George facilitates a massive group meditation

Hey George, would you like to help me with another “how to become psychic entry?”

I’d rather talk about how to become peaceful.

Okay. Is becoming peaceful something we should all focus on, no matter what we’re doing? (I’m asking because I’m wondering if this topic has broader implications and audience than the how to become psychic topic.)

(Shows me a peaceful construction worker, operating a backhoe. He’s in the moment, focused on his task, he’s enjoying it, and the energy is becoming a permanent part of the structure he’s helping to build.)

I just got this huge sneezing fit and a tweak that it’s part of that sensation I had last time I talked to George, the sense of pulling behind my sinus. George laughs, and shows me the traditional Chinese medicine way of thinking of bodily fluids and secretions being linked with the flow of energy through the body, which is true. He also shows me the chronic sinus infections and stuffiness I experienced in the city were connected no only with the pollution, dust and dry climate, but also the massive psychic protection / block I had to construct to protect myself while living in the city. That’s really interesting.

George is reiterating, The key to a peaceful world, is peaceful individuals. He shows me twitter and shows me asking myself, “Does this help me feel peaceful?”

That brings me to a point about twitter, facebook and social media in general; I notice how my twitter feed affects my state of mind. It’s like empathetic channel surfing – in under ten seconds I could be reading ten different things and connecting to them energetically – it could include animals in need, hungry children, a local getting fired and events I want to attend. That’s a lot of different places to put your focus, and I find it can be scattering and subtly stressful.

I use tweetcaster to manage tags, trends and friends who may be posting things that give my system a jolt – you can temporarily “zip” a person, hash tag or trend to filter your twitter feed of unwanted posts. Twitter is a double-edged sword, it helps me keep in better contact with my friends and community, but it exposes me to a lot of the stress of the “outside world”. I try to keep my retweets to things that’ll make my followers smile.

George, would you like to discuss maintaining a peaceful mindset when we are connected to all the strife of the world via technology?

Huh, George shows me meditating with my iphone. This is so funny, because Sunshine, my cat, has been sitting on my iphone and my laptop for hours at time telling us she’s “fixing it”.

How does meditating with the iphone help?

It helps to use this tool, (the iphone) with measured intention. It helps you to be present in your body before you (look at twitter, facebook, blogs) so that your imagination and energy is not caught up in the river of stressful/busy energy (shows me this massive river that is rushing towards a waterfall, getting louder and more powerful, which is a symbol for the millions of people in the world looking at their social media and feeding the river with their thoughts – the river becomes a super-powerful force sucking others in and along – it can be a force of change, or an energy drain – ask yourself which it is, how it makes you feel. Ask “Does this help me feel peaceful?” You are better-able to ask yourself that question before retweeting / joining the river of energy.

So, George, there was a tweet I saw recently that stuck in my brain. It was a photo of a college woman holding a sign that said, “We need feminism because my college orientation included a “how to avoid being raped” seminar, not “Do not rape.”

I didn’t retweet it, but I’m posting about it now, so I have, after some thought, decided to add my energy to this river. It didn’t make me feel peaceful to read it, yet I am not comfortable choosing to ignore things like this, because they have created positive change in the past.

George, how do I reconcile this? You can be peaceful while regarding great sadness in the world. We (people in heaven) work tirelessly to assist in the transformation and shifting of the energy patterns on earth. There are individuals who have guided the earth along her entire journey with the loving hand of a parent. We are all attached to the (sad things) that happen on the planet earth, we all connect our hearts to the hearts of those who suffer. The key to peace is not to sever that heart connection, but to foster it, without allowing it to drain you of your own love. (Shows me opening up a stronger connection to the energy of heaven, and how this helps to foster greater strength for greater heart connections to those who struggle in their lives.)

This is why meditation is so essential; it allows you (all incarnated individuals) to manage the empathetic connection to other people, to grow your capaticty to greater heights of compassion, without sacrificing your own peaceful state. Your “heart can go out” to someone who suffers, and if you have a strong connection with heaven, the compassion you extend to that individual will be fueled from heaven, via you! This is the great potential, the unlimited potential for love in the universe. To love another, to invest in another is not to deplete yourself, it is to connect with them and so with heaven. And so it is to connect with yourself, and come to know your greatest potential.

And with that I actually teared up. Wow. Thank you George for your continued teachings.

George is inviting us to a group meditation, tonight at nine pm? Nine o’clock my time. He says, Sit in solace, light a candle and declare your intention to join our group, connect our hearts. Know that I am overseeing every individual in this activity, and I will protect your heart from harm. Practice reaching out tonight with every person who reads these words. Remember, time is no object, you will join in with all those who read these words in the past, in this very moment, and in what you consider the future. Remember there is no future, as all future comes to pass. In the decades to come, those who read these words will connect to a great, golden circle.

He’s explaining the importance of taking the opportunity to join with us at 9pm tonight, to create this circle, and at the same time he explains that anyone can join this circle at any time, and it will be as thought they have joined us at nine tonight.

He’s giving me this picture of a blooming flower to focus upon during the meditation. Oh yeah, I recognize it, it’s the meditation flower he’s shown to me before, it’s petals move in and out with my breath.

Thank you for helping all of us, thank you George.

Holy shit, “Hey Jude” just came on the radio. Hey Jude, take a sad song, and make it better. Let us under your skin, then you begin to make it better. Let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better.

Oh my god, I’m going to cry. This is huge people. Please join us.

11 thoughts on “George facilitates a massive group meditation

  1. “There are individuals who have guided the earth along her entire journey with the loving hand of a parent. We are all attached to the (sad things) that happen on the planet earth, we all connect our hearts to the hearts of those who suffer. The key to peace is not to sever that heart connection, but to foster it, without allowing it to drain you of your own love. ”

    Yeah, this made me cry.
    I see injustice and tend to fluctuate between sadness/anger (which sometimes feels like “doing something” about it) and apathy/cynicism (severing the connection when it becomes draining). It’s been hard to know how to get out of that trap. But I think I understand what he’s saying.


    • You know, I think I understand now what I’ve been struggling with re: the merging of our individual reality with the group shared / overlapping reality.

      I think I get it. In connecting energetically with others, that’s where the shared reality comes in. That’s why it works to change things, when anger for example is used as a catalyst for positive change; the anger is the connecting energy that allows people to transform that reality in a way they, the group, believe is possible.

      That’s why we need governments and judicial processes; it is part of our shared creation in what we believe creates change, positive or negative.

      In allowing my heart connection to go out to an individual I read about, and to connect with the people helping in this cause, I can actually fuel positive change JUST BY KNOWING ABOUT IT. Anger is one way to fuel the fire of change, but it doesn’t have to be anger, it can simply be peace, this flowing of energy from my heart to theirs, and the energy flow is unlimited because I am backed by the infinite resources of the universe. (And I totally get that “infinite resources of the universe” part because we’ve been working on it for the past year.)

      This heart connection is manifestation of healing, positive change and peace.

      I get it. The key to a peaceful earth is peaceful individuals, because peaceful individuals have this capacity to tap into unlimited love, and send it out to, potentially, every individual incarnated on this earth.

      Suddenly I am hopeful about everything I was ever in despair or angry about about.

      The implications here are huge. Just massive.


      • Yeah. And I’m really starting to grasp the importance of feelings on a level that I didn’t before. They’re more important than actions, in a way. Or another way to look at it is that actions are important *because* they fuel/generate feelings in ourselves and others.
        Maybe I understood it on some level because statements like, “it’s not personal, it’s business” always seemed inherently wrong to me, and “the personal is political”, inherently right. The individual experience of something is really important, and the end never justifies the means in any situation. It matters how you treat people.
        Further to last night’s discussion, maybe that is what’s meant by “ethical social media”, something that has a more positive focus?


  2. My Facebook news feed is full of people and organizations sharing tales of sadness — lost people and animals, animals on death row, sad events in their own lives, disasters and accidents and terror… — and I get overwhelmed by all of it. It’s hard to keep from being swept up in it all when it all comes at you so quickly and in such quantity. (This is why I stopped reading/watching the news, but it’s hard to escape online.) It *is* incredibly scattering.

    Lately I find myself oscillating between being able to be compassionate without being swamped and being completely buried in sadness and anger and information/emotional overload. I’m still learning how to not drown in the pool. I know that these last couple of posts featuring George will be helpful, if I can only pull my scattered pieces together enough to really take the words on board. So thank you for sharing them. I’ll try to join the circle at 9pm PT tonight (I’ll be at work and don’t know what will be going on at the time, though), but if I can’t do it then, I pledge to join in from a different time. 🙂


  3. Hi! Sorry I have not kept in touch for a long while. I read EVERY entry and love you and your blog sooo much. Thank you again for all that you do for all of us reading your entries. And THANKS GEORGIE ( I like to call him that for some strange reason)…. I love you!!


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