9pm Dec 7 2012, Join us here in spirit


A few friends are coming over to help us tonight. Here is our meditation area, in my house, on my living room floor. Stacks of blankets, pillows. Scattered are all of the feathers I have, gifts from bird friends, including the blue stellar jay feather, the dove, crow, raven, sandpiper, chicken, turkey, duck, and all my eagle friends. These feathers represent our connection to heaven, and all those who love us and help us there.

In the centre will sit this iPhone, symbolizing our connection to each other and every other human in earth.

Join us in love.

2 thoughts on “9pm Dec 7 2012, Join us here in spirit

  1. Never thought to ask how long the group meditation would be. But I was there for about 1/2 hour or so, listening to an awesome delta brainwave track called “Into the Deep”. Think George showed up for a bit when I was having some trouble at the beginning: Let it go. Let it be. And then the song started playing in my head. At various points I’d hear someone say “Make me a vessel”, and I’d think, no, I’m not a vessel. I’m a road. I’m all roads. I’m a conduit. Kind of weird. But neat.

    Maybe this is something we should all do regularly. (Yes, I’m still stuck in a linear time mindset. Yes, we could keep coming back to this time, but more trips would be grander still, wouldn’t it?)


    • Yes, I’d say it was about a half-hour for us too. We’re going to start a weekly group meditation at my house, I’ll post when we settle on the time, so you can join us too 🙂

      And hey! You were telling me you had a tough time meditating at all last year – look how far you’ve come!


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