I love it when this keeps happening.

Thank you again to the lovely Jacqueline for alerting me to yet another synchronicity between this blog and the Channeling Erik blog:


It’s so funny, it looks like Biggie is making the rounds too! It’s nice too that Erik & Jamie seem to be sharing the order in which these celebs come in… sometimes they talk to them first, in this case Biggie came in for us about six weeks before he talked with Jamie. It’s just nice, because I think it helps to demonstrate that we’re operating independently, and getting really similar results.

Thank you Biggie, for making the rounds.

Happy New Year, everyone.

2 thoughts on “I love it when this keeps happening.

  1. I noticed it immediately as well. Not sure who he came to first. I know Elisa is typically months behind in transcribing. Doesnt matter, what matters is that we constantly have synchronicity and validation, that there is no coincidence and our loves ones are very much a part of our lives. Happy New year.


    • It’s just nice that it’s staggered, you know? Sometimes it’s CE, sometimes it’s us. I am subscribed to CE, but they post EVERY DAY! Elisa, I don’t know how you do it. I can’t keep up with reading an entry every day, let alone writing one… So I often miss cool stuff like this if it weren’t for considerate readers pointing it out to me.


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