Dreaming of kittens

I had a dream last night, all night long. I was finding white kittens, over and over. Here they are in a box, here they are in a cupboard under the stairs. Here they are in someone’s house.

I think they’re getting ready to be born, and they’re letting me know they’re coming. It’s interesting that I’m seeing two white kittens in a litter of multi-coloured cats. I don’t know what that’s about, because the only white cat we’re expecting is the reincarnation of Sweetie’s childhood cat, Snowball. Sunshine gave us the heads up that he was coming last Spring, and I said “Woah, we can’t have three cats! Snowball needs to wait until Leo dies.”

Well, shortly after Leo’s passing, it’s become very clear that we’re in for TWO kittens, not just one. It’s better anyway, two kittens can keep each other entertained, and I hope they will bond really closely to each other. It’s wonderful to see two cats cuddled together and grooming each other, and I’d love to bring that dynamic into the house.

In this dream, it seems like Snowball is showing us all the potential places he could be born, and he’s deciding which is the best, or maybe waiting for all the right random chance details to line up. We ask that both kittens be born into healthy bodies, and that they be born close to us. We’re planning on getting a nice big cat tree before they arrive, and expect their arrival around the end of March or early April (which was when Happy was born too. A house full of Aries, awesome. Sweetie & I were also born within a week of each other in late March / Early April.)

I didn’t particularly ask for a white kitten, all I asked was that it be something other than a brown tabby, which was Leo’s colouring. We know that Snowball is coming as a white kitten, but I expected to also take one of his littermates, whichever seemed most compatible, whatever the colour. It’s interesting that I’m seeing two white kittens. I wonder if this is showing me that both kittens are specifically intended for us (i.e. the second kitten is not a random buddy but specifically incarnating for us) or if this is Snowball’s choice of a companion. I wonder if it means we’ll see two white kittens in the litter and know those are for us, or if it just symbolizes that two kittens are meant for us, and it’s confirmation of what Sweetie’s been saying since Leo died, which is “I feel like we’re in for two kittens.”

It will be amazing and wonderful to see how this story unfolds.

11 thoughts on “Dreaming of kittens

  1. That’s hilarious, that picture of the big white cat eating the snowcone. I don’t know how you find these pictures that are *exactly* right for the post. Because the white cats have that rainbow affiliation — Sunshine has that multicoloured aura, and I had that dream one time about all the white cats with the rainbow coloured eyes, like brightly coloured opals.


    • Oh and I realized as I re-read this entry, that I had the kittens pegged as aries, which they wouldn’t be if they’re getting ready to be born *now*.

      They’d arrive in our lives at the end of March, hopefully they’d be in bodies by that time already!


      • My boy was an Aquarius, and he was all that — and climbing everything that was climbable, and a few things that weren’t. Funny, my ex was an Aquarius; I mostly did not find his Aquarius nature charming at all, unlike the cat’s. 😉

        Two kittens. Wow, I’m kind of envious, but I don’t have the energy for two little balls of fire like that. (That’s why I get my kitten fix through videos and streaming webcams.) I miss having a cat around — even the outdoor cats around are all indoors because of the cold so I get no feline fix — but not quite ready for another. I hope you’ll be inundating us all with pictures and stories and all that of the kittens when they finally do arrive.


  2. Hey… I’m an early-April “Aries” too. :0)

    Neat story about the kittens. I hope you post pictures when they do come into your lives, and share the story that goes along with how it worked out and came to be.


  3. (I dream a lot about cats. A lot. It’s weird to me that a lot of those dream interpretation books and sites talk about dreaming of cats signifying a hoard of bad things. How antiquated. )

    What if, when you finally find the litter from which your kittens will come, one of the ones “destined” for you turns out to be a brown tabby? Would you just not even look at or consider a brown tabby seriously, or might you take the tabby if he/she were the right one? I know where you’re coming from with not wanting a cat that looks like Leo…it would be hard for me to have another tuxie cat here with me, but I can’t deny that I’m most drawn to them, too.

    Hey, I was supposed to be an early-April Aries, can I be in the club, too?


  4. If anyone’s wondering what happened to the kittens, I asked them not to come. I didn’t feel ready. Of course I’d take them home if they presented themselves to me, I just asked them to wait.
    Funny, I have seen far less orange and white cats on my facebook feed. 🙂


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