Happy Birthday Marley!

There were a couple of Marley references in the last few days for me. I’m not always sure if they’re happening because a someone is trying to get my attention, or if it’s just a random thing that I’m more likely to notice now, after these blog conversations.

It makes sense that Marley’s been coming up so much lately – Feb 6th was his birthday – he was born 68 years ago.

Naturally, he’s in the minds and hearts of many right now, a continuing testament to the incredible contributions to music, culture and humanity.

Happy Birthday, Marley.

I’m too tired to really engage in conversation today, let’s see if I can get one thing. What song should I play on your Birthday entry, Marley?

Play is this love.

You got it. Enjoy, people. Ha, now it’s totally in my head and I haven’t even found a video link…

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