Marley: Compassion

In the wake of the widely publicized deaths at the elementary school in CT, this theme has been rising: compassion. What do you do in the face of suffering? You send out love, you help where you can.

Marley popped up this morning, and points me back to the conversations we had months ago, which have a strange new resonance now:

The way you have seen this plant use, it is not my way. Our way (is this the Rastafarian way? Yes.) We gather together, we share the plant, we share our hearts, our laughter, our love. We close our eyes and share our journeys. We open our hearts to each other in complete love and acceptance. We grow closer than brothers and sisters in this practice. If only this culture could replace the tradition of judgment and hatred. (shows me a preacher pounding his podium in harsh denunciation of some “sin”, shows me holy wars, shows me motherless children, shows me mothers insane with grief over their murdered children – that last one gets me and tears spring up.)


Marley, you’re showing me this asking for a response to the CT school violence to be one of compassion, asking folks to work through their response of judgment. (chills on my arms in response to that, which means, yes, I have that right.)

Here’s another excerpt from a different Marley entry:

The return to the Whole is always complete love, absolute acceptance for everything you know. Be it pain and suffering, the joys and excitements of your life. You understand, in the afterlife, the context of your suffering and excitement. There is no “I’m sorry” in heaven. There is no forgiveness, because all that happened… (I can’t find words for this concept. It’s like he’s saying all that happened is, exists forever frozen in time, us apart from you, is part of the whole universe now, is given to god, is tied to everyone, is done, is past but not past because there is no time, no longer exists, but is honoured, as the concept exists because of your experience, is Holy.)

The beautiful thing is that all our experience in life ends up (as described above). Yet, LOVE Girl, LOVE is the only eternal emotion. Everything else we inevitably leave behind. Love will eclipse all, in the end, and so that is why love has the power to neutralize what bothers you on earth.


Marley says, Yes, let us answer this tragedy with compassion. (I hear war drums, I see warriors flying on horseback towards an enemy to exact revenge for a violent act, I see an elder, turning his head away in sadness with the shared knowledge that answering violence with violence – I heard this exactly – “perpetuates the evil”.

He says, Let our hearts heal for these children. Worlds are not healed with broken hearts. Let our hearts be healed (suggestion to ask for this healing from heaven, if you need help.) Healing is a returning to strength, it is not forgetfulness. Healing is a return to a sober, and calm state – this is leadership. This is how the world will heal. Sober compassion, (compatriots.)

Marley, why did you say “Compatriots”?

(Because) this (US) nation (shows me rifles and war associated with national pride, camaraderie, brotherhood) must learn that unity in love (strength) is (more powerful) than anger. (Shows me an association between the word “compatriot” and compassion, the words are close in the mind.) (Compatriot) can mean brother, (not merely) fellow soldier, countryman. Compatriot (has an association to love, love of the country and your fellow countrymen, there can be this link created to patriotism and pride for your nation alongside love and compassion for all humanity. Compatriot.)

Thank you Marley.

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