Just checkin’ in

I’ve learned a few things while under the weather.

1) oil of oregano is not hippie crap, but an amazing sore throat remedy. Gargle a shot glass of water mixed with a dropper full of oil of oregano and sore throat vanishes. Swallow if you can.

2) tea tree oil has a million uses: the latest of which is a decongestant. Apply a barrier film of Vaseline under the nose and over the lips because tea tree oil will make chapped skin sting. Then dab yourself a tea tree oil moustache! Not only is an immediately effective decongestant, but the vapors are antibacterial, so it helps fight the infection in your sinus, throat and lungs. I’m told its also antiviral and antifungal.

I still use dristan nasal spray because the decongestant effect is longer, but I haven’t had to use nearly as much as I usually do.

I am all for naturopathic medicine and maintaining health, but if I get sick, I want relief of the symptoms. This has been a strange experience. I’ve been unwell, but not miserable. Sweetie even commented that I looked like I was enjoying being sick.

Maybe I need to take a hermit day every month and just not *do* anything.

I am looking forward to my annual *mental health vacation* coming up – when possible, I take a week off and plan *nothing* beyond what I *want* to do. What results is a week of complete relaxation… Even if the house gets a bit messy.

When I began taking this mental health vacation, it was because I was usually feeling really low, run down and depressed in the winter – pretty typical SAD stuff. I found that a week off after New Years, before March, would give me what I needed to get through the dark, deep-freeze days of winter.

Maybe I need to do something like that every month, to maintain my physical health – I am done with being sick. I don’t need or want this experience anymore. I have every reason, and certainly the means, to be perfectly healthy for the rest of my life. I’ll need to change some habits, I’ve decided this is a high priority.

Because when you’re sick, it limits your options.

Speaking of sick, my cat Leo hopped into the tub this morning for his morning drink, and I was shocked to see he’d dropped a bunch of weight. He’s not grooming much, he’s got a couple of bald patches, and his whole bearing says he feels stiff and weak.

A few months ago, Leo told me he was thinking he might die soon, showing me his heart. Like, he might decide to go, if he did his heart would just stop. Fair warning Mom. Mocha, my big dog who died last year, had given me a similar heads up a few months prior.

I had actually interpreted Leo’s message as his intention to die before we moved, and when he seemed fine I figured he’d just changed his mind.

So when I saw my beautiful boy looking like hell, I asked him what was wrong.

And this is where mental discipline comes in – when it comes to my own critters, my own mind starts filling in the blanks of what weight loss, shedding, fatigue etc could mean.

It might be his teeth, he’s been nauseous lately but no pain, except for a tenderness and arthritis feeling so he wants to be petted only on the head and very gently.

It might be diabetes, kidneys or cancer. It might be a lot of things. I asked him, “do you need help leaving your body?”

He said, “No, I want to live. Take me to the vet.”

Alrighty then. As he is still eating drinking peeing pooping and purring, I’m not going to put him through the stress of a four hour car ride to and from the nearest vet. The only time he is truly miserable is when he’s in the car.

The vet comes to town once a month, so we’re going to see him (at the legion, so you can buy a beer while you wait) on Jan 16th.

Meanwhile, please join me in sending love to my dear cat Leo. I’ve had him since I was 19. He’s my first cat, and the first pet I got when I moved out on my own. He was there when I brought Mocha home, and was there when she died.

I love you Leo.


3 thoughts on “Just checkin’ in

  1. Sending much, much love to both of you. ♥♥♥

    (I apologize for any sadness that might leak through with it. It reminds me a little too much of two years ago, and I find it hard to control that.)


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