Imagine Peace


Grainy photo of Candis, posted with her permission, from last night’s meditation. There’s Sunshine the cat, helping us out.

Jacqueline pointed out to me that today is the anniversary of John’s death.

Maybe that’s why George was so strong about this meditation last night. It came through with this strong urgency. I called out to my meditation buddies, Aaron, Candice and Hernan, literally sending out this psychic broadcast “Meet me at 300” (none of them have cell phones or Internet, but we always manage to find each other.)

There they were, when I set out to find them. All three of them together at the laundromat. It looked like a big coincidence of course, they had no idea why they ended up there at the right time. When I asked, could they come to this meditation tonight, they immediately replied, of course they would.

It was funny, the whole thing had this Meditation Emergency!!!! sense about it.

I basically just read them the entry, and we fell into silence. Oh! And I had made this production of putting this mantra song on repeat – the mantra, Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama – it had to be that mantra for some reason. During the meditation, George said that was his first mantra. It was Sweetie’s first mantra too, and it was Ghandi’s first mantra.

It means victory to God, where god is the higher power and also our own higher self. It’s a prayer to reach our highest and purest potential.

During the meditation, the five of us reached out with our hearts, and experienced Heaven “backfilling” the energy, so that we were the conduit, the connection, the wiring by which the love of heaven may reach those in need.

We did this with the intention of founding an energy net that will one day connect every person on earth in love and peace.

Today, Jacqueline reminds me it’s the anniversary of John’s death, and my iPhone played “imagine” all by itself.

I don’t even have any of his music on my phone.

As I listened to the song, I understood a different level of meaning, in the context of all of humanity connected by the love flowing to each other from our hearts, love in unlimited supply, fueled from heaven.

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