It is with deep and quiet gratitude that I embark upon my annual “mental health vacation.” For years, if I could manage it, I would take a week off in Winter to allow myself this one time in the year to do only what I felt like doing.

After experiencing a nasty flu bug earlier this month, which resulted in me being home for Leo’s last week of life, I resolved that I intend to eliminate the need for any and all illness in my life. It seems that I get sick when there is no other way to get me to slow the hell down, already.

Yesterday, on what should have been my last day of work before vacation, I was obliged to call in sick! That looks fantastic, you know. Calling in sick the last day before vacation. But I had a sinus infection, and forcing myself through that last day would’ve been a great way of ensuring I spent my vacation sick too.

So I am *not* sick today, only carefully mindful of what my body is telling me. I was rather proud of myself… And then I tweaked my back. Not a lot, just a little. Just enough.

Message received, universe. Slow the hell down.

I usually don’t set goals for my health vacation, because part of the point is to release myself from all sense of obligation for a short time. But I feel like this is one focus I need for this week: a return to daily meditation.

I’m not sure whether this week will yield more blog entries, or none at all. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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