Biggie: Fiscal Romance

It has taken me all week to write this entry.  Know that when I say, “last night” or “yesterday” I mean last Sunday.  Twice I’ve gotten up at 5am to work on it again.  For me, Biggie communicates with clarity and precision, yet he talks about ideas that are complex and have a wider scope than anything I’ve covered before.  It’s very important to everyone that we communicate these ideas as clearly and completely as possible, so it’s taken some time, and I hope I got it right.

I hope you enjoy this entry.


It’s been a fascinating new year thus far.  As you know, Sweetie & I have been manifesting a few things in our life, the most important two things is manifesting new and fulfilling sources of income, and bringing a new(er) car into our life.

Here’s the car we currently own:

karma ca

Actually, this is what we were driving two years ago.  The body is considerably more rusty now, it’s dented in the front from a minor fender-bender (see blog post entitled Exit Point) the rear wiper is broken, the left turn signal is broken, the windows won’t roll down, the doors won’t unlock (so we never lock them) something loud rattles whenever we go over a bump and there’s this big scorch mark across the top of the hood.

Really, it’d take a whole page to describe everything that’s messed up about this car.  Even so, it was given to us by friends out of love, in a time of great need, and so we named it Karma Car.

Karma Car had a stroke yesterday.  We were out with a friend hiking through the off-trail beaches deep in the BC rainforest (awesome).  We hiked around for hours, we found a swimming hole warm enough to take a dip in, and we returned to our parked car tired and deeply relaxed… that is, until we tried to get home.  First she coughed, then she shuddered, then she refused to accelerate.  As we began to climb a hill, she began to lurch, jerkily, and my adrenaline shot up.  I popped the clutch into neutral, rolled her backwards on to the shoulder and decided to let the car warm up completely before trying anything else.

I have to give her credit, the car did make it the 100 km home.  Apparently it doesn’t like second gear anymore, and it doesn’t like going uphill.  It seems as though it’s time to replace the clutch, which brought us to a sticking point:  do we want to put any more money into this car, or do we want to go car-free and save for a better one?

Here is the car I’m asking for:


It’s a Subaru wagon, and a pretty recent model.  Right now, the path from where we are now, to this car, is rather unclear.  These beauties go for $20,000 second hand.  But I’ll tell ya, Sweetie & I have created more things in our life than a single vehicle.

What’s funny is that my energy is still aligned with old cars – as I was looking for a photo of a Subaru, every time I found one that I thought was nice, the description said the make was the 1990s!  If I’m attracted to and picturing a car from the 90s, I’ll get yet another old car from the 90s.

I’ll tell you why I need and want a new(er) car:  I live in a rural, isolated area, two hours and a mountain pass away from the nearest Starbucks.  I like it that way… but.  We’re also two hours and a mountain pass away from the nearest veterinarian.  We live in an incredible area, and we’re totally isolated in the winter time.  In the summer, the beaches we can reach depend upon the condition and capabilities of the vehicle we drive.  For winter mountain driving and summer dirt-road exploring, I need an all-wheel drive.

You know what’s neat?  As I write this entry, it’s like I can hear this inner critic, shaming me for wanting a car like this.  Cars, as Biggie pointed out, are status symbols, and in a way the car we choose to drive is a reflection of ourselves.  What are we saying?

How do we judge others, when we see their vehicles?

As a little aside, this is exactly why incorporating a bit of Buddhist mindful thinking practice into our lives is very useful – it allows you to observe a thought, rather than believing that thought is *you*.

Anyway, Biggie, you were going to say something?

You were going to talk about takin’ care of your paper!  (Shakes head, like, damn I don’t know how you get anything done / teasing gesture.)

Oh yeah, the whole point of this entry!  So yeah, how do we get from our Karma Car to a super Subaru?  Well, obviously, we have to save some money, and we do that by not repairing Karma Car, by selling her to whoever wants to take her on, biking around for a while and we save the money we usually spend on gas and car insurance, along with creating new streams of revenue into our lives.

Last night we were watching a documentary about Biggie, called “Bigger than Life” which Biggie seemed pretty cool with – he didn’t chime in with any extra details or anything, he just, it’s like he watched our thoughts just to make sure we didn’t pick up any misconceptions or draw any false conclusions based on what we saw.  He’s nodding.

In the movie, we were surprised and delighted to see a very young Sean (aka P. Diddy) by Biggie’s side almost constantly in the recording studios.  He looked so young!  Then we realized that Biggie himself was so damn young at the time – he died at 24.  Just twenty-four years of age.  It’s so strange, because some of us don’t even consider 24 to be grown up, yet there’s no question of Biggie’s status.  Biggie came into life with the intellect and energy of a pragmatic, charismatic, powerful leader.

So here’s Biggie, talking about manifestation.


Here’s what I’m sayin’.   You got to respect your paper, your money.  You got to love it like you love yourself (shows me the connection between ourselves, god, all creation, manifestation and infinite possibility) 

That’s part of the beauty of (this existence, life on earth) is the (supposed limitations, the illusion of limitation) Your reality is all about what you believe to be true.

biggie 1

See, I thought I was (a badass? It’s like he’s showing me the boss of a crime ring, but he’s removing the actual crime, so all that’s left is this image, this projection of himself as this badass no one would fuck with.  This is part of the image he projected) because I believed this is how I had to be, it was part of the story I tol’ myself about my success.  I was gonna be the baddest motherfucker ever to hit the music industry . 

So that’s who I became, that’s part of my story, part of my history now. 

But that’s not who I am, do you see what I’m sayin? 

Oh yes, I do remember now!  It’s like Sweetie, collecting her “lost boys”.  She had/has this group of friends that were so strange to me, socially, emotionally off-putting and strange.  Some of them seemed dangerous to me.  But Sweetie seemed to be able to tap into their harmless, vulnerable side, and never really saw or acknowledged their façade of danger.

Yes, the façade of danger. (He agrees).

(Me, showing Biggie that it wasn’t really a façade in the end, since he was shot.)  Yes, but I was never afraid.  Fear was (never part of my life/ allowed to take over his life / never defined his life because he controlled his thoughts, never allowed himself to get rattled.  What he’s showing me is the same mindful thinking, it’s something he did intuitively which is tied to skills as a tribal leader in several of his past lives.)

I never lived my life in fear, I (had control of myself in a random, chaotic situation.)  I never had a hate on for anybody, (shows me annoyances, dismissiveness, even lack of respect, but never hatred, never something that required energy to be invested.)

Me (shows Biggie part of his documentary where several of his friends at different times in the movie referred to him as big, fat and ugly.)  (Biggie smiles says Naw, they were just kiddin around, and shows me the love heart connection between them all is quite strong.)

Huh, John’s here, and this is the first time he’s ever interrupted a conversation with another person.  John’s showing me the people he saw too, like at some point you come to the conclusion that there are no dangerous people, only projections and dangerous situations.  This is difficult to reconcile intellectually for me, because well, John was shot too.

Biggie, do you agree with what that guy in the documentary said, about people, some who are fresh out of jail and don’t give a crap about themselves, let alone see the value in the life of others – aren’t they dangerous, by their nature?

Biggie shows me the energy, at that point it’s like the person, the soul, the light of god is gone and there’s this energy just flowing through them.  This is why some people describe this energy as evil, or a person being used or controlled by demons/the devil/evil forces.  There is this phenomenon on this planet where this flow of negative energy builds up and rages around, like bad weather.  This is why Biggie was the one to speak about the kids who were shot in the school in CT, he died in a similar way.

You know, Biggie, can I please address the weirdness around your death?  It wasn’t weird, it was (evil – he didn’t say evil, that’s what he’s showing me.  Is there a word I can use?  Pointless.  It was pointless, waste, garbage, sadness, tragedy, family crying, fans losing hope.  It was needless injury to more than his body.  Anger, acceptance, and he’s giving me this intense stare, like, do you get it?)

Listen to me.  I am here to talk to you about your money, and I like you, so I’m goin’ to teach you.  You (shows me the blog, the trail of energy out to thousands of others, it’s the visual for his teachings moving on to other people.  He’s a bit impatient with me because I’m a slow transcriber.  Slow down please and be patient.  

I am a teacher, I am a leader, and my people live in poverty.  (shacks built of metal siding all over the world)

The empowerment is enlightenment, education, emancipation from the slavery of the poverty and the prisons (shows me a cell block, and it’s surprisingly similar to the metal shacks, the density of the population, and the energy around them.)

(He shows me the energy as a flow of money that is easily distributed throughout the world.  It’s a correction of the flow of resources, this is what he’s working on right now.  Part of it is getting people like us, those of us in positions of privilege, educated, free of dictatorship, to open our potential.  We need to have money flow into our lives, because we are the ones who will send it back out in right and equitable ways.)

Just be sure you do, (shows me the fear that sets in when you do have money.  Shows me how afraid I was the moment the car started acting up – it’s like, when you get to a certain point, you become so focused on keeping what you have, that you restrict the flow of money through your life.)

It’s like (shows me the eagle feather – the magic of the eagle feather lasts a year.  In the course of a year, you will be guided to pass the eagle feather on to another – this is how you keep the eagle medicine alive in your life.  Biggie is just calling forward this lesson I learned earlier from another source; so it is with money.  Truly, money is energy.)

Biggie shows me the flow of money through your life has an energy.  This energy is associated with what you do to earn it, how you feel about what you do.  People who do evil, who steal, harm, exploit, enslave, these people have a great river of fiscal energy flowing through them – he shows me this fiscal energy as having a charge, which is presenting as grey, which is the colour I see when something is sick, diseased or causing a deficit which will need to be balanced / healed.  Some people call it karma.

Biggie shakes his head, Naw.  (Shows me karma is for people who sit and meditate and do nothing.) (seriously Biggie?  I’m trying to promote meditation on this blog)  Whatever.  You sittin.  You’re waitin for the next thing to happen.  This (the grey revenue stream) is active.  It has a different charge.  (It’s faster, it affects a different level of the soul.)

Karma (shows me the guru) is working over many lives – you and your sister, you’re working out karma.  (oooookayyyy, we’ll come back to that later.)  This, (negative actions consciously taken) generates more than passive karma, this (shows me an elastic band that is being pulled farther and farther, the tension building and building, the band never breaks, it stores more of this energy.)  At some point, (the band and the energy is released) and this happens within that person’s lifetime.

This is why you hear that cliché, that rich people ain’t happy.  These, (shows me the grey revenue stream) can never be happy, it is impossible.  (Shows me icons like Donald Trump, Kevin O’Leary) they learnin’ the lessons of (grey revenue).  That’s why they here.  These are not evil people, they are (playing their roles, living their life plans.)

This, (yoikes, shows me a dictator in what looks like a prison camp.  He has a family, he drives a nice car…) He is soul-less.  (Shows me he’s empty.  His revenue stream is so, it’s nauseating to behold.)  These (shows me the association of slave owners in Jamacia, sugar plantations, how beautiful the island was, shows me Haiti, shows me the people there, how they had been abducted from their tribal homes and made to destroy this island through their labour, he shows me some women in particular who were very sad about it, how the destruction of this beautiful place compounded their sorrows.  This overwhelming experience is connected to the grey revenue stream, to the people who orchestrate the whole thing – the plantations, the whole slavery industry.  The sorrow of millions associated with the revenue stream generated over the hundreds of years the African people were seen as farm animals.

Shows me factory farm animals.  This energy is different from slavery, shows me lab animals, okay Biggie this is an overwhelming collage of images here and the animal (shows me to backfill my heart connection from heaven, which allows me to calmly observe these images rather than close my heart to them.)

Shows me the exploitation of animals for food, medication and household products generates a revenue stream with yet another different type of grey energy, like a greenish-grey, green associated with nature, and this revenue colour showing me how it is flowing off the planet in all different places now.  It’s like our planet and culture go through phases or almost like fashion trends of the type of grey revenue stream which is acceptable.  We are in this planetary exploitation phase at the moment, with the old resonance of concentration camps and slavery/exploitation of people still existing in particular corners of the world.

How do you go in there and fix that?  This is the suffering of you (kind-hearted, empathetic people on the planet in first world countries, who feel relatively powerless to change or affect the world on a scale that is required.)

You recognize your own (perceived) slavery is an illusion.  (Shows me bills, woman weeping as she does her taxes.)  You let it go, you find your power, do you understand? 

He’s asking the readers if they understand.  He’s saying he’ll continue the lesson in dreamtime of those who are struggling with finding financial freedom, You just have to ask nicely, I’ll hook you up (he indicates other teachers available on this topic, so it’s not necessarily Biggie himself who’d answer your questions.  He smiles and looks tall.  Yes he has this look where he seems to increase in height. 

It’s really cool, how he expresses himself almost completely energetically.  It makes for a challenging blog entry for me to write, because there’s this huge volume of information that comes through pretty quickly.  Thanks for being patient Biggie.

You got to take care of your paper!  (Shows me if you’re going to meditate, meditate with your bills and your wallet.  Seriously Biggie?  Your life is short, Biggie was always high energy in life, always a do-er, always, always working.  I got a sneezing fit here.)

He shows me again, meditating with your bills and your wallet, shows me my cats, particularly Sunshine, sitting on my purse, our bills, telling us they’re “fixing” it.  (Gives this respectful acknowledgement of Sunshine and Leo, they’re doing real work.)

You need to understand the flow of your stream, (it has an aura, what energy is your money?) You take care of your paper, like taking care of a plant.  You look at it, you talk to it, you water it, you feed it once in a while, you change the pot so it’s got room to grow, most of all you love that plant.  Nothing will grow your revenue stream like loving it, (shows me this high-pitched light from the heart connection charging the revenue stream, altering it.  This is how you manifest, this is how you connect to the power of creation, through the heart – that is how we are all connected to each other.)

(Biggie shows the the Maharashi, the Beatle’s guru, and his connection with millions of people around the world.  Shows me Kurt, and how Kurt’s money connection was the colour of his depression, his energy affected the whole experience.)

Who you are is going to be reflected in the flow of money in your life.  That is why (your car) changes.  (Vehicles are one way of showing ourselves and other people what our money looks like.  Shows me the difference between a vehicle leased with anxiety, like trying to keep up appearances, versus a vehicle that is leased with joy and gratitude.)

Biggie, have I managed to get the point across here?

Yeah, (shows me the heart connection going all around the world from the Violence entry, the answer to violence and war is peace, and building this heart connection with each other all around the planet.  He’s showing me this heart connection is associated with money too, (not exclusively, but) money is one of the easiest ways to reach and affect each other (shows me our own experience when we needed financial support while running our business, and how incredible it was to receive support from our family and friends.  There’s a real heart connection there, it’s true.)

(Shows me you’ve got to take care of yourself first, you’ve got to love yourself enough to live a healthy life) There is no sense being poor in a rich country.  What you do is recognize the availability of revenue in your life, you (build your positive relationship with that stream) you turn towards it you take it in.  You do not (shows me Kurt and John, exhausted, depressed and feeling hermity with the strain of fame.  It’s true, Biggie didn’t get worn down by fame in that way, and he shows me it was because he set his boundaries, he measured his energy, he embraced every aspect of his success including lawyers and bills.  He measured his approach, he maintained this calm, measured concentration when building his revenue. 

I keep hearing this line from the movie, “I didn’t want to be just another rapper on the street corner.  So I did Juicy, Big Poppa, radio songs.”  (his pop songs that took about 10% of his time when he wrote them and make up 80% of his revenue.  They sold his records that contained the other 90% of his work.)

You go ahead, we can talk again.  (Looks tall.)

(Here I took a break for a couple of days, and now it’s Jan 3rd, the day I’m going to post this, so I’ll check in with Biggie one more time.)

Hey Biggie, (really fast)  Hey, do you get it?  (Asking in response to me re-reading the entry this morning.)

Yeah, I think I do, and it’s sunk in more in the past couple of days.

Biggie, what can we say to help the people reading tap into that 10% of what they do that can earn them 80% of their revenue stream?

The importance is knowing you need that time, what are you gonna do with that time?  (The time you have available when 10% of your work covers a large portion of your income.  It allows you the time to put a great amount of time and work into something that doesn’t pay off financially as well, but energetically, spiritually, compassionately, righteously, what energy does it create?)  Look at (the energy) of what you doin’.  Look.  Know that we are all of creation.  (He says this tapping the table with his knuckles for emphasis, and here he reminds me of Bob Marley, talking in rhythm.)  We are all of creation.  So what you gonna create with your life?

 biggie 2

Thank you Biggie, that did it.

Peace and love, (he’s tapping the peace sign to his chest, and he’s smirking because he’s teasing a bit too.  He’s got this subtle, deadpan sense of humour sometimes, he’s teasing John for being a hippie, he’s amused by the juxtaposition of his own badass, gun-toting image over the hippie image, and he’s teasing us about being / becoming “business hippies”, which he KNOWS bugs me.)  Gotta look at that, (reminder to all of us to examine the judgments we have that create blocks to the flow of money into our lives.)

Well, I hope this entry makes sense to people.  I know I’m going to be re-reading it for quite a while.

Happy New Year!





20 thoughts on “Biggie: Fiscal Romance

  1. This is definitely a post to keep coming back to review. Thanks for taking the time and energy to share it with us.

    — “Part of it is getting people like us, those of us in positions of privilege, educated, free of dictatorship, to open our potential. We need to have money flow into our lives, because we are the ones who will send it back out in right and equitable ways.)” —

    Most of my life, I’ve had this undercurrent of certainty that I don’t need/want a lot of money so that’s what I’ve gotten — a mediocre income and/or a self-destructive subconscious drive to eliminate a good income when I had it. In the last year, with downsizing my living arrangements and material stuff and all, that certainty that I didn’t need much got stronger, and that’s exactly what I got. Now, I’m beginning to realize that I can still be personally downsized without eliminating the money, that the good things I’d like to do to help make the world a better place could be done so much better, more often, and to a higher degree if I had money to pass through to support those good things. The above quote by Biggie exactly nails it on the head.

    I haven’t been taking care of my paper, and it’s time I did. (Funny, I got really sick a week before Christmas and was sick for two weeks. The recovery from this illness coincided with the new year and this shift in my thoughts, from thinking I didn’t need/want money to thinking that it’s time I developed a better relationship with it and invited the flow of money into my life to help support the charities and programs that I want to support. It’s like the clearing up of the head/chest congestion cleared up some energetic congestion, allowing these new thoughts to take root.)

    Biggie, I would very much welcome a continuation of the lesson with you (and whoever else might chime in) in dreamtime. It’s foreign territory for me and I could use all the guidance I can get.


    • Hi Kitty!

      I’m so glad this post is working for you.

      Aside – Whenever I put things in (brackets) that means I’m wrapping my own words around a concept that the other person put in my head. So in that way, it’s not a Biggie quote, it’s a quote of my best interpretation of this picture / concept biggie showed me as part of the conversation. Whatever is not in brackets is a direct flow of words I heard verbatim.

      I really enjoy this method of communication, and I believe it’s actually the future / return of language, this supplemental telepathic knowledge drop. It used to completely overwhelm me, but I find that writing just everything I “see” as quickly as I can seems to be able to cover the concept most of the time. It eliminates their need to “explain” it to me, especially with Biggie whose personality (when you tap into him as “Biggie”) has a vernacular that is so different from my own. It then becomes my job to interpret it in English language for the blog.

      Biggie’s writing is this same sort of flow; that’s exactly what his friends called it. Before Biggie would record (this is coming from the movie) he’d be there in the booth, working things out, getting the flow, sometimes for a half-hour before he’d let them know he was ready. Have you ever tried to rap? Come up with this poetry with rhythm and strong imagery right of the top of your head? It’s amazing! Crazy!

      It’s like, you can tap into that same flow with money too. You just need to hit it right, with the right attitude.

      When I was talking to my friend about manifesting this car, I heard someone tell me “You just need to ask for the car in the same way you ask for the feathers.”

      When I ask my bird friends for a feather, I ask for it because I admire them, because I want to learn from them, because I will respect and honour the gift. The gift of a requested feather sometimes comes at a heavy cost for an animal, as a couple of times I’ve been presented with a dead or dying bird. When I ask for a feather, it’s with this certainty that they’ll find a way to get it to me, and it’ll happen when everything has had a chance to align.

      I realized in that moment that when I ask for a car, it has a completely different energy than when I ask for a feather. When I used to ask for a car, it would be out of a feeling of fear, or anxiety, or need (lack). I believe I needed to change that to asking for a car in the same respectful, open, trusting way I ask for feathers.

      It’s a completely different attitude.

      I also love the phrase, “You got to take care of your paper!” We have it written on our finance folder. “Taking care of our paper, our paper takes care of us.”

      Biggie says to you “keep a dream journal again, this is serious.”

      Thanks Biggie.

      (arm chills)


      • Ha, in my defense, I was posting quickly. In a sense, my reference to it being a Biggie quote can be more accurately translated as “as written in your post”. (What, you’re not inside my head? LOL) I wanted to blockquote that quote actually, but couldn’t remember if you had HTML enabled or not so I quickly went for describing it as a quote instead. Doh!

        I love that you put your own thoughts and interpretations in brackets in your posts because it feels like we’re a part of the whole thing, not just reading words you’ve transcribed.

        Wow, thanks for the direct words from Biggie. (Do you watch Doctor Who? I bought a replica of River Song’s tardis-blue journal before Christmas and was just thinking that, rather than using it for a regular journal — because I still have last year’s journal that I still like for most journaling — I should start writing down my dreams in it. So, there you go.)


      • It’s so weird. Ever since I posted, I’m having trouble keeping enough pieces of my dreams together to write down. It’s like the minute I have the thought “I must write this down” the dream details rapidly dissolve until I can’t grab hold of anything. I wonder if it’s because I’m sleeping differently the last couple of days. (Usually I set alarms way earlier than that I really need to get up and essentially keep resetting the alarm until the real time I have to get up, and I have a snooze button addiction. Sleeping that way made for crappy rest but would wake me up in the middle of dreams while the dreams were still fresh in my mind. The last couple of days, though, I’ve been setting my alarm for when I actually need to get up and have been waking up naturally before the alarm goes off. Less interrupting of the dreams prematurely so less vivid recall.) Going to have to work on that.


  2. This thing he says about money being a stream of energy, and that stream having an aura, makes a lot of sense to me.

    I first encountered this idea years ago in one of Julia Cameron’s books (maybe it was The Artist’s Way, it might have been one of the others). She says, “Money is energy, and it follows the path you lay down for it”. She says that as artists we really need to change the way we view money because a lot of us are playing out this “starving artist” paradigm where we think we need to suffer for our art or we’re not doing it right.

    I was kind of skeptical about it and I guess I wasn’t able to incorporate the lesson at that time but I didn’t forget. It was the first time I’d heard someone talk about money in a spiritual way, and it definitely had an impression.

    But I think that the reason that it failed to take hold for me was that once I could perceive the energy paths of money, I could sense the grey energy around it that Biggie is talking about. I think I mistook it for the energy of money *itself*, rather than of the path the money had taken. I can see how/why I restricted the flow, not taking in more than I really needed.

    I found myself thinking about Inga Muscio’s Autobiography of a Blue Eyed Devil, this morning. It’s a kind of bleak, it made me cry at one point. To sum up quickly without hopefully dwelling too much on any particular point of bleakness, she describes in detail the path between exploitation and profit. She explains how some of the richest companies in the world today were formed because they benefited directly from the slave trade, that that was the only way they were able to raise that kind of capital, and how they continue to benefit from exploitation even today. And she says that we’re all responsible for that, it’s a kind of cultural karma.

    Now I’m saying to Biggie, even if I wanted to do something about this — which I do — I feel like I can’t. I feel like our political system is ineffectual and in the 90s we were instructed to “vote with our dollars”, and in the 2000s we saw massive bailouts for companies that the public decided not to support, or who had mismanaged their money in some way. So that doesn’t work either. But I do agree with Muscio in that history has an energetic resonance and we need to clean it up. So what do we do?

    So, he wants me to know that I can’t clean up the stream by not engaging in it. Like my impulse is to just not get my hands dirty, not touching “dirty money”. I’m seeing my own steam as blue, like my throat chakra, this is what it is becoming. The arts, communicating ideas. Drawing power from that. Right now my steam is passive. It’s coloured by a feeling of powerlessness, it’s brown, and trickling. It can be the opposite of that. Power, clarity, communication, respect, honour. It’s like a filtration system; if enough people do this, it all gets cleaned up. It’s exactly like an ecosystem.


    • Yeah, Inga had a lot to say about prisons too, being like legalized slavery. So long as you have this population of (mostly men, mostly people of colour) inmates, you have this army of disposable, low-paid workers. Remember the oil spill in the Gulf a few years ago? Remember when we noticed it was black men in orange jumpsuits picking up the globs of oil off of the shore? All they had was rubber gloves and garbage bags – no haz-mat protective gear, no respirators even. God knows how sick that work made them.

      But on the surface, the culture is like “Well, they’re in prison because they did something wrong, so they deserve this.” When every person behind bars has their own story, you know? It’s like convicted criminals are the least deserving of compassion in our culture.

      See, watch your mind – where does it go? Does it imagine the worst thing these people could have done to get in jail? Does it tap into this retaliatory sense of justice? Why does it go there?


  3. Biggie, what do we do when we feel stuck in a job we don’t like?
    (I made a Biggie quilt years ago—-I love him.) Thanks for this post, Kate!


    • Jane we would LOVE to see your Biggie quilt!

      I will feature the pics on the blog if you’re cool with that.

      How do you get out of a job you hate? It’s tough, I’ve been there. I was unhappy in Toronto for three years before I was able to break away.

      I’m a big believer in writing down all the things you want and need in a job: how much money, what kind of hours, what location, what sort of boss, coworkers, clients etc.

      I think that’s how you begin a change, is getting clear on what you want, so you can focus on it.


  4. This post is really timely for me. Lots of uncertainty around money with losing my job and having to short-sell my home. I read another post somewhere about money being energy too. It’s great if people listen to Biggie and grasp the power of that concept. Thanks for this post, Kate. Biggie, would you help me figure out what I am supposed to create? Any guidance would be appreciated. xo


    • Wow, thanks for all the awesome commentary folks 🙂

      As Biggie mentioned he’d be reaching people in dreamtime, I thought I’d suggest the folks who do ask for Biggie’s help, to take ten minutes as soon as they wake up to write down everything they remember about their dreams when they wake up. Keep a pen and paper by the bed, a flashlight if needed.

      We forget so much of what we learned as we transition from sleep to waking consciousness. Well, its still there, but its like we forget we know it. It’s amazing what you can forget! Write it down for at least a week.

      I suspect the reason he said dreamtime is because so many of us are too busy during the day to hear anything at all.

      I also suggest you meditate for ten minutes before going to sleep, turn off cell phones, computers, TV

      Good luck!


    • Hi martipants!

      I’m sorry for all of that stress and uncertainty in your life right now.

      Yeah, it’s not the first time I’ve heard of money as energy either, but I wasn’t able to reconcile how people who make a ton of money in harmful ways fit into that explanation. If money is energy and you’re putting out crap, how can that make you rich?

      Running a business taught us a lot about how crappy people can be when it’s “just business”

      It’s starting to make more sense now, but I’m going to have to reread this entry a few more times before I can figure out what to ask next.


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  6. Thank you so much for this post Kate and Biggie. (I LOVE Biggie btw – and I only know the Top 40 stuff cause I’m a white country girl LOL)… I came upon it at the perfect time (of course!!), embarking into a new field that I LOVE, and need help with the transition… I do ask for more help with this from Biggie or whoever he sends, and I will keep a dream journal by my bed! “You are all of creation. What are you gonna create with your life?” That quote will forever be inside of me now!!


  7. Hahaha Read your the post on CE that pinged back above, where you wrote that Erik had said, “You’re taking that grey money, and you’re processing it through this financial eco-system of love and joy and fucking fulfilled happiness,” and it made me think of money laundering, but in a whole different light. LOL

    As an aside, I’m glad this entry popped up again in your comment feed — I’ve been forgetting Biggie’s urging to keep my dream journal (from the comments above) and I’ve been having more and more dreams lately. I really need to get back to that — the changes I’d mentioned in my first comment above had fallen a little by the wayside in the past few months, but I had a renewed inspiration to address them last night. So the new CE post and the re-emergence of this one are both very apropos.


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  11. I love all the thoughts and comments, and the explanation of how the “information drops” come through. (Very helpful on a personal level – thanks for expanding on that.)
    As for the money topic, I will ask Biggie for some help on the concept of credit. My money flow is in the negative, and when I feel led to pay someone who’s working in an enlightened way, it’s with credit. How does this affect the money’s energy? Even if I feel happy to give? Is the fact that it’s tied to a corrupt banking system overruling my intention? And how to meditate on a wallet with only debt cards in it? It seems… ew. I have no paper, as when I do have some funds, they go out electronically almost immediately. Thanks for your ideas & contributions!

    Liked by 1 person

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