the Kate you form in your mind as a result of reading all this stuff is pretty close to the Kate I am in real life.  To that end:  twitter!

Twitter, for the most part, is very, very sane (in relation to this blog.)  I don’t generally tweet about talking to dead famous people, but I do tweet things that make me smile.  It’s fluffy, it’s fun and it’s love.

I found that the twitter widget looked like crap with the old blog theme, so I went searching for an updated template, and I found this one.

And wouldn’t ya know, the theme’s name:  Yoko

I thought the little ginko leaves was a tad on the nose, don’t you think?  I’ll probably update the header at some point.

Anyway, for now, what do you think?

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