Kitty Libations


Sunshine, you should finish your food or the dog will eat it.

I’m saving it for Leo.

Omg this stuff from Sunshine is killing me. I need kittens ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Kitty Libations

  1. Awe Kate, Im so sorry for your loss. I’m with you in Love always, even though I hardly ever post. I understand. I have 3 cats. The third just “acquired”. She was a stray in the parking lot and I couldn’t help taking her. She is a black cat that we have named “Spooky”.

    My thoughts and Love with you always!


    • Thanks Noel. I ended up taking the day off work today, I guess I’m still fighting off a bug and I was feeling pretty low last night.

      I have a week of vacation now, which is a great relief. Will be focusing on self care 🙂


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